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Fun day trip. The water is amazingly clear. Kids did great! Perfect family outing.

More difficult than moderate but quite a nice view of Shasta at the top. Past bit is like walking up a giant staircase with big steps.

Absolutely beautiful in the snow. I recommend wearing snow shoes towards the top. Is a little tough but worth it. Heart lake is covered in snow and unable to see but the view of Shasta and it’s surrounding mountains is incredible.

19 days ago

Nice easy morning hike with beautiful weather. There’s some snow, so it’s a little slippery. Easy to see all the snow mountains nearby.

This is one of my favorite hiking trails in Northern California. It’s always worth the extra effort to make it up to Middle Ridge overlooking heart lake, castle lake, castle crags, black butte & Mount Shasta. Only downside is that castle lake can be crowded at all times of the year & the road to the lake is closed in mid winter - perfect for snowshoers seeking solitude though.

Stellar snow shoe, worth hiking past the lake up the ridge to see views of the backside of Castle Crags.

1 month ago

Off road for about 2 miles to get to trailhead so you need clearance. I saw some civics at parking lot. Great quick and intense hike with a great Shasta view once at the top. I recommend this hike to anyone. Lots of rocky portions where the trail is scaling over pure 4 foot boulders. Still pretty easy even with snow.

Beautiful short morning hike. Nice incline at first with great views. Easy- mod. Brought the pup!

Extremely rocky at points, a little tough to navigate with two pups, but with incredible views the entire hike. The steady incline was challenging but subtle enough I hardly noticed it. With the snow I could have easily lost the trail, except that other hikers had worn the path well. Great hike.

2 months ago

The map indicates the wrong road approach to the trailhead. It involves a dangerous rail crossing and private property "no trespassing" signs. The correct approach to the trailhead is from the Everitt Highway. See guidebooks for the safe roads.

Stunning hike with incredible views of Shasta, Castle Crags, Castle Lake and Heart Lake. We clocked this hike at 3 miles round trip, rather than the listed 2. Trail is quite steep in places and elevation gain was closer to 850'. It's easy to lose the trail ~1 mile up; other hikers have tried to help by placing rock barriers in multiple places where the path appears to diverge as well as rock stacks to help guide you, but the path is still easily lost in places.
Lake was frozen solid 11/11/18

Amazing bang for your buck! So beautiful! The trail is crazy hard to keep track of but just bring an adventurous attitude, stay to the right and south and use this app to stay on track., you'll find it! So worth it!

Views are awesome and very comfortable trail. Gets steep toward the end and somewhat sketchy. Hard coming down since its a constant decline.

2 months ago

unique area with great views. Leave dog at home:(

3 months ago

Perfect amount of hiking and scenery. Loved this hike!

Awesome hike from castle lake to heart lake! very scenic, would probably be better on a week day at sunrise. It was a little crowded during the week.

great quick hike! but it was very smoky today. the smoke seems to come and go.

This was my first summit! a beautiful and exhilarating hike.

This was a short and beautiful hike. The drive to the trail head is pleasant and not the least bit difficult.

Great short trail. Phenomenal views looking from the top to see Castle Lake & Mt Shasta. Not great. Phenomenal.

The reviews aren't wrong. This hike is definitely worth it, but man, it is straight uphill. Make sure to bring a lot of water. My buddy and I brought a gallon + two pints between the two of us and nearly ran out by the time we got to the lake. Not an easy hike.

We also got pretty damn close to two black bears on our way back which was a bit scary. All in all certainly worth it though. Gorgeous lake.

A note on fishing: as the hike is pretty strenuous I thought the fishing would be good (thought the difficulty would deter others). It wasn't terrible fishing but it also wasn't better than mediocre. Fish were pretty small and we only got a few bites in four hours on the water. The lake is also super hard to get around which confines you to only a couple fishing spots on one end of the lake.

Worth the hike! Gorgeous view for Mt. Shasta and lake Castle.

This hike is absolutely gorgeous - and not too difficult. It’s fairly steep, but short. And I really didn’t find it as difficult to navigate. It’s not incredibly well marked, but if you read a few descriptions and stay generally heading south, you’ll find the lake! We went on a very hot Sunday (go early; it’s not very shaded as others have noted) and it was pretty popular but not crowded.. The views from Heart Lake are spectacular!

Poorly marked; lots of off-trail hiking in the snow (not this year) made this a rather difficult hike. I didn’t mind much tho, the views made up for it. Had Heart Lake all to myself.

this is really an incredible hike. It's not that difficult I would say easy to moderate but some may disagree as there are rocks you have to walk over at times and a slight incline parts of the time. The biggest Beast was actually trying to navigate my way there as I was hiking alone. As other people have said in their reviews it's not a well-marked trail but thankfully I ran into some people and we made it to Heart Lake. It is absolutely stunning with Mount Shasta in the background. Highly recommend this hike. Also be adventurous and hike up the rocks on both sides of the lake so that you can get better views.

also note the trailhead is not the one to the right of the parking lot that is right by the lake there it's all the way at the end of the parking lot if you keep going straight and walk through a line of boulders that almost look like it's blocking off the path that you actually walk in between big rocks and you'll eventually get to a stream that you walk over when you hit that you know you're starting to head in the right direction. But it's about three-quarters of a mile into the trip where the path is not well marked and I wish I could help you navigate it but it's nearly impossible to describe. Oh and by the way the last seven miles of driving to get to the trailhead or absolutely beautiful winding roads.

6 months ago

Great hike with stunning views. VERY steep and rocky at times and pretty hairy. Watch where you step :)

6 months ago

Statue Lake is a beautiful hidden gem located in Northern California. However, hidden is an understatement for a beginner backpacker like myself. Without a GPS, it would be somewhat challenging to find the place. When you actually turn onto the 9 mile dirt road that takes you to the music creek trailhead, prepare for large rocks in the middle of the road. Be sure to take a truck or an SUV. We had a small Acura and we were constantly driving over rocks banging up the underside of the vehicle. Also it’s quite narrow, so take your time. Go slow. Once you arrive at the trail head, there’s a parking lot, creek, and information kiosk. The beginning of the trail starts with some very steep switchbacks, so get ready to work! Once you arrive at the summit of them, you’ll see an epic view of Shasta as you arrive on the PCT! Go right. This is the most enjoyable section of trail as for the most part, it’s pretty flat/even. When you finally arrive to a camp on the right and creek on the left, you’re getting close. Continue on the PCT just a little ways and while using your GPS, begin heading up the steep, unmarked, mountain towards statue lake. There is no actual trail to Statue Lake! When you arrive, there’s a camp setup with two fire pits. One on ground level, and one on top of a large granite platform. This is where I setup tent and it became a common area for my party. The lake is close and unbelievably beautiful! I hope the directions help, and ENJOY!!!!!!!

I love this trail went with best pal Eric!

6 months ago

This was a fantastic hike! We started at the Parks Creek Trailhead and hiked in along the PCT, meeting many other hikers along the way. There was an abundance of wildflowers and the seeps are flowing, gorgeous! Mount Eddy was socked in at the top, but still worth the trek.

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