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1 day ago

A few too many people for my liking. Hard hike but the view was pretty.

3 days ago

It looks like they are working on the road to the trailhead. All types of vehicles are able to make it to the parking lot and trailhead. Very nice paved road until you get about 12 miles from trailhead. From there, no big rocks/ruts, but very washboard! I drove very slow much of the way in a Corolla, some people cruised by going 30mph. Very nice trailhead area with bathrooms. It was full with about 20 cars along road as we left.
4.4 miles, 2 hours roughly to lake, another .5 miles to the far end of lake.
Dress for fall, on our way back, saw people going up in shorts, tank tops, sandals, and little gear. They were already looking and commenting on being cold. It was cool and breezy at the lake.
No mountain goats out today.
Didn’t catch any fish. Had a bite. Tried some slow spinning flies, spinners, and power bait. We’ll have to do more research before fishing there again.

10 days ago

The hike is beautiful. Very worthwhile, and lots of stunning views. That said, real talk-- Several people said it took them around ~5 hrs RT, or that it was more 'moderate' etc. but just for some perspective, I'm a short legged hiker from the lowlands and this hike took me more like 7-8 hours. I'd say the trail was 80% easy to follow, but the last mile is real rocky and marked mostly with stone towers-- I definitely had to pay attention and got turned around more than once. The other parts of the trail are really well maintained though. The last section requires some scrambling (again, short-legged hiker-- maybe the grasshopper legs out there had another experience, but for me it was quite a bit of scrambling.) My phone also tracked 13.4 miles, rather than the 8.8 listed here. Part of that was walking to the trail head (cause I had to park a bit away) and some of that was getting lost from the trail :) But I would still say that 11-12 miles is closer to the truth? The lake is beautiful, and the last few miles of the hike are well worth the effort . For me I would say the 'hard' ranking was pretty on point (although I'd probably go more with 'a nice challenge' than 'hard' as a ranking, because I was enjoying myself and things aren't usually hard when you enjoy yourself.) Obviously, perception of difficulty is contingent on lots of things, but for the sake of perspective, if you're a short-legged, leisure hiker, like myself, this one may challenge you a bit ;-)

Did the Heliotrope Ridge trail hike. After hiking for about two mile, there will be a fork. From there, we took the climbers route as we dint wanted to cross the third water creek in the heliotrope trail ahead. The climbers route gets steeper, but we got the best views of the glacier and Mt. Baker. It is not that strenuous. It is dog friendly. There were also a lot of families with kids. We also got a glimpse of few wild flowers. And the best part was there was no annoyance of bugs.
Overall, quite an amazing hike, though its mostly uphill, its not that exhausting. Through out the hike, there were trees with different kinds of berries to keep us hydrated!!

14 days ago

We went on Sept 2nd for our honeymoon. The trail was great, rugged but definitely worth it!

15 days ago

Awesome day hike, took about 5 hours total RT. Lake is really pretty, a small alpine lake w stunning views in the background. Really neat rock formations surrounding the lake. Would’ve loved to backpack and spend more time in the area.

The trail for 99percent is easy to follow, the very last segment was a little confusing. There are Some rock piles to follow and keep an eye on to help with guidance.

15 days ago

Loved this hike. It’s more moderate to me. Trail to get to the lake can be hard so look for stacked rocks to find you way up once you get to that point or open up your map to see where you are. So a lot of goats and gorgeous flowers. When I went it was a little Smokey but not bad until hiking down. The lake was ok but I was there to finally see a mountain goat and I got to. I got so close and got to take tons of pictures of the goats. The water wasn’t as blue as I thought it would be but I also didn’t stay too long. Bring water because areas of the hike are open.

Great runnable trail to an amazingly scenic lake if the sun is out. Most of the trail is through woods and the bushes along it rub you along the way. Important to note if certain plants give you rashes you may want to wear long sleeves. There is a great waterfall that comes off the lake in the woods. You can get to it by going a bit off trail and following the sound. It’s worth seeing. The trailhead is off Mountain Loop Highway however this highway turns into a dirt road with some large potholes so drive carefully as you’ll likely spend 30 minutes on the dirt road part. You’ll be 35 miles from the nearest gas station or cell service some plan accordingly. There have been bear sightings here too. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, which include some solid Goat Lake pics from a nice sunny day. Great place to camp.

15 days ago

Amazing hike! Every mile of this hike was breathtaking, top favorite of the year. The last mile to the lake was a little difficult to follow so really pay attention to the cairns to find your way. Also bring plenty of water or a filter pump/tablets.

15 days ago

Great hike up to Trap lake. Made it up to ridgeline above trap lake only. Trail was a little beat up and slick in parts. I was behind time and had to turn around. It looked like I still had about 2 miles to go and I was 6.5 miles in. I would expect about 14 miles round trip. Views of trap lake was stunning.

make sure to have a good meal and bring a snack. I didn't have enough to eat that day and I almost didn't make it to the top last year. but it is a great hike. :)

You really feel like you are in the mountains. From tunnel creek trail to Surprise lake. It’s up and down and the views are just amazing. You want to make sure you go on a sunny day with views. The toughest part of the trail was the beginning to the first lake. Warming up with elevation. After that the trail is smooth. We seen 4 lakes total. With mountain peak views, Boulder fields, meadows, some forestry areas with old growth. Probably my favorite trek I have done. I wished I would have stayed a night or 2.

18 days ago

Beautiful views at the end of this hike. Stick to the Climbers Route when you come to the fork. We decided to take the Glacier route. It ends up being it's own ending. We decided not to let that stop us & crossed the little river I climbed up & then back over to the ridge via the campsite. Not recommended but I feel it was worth it! There was still a bit of snow after the ridge, luckily our route took us around it so we ski'd down it rather than climbed up it.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail. The last few miles up to the lake are pretty steep but worth the views.

Did this trail as a day hike in July - it was doable, but I’m sure it would be more enjoyable as a backpacking trip. Be prepared for sore feet if you do it in a day. After you get to the lake, make sure you take the side trip past the “ranger station” (aka wooden platform) to Royal Basin Falls. We also went to the large meadow above the lake, but did not go all the way to the Upper Basin. Beautiful hike and worth the pain :)

Okay hike with a nice lake at pay-dirt and a pretty rushing river along long parts to f the hike. Why only 3 stars? other mountain lakes in the same area are better and with easier access. While we enjoyed the hike, it’s not one we’d do again.

Nice Hike. An adolescent bear wandered up the trail while we were having lunch near the mid-point of the lake. We stood tall and made noise and, fortunately, it backed off and chose another route. Definitely our closest encounter with a bear, tho we were intent on eating and weren't making a lot of noise before it came upon us.

Would hike it again, probably skip lunch at the lake.

Beautiful day no clouds or smoke! A good strenuous hike the last big creek was a challenge to cross but the views are spectacular.

23 days ago

My wife, 120 lbs German Shepherd, and I did this hike. We took upper Elliot the way there (~6.2miles) and t was generally flat, slight incline until about the last mile or so. If you stay on the trail and don’t get distracted by the first waterfall, it’s switchbacks the rest of the way up. However if you get off trail, you likely follow the trail of ‘travelers-lost’ and likely go straight up adding a ton of incline. We did the upper Elliot in about 3.5 hours with back packs.

The lake is worth every bit of the walk. You’re not allowed to camp as close to the water as you would like, but the designated camping area is nice, well-used making most of the sites flat for sleeping.

On the way out we took lower Elliot and it was about ~4.6 miles and that took less than two hours. Much better views than upper Elliot. Many wonderful waterfalls and sounds of water flowing down the river.

This was my wife’s first backpacking trip and she loved it.

Great hike, well maintained trail. No problem with the directions getting there however the signs have the trail number not the name, this is trail 1390. Lots of goats! Lots of people but not like Colchuck. No bugs! Bathroom at Trailhead and a wilderness toilet at top! Very exposed and gets very cold at top. We tracked about 13 miles so I'm not sure how accurate the mileage is. Tons of rocks so you need really good hiking shoes. I used my poles alot! My favorite part was the amazing view of Mnt Stuart!!!

on Lake Ingalls

24 days ago

Great time. Arrived at trailhead 8/24/18 at around 4:00PM. Parking lot full. The forest service road is long, but easily passable in Prius. The last mile of the trail is tough, but the views are amazing. Great campsites (none at lake). Water and thunder box at campsites. Lots left by the time I rolled in at 6:30 or so. After cresting the shoulder and heading down it got COLD. Really cold. Layer for fall. I slept in down jacket and long johns and every other piece of clothing I had. Some late wildflowers survive. Most importantly... mountain goats!! They look so wise and their horns look so sharp. A great overnight. I would have been too tired to hike back in same day, glad I stayed the night.

26 days ago

The trail into the lake is pretty ordinary. It’s well marked and maintained with little challenges. Once on top the views of Stuart peak are impressive, and 180 degrees from Stuart I was even able to see Mt.Rainier. The water at the lake was much warmer than I expected, and the little hidden beaches were delightful. The geology around the lake was a highlight for me. So much to see around the lake could definitely spend more time there.

A good introduction to mountaineering. Can easily be done in a single day with an early start. Can stay over night at the Lunch Counter around 9000ft if you want to make it a two day trip. Nothing steeper than about 35 degrees or so. The two steepest parts are getting onto Suksdorf Ridge (which is short) and the climb up to Piker's Peak. Head straight up and trend right a little bit if needed, you don't want to get too far left when you top out at Piker's Peak, you can fall down the SW Chute if you're too far over that way. Just follow the trail and everyone else. After that drop down into the bowl and trend right towards the summit block and all the way up. Glissade down as far as possible. Check the weather and make sure you go during a good window if possible. I have stayed at the Lunch Counter with 60mph+ winds before and it is not an extremely fun experience. Even though it is easy, Adams is a big, prominent volcano and the weather can get extremely nasty, extremely fast; you need a 4 season tent for those days. Just make sure to check the weather. If it's forecasting 40mph+; it's better to way for another day.

Fantastic trial, views, all of it. NOT a "hard" rating, definitely moderate instead. First 2mi to the lake are the hardest and then 1mi after that it becomes much easier and the views along the way are going to keep you excited and energetic. We saw a marmot (they're huge!), heard pikas (cute) and made friends with lots of cute dogs.

28 days ago

It was a fabulous backpacking trip. we only stayed one night but it was just right amount hiking. Took my 70 lbs dog with me and he did just fine. we did see some bear tracks but no bear. the views are awesome! well worth it.

30 days ago

Wow. What an awesome time. I hiked out there just me and my dog for an overnight yesterday! I will say backpacking it was tough. I probably could have went with a little less but realistically I used everything I brought outside of extra food. This trail is a bit rough at first then evening out into a refreshing walk through some fields(3) then gradually getting more difficult. Divided into 3rds the final is the hardest. It begins going up past the Trap lake trail where switchbacks begin. Once at the top you will duck into some timber crossing a ridge then straight up the face of a timber covered mountain. Now that you’re at the top of that you will navigate through 3 boulder fields and over three ridges before you crest into the basin. Pay close attention to the stacked rocks as you might find it difficult crossing the fields. You will find snow melting away into a stream for water if you need it before the final push to the lake! We went all the way to the lake at the top at Thunder mountain. It is stocked with fish since 2014! Pretty great feeling having dinner at last watching fish jump right in front of my tent! Even with the smoke it was still worth every bit. Happy trails guys be safe!

Awesome lake, this trail can be rough if you're backpacking it. The last mile and a half can be confusing but someone made rock towers to follow which makes it easier.

Hard rating is accurate. Most of this climb is sans trail, rather, you just follow cairns with wood posts to guide you up through the volcanic scree to the South Face approach. Did this on a Mon/Tue and it was still fairly crowded, I can’t imagine a weekend crowd. The glissade chutes are an absolute blast and cut your decent time significantly!

1 month ago

Best trail I’ve been on in the PNW.
Not heavily trafficked
Easy to make a day hike (right amount of challenge)but worth spending a night to really enjoy the incredible views.
This hike offered breathtaking and changing views the entire time.
It is very exposed so bring sunscreen/ protection.
We ran into mountain goats!

We had a bluebird day (7/11/18). All my pictures just won't do justice for the amazing views we had.

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