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An excellent hike and or an overnight x2

Very pretty hike but be prepared to hike in snow knee high at times.

This is probably one of my all time favorite hikes! I suggest getting there early in the morning to avoid crowds and to make sure you give yourself enough time. This is so scenic, everywhere you look is picture perfect! Wear layers, goes from hot to cold quickly. Bring snacks and plenty of water

Beautiful but busy! I left about 7 and made it back by 2. It's a bit of a burner but honestly the water is breathtaking and well worth the work. There were Llamas just chillin by Ice Lake which was random and amazing. I did continue up to Island lake which was awesome as well. People were fishing there and I sat for a good 10 minutes admiring the view. on the way there were quite a few people headed up. A few early morningers met me on the way up.

Good hike but well traveled at times.

Purely amazing

1 month ago

Absolutely amazing!!

My first real hike in the San Juans. Gorgeous.

2 months ago

This was a beautiful hike however be aware that the road (county road 7 I believe) is closed. The last 4.4 miles of driving become walking. Also the snow was very deep (up to my waist at points) so bring snowshoes. It was still beautiful but be warned that this 8 mike hike is a 17 mike hike in the winter!

2 months ago

I actually went up the road to Little Giant Basin to the east. Not sure why it isn't listed as its own hike. Wonderful views, lots of cool old mining structures.

I was only able to make this in Feb b/c of the lack of snow this year. This would've been feet deep on any other year, making it largely impassable or just too dangerous to attempt.

It was a bit tiring but me and my girlfriend rocked that hike like champs, the first lake was amazing and the views are beautiful, you don’t need much gear to get to this point but we ll definitely recommend hiking shoes and not be afraid of heights if you wanna continue the short trip to island lake, there are parts that are a bit scary for first timers.

We ll definitely go back

One of my favorite hikes.

Love this spot— challenging hike, especially once you hit tree line, but well worth it!

3 months ago

A must!

The road to the trailhead is closed in the winter, so we walked the road up to the Colorado trail and it was a lovely start to the hike.

probably the most beautiful hike we've done. the time of year may have helped as the change from 50° at the bottom to about 20 up top with almost a foot of snow made it feel like a fairy tale. will be back. not an easy one but may be one of the easier "hard" labeled hikes we've done in CO. I feel like there should be more ratings on here than easy, moderate, hard. If this is hard, there are hikes that are definitely VERY HARD.

One of the most beautiful hikes in the state. Hands down will be hiking it this winter.

4 months ago

My favorite hike!

Beautiful Hike! Definitely worth it

4 months ago

Did ice lake and island lake on Nov. 24th. The lakes were almost complete frozen, but the view was still astounding! Bits of snow in the woods, a lot of packed snow on top. Brought microspikes which were really helpful, wouldn’t need snow shoes though. Will definitely come back in summer!

We just completed this hike in the beginning of winter (not advised). It’s really steep, slippery and the narrow trail cuts along the side of the mountain almost the entire way. The views are amazing and it’s worth it to head up to the top and see the ghost town. One of the coolest and hardest hikes I’ve done! Would be more manageable without snow and ice on the ground :)

I started on the trail at 7:45 AM, and it took me a total of 5.5 hours to complete: 3 hours up, 2 hours down, with 30 minutes in the middle to rest at the lake. In early November I was the only person on the trail, making for a slightly nerve-wracking experience on the way up but a very serene one at the top. There was a decent amount of snow and ice at higher altitude, but with my YaxTrax I was fine. I recommend this hike as a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone - it's a very difficult climb but well worth it!

on Ice Lake Basin Trail

5 months ago


on Ice Lake Basin Trail

6 months ago

Hard hike. Beautiful hike. 65 years old and took me almost 8 hrs up and down. Ice lake was still not frozen but island lake was mostly frozen over. Trail was icy in spots.

I actually hiked 4.8 miles to bear creek area from little Molas. was a great day sunny and cool. Views were spectacular. Could see Purgatory, Engineer, Turks and Sultan. Definitely want to go back.

Tough incline in the way up but the icy waterfalls and streams along the way were just as beautiful as the final destination! We brought layers and striped down pretty quick, didn’t need as many as we thought.

6 months ago

Hiked this the second week of October on a beautiful sunny day. Made it to ice lake in about 3 hours with several short stops to catch our breath along the way. Started here:

Ice lakes trailhead
37. -773, 806 WA-107, Durango, CO 81301


The first 1/3 winds uphill and can be strenous at times. The second 1/3 is mostly flat as you hike along the lower ice lake basin. The last 1/3 is the toughest, with a steady, steep incline, but is worth it once you reach ice lake. We started around 10 AM and the air was crisp, but I was comfortable with 3 layers - flannel, sweatshirt, and light wind jacket - along with jeans and knee high socks. I was down to just the flannel by the end of the first 3rd and stayed that way the rest of the hike.

We ate lunch at ice lake and decided not to continue to island lake. Instead, we hiked back down the way we came, which took about 2.5 hrs with a few short breaks. It was killer on the quads, so beware of wobbly legs and take breaks to avoid unsteadiness.

I'm not a regular hiker but in decent shape (run 2 miles a few times a week) and was fine with breaks. Bring plenty of water.

A beautiful trail with stunning views that are well worth the back hike up! We saw the train twice down by the river - once from up above and then again when we reached the river. Steepest part is thru the aspen grove near the top of the trail. It was pretty sloppy with all the recent rain at the upper section of the trail, but that went away when we reached the switch backs. A great fall hike with lots of colors to see and hike through!

Hard but so beautiful. Went to Island Lake, also. Not as spectacular as Ice Lake, but beautiful. Trail to Island Lake was a bit sketchy in two places. Hiked it on September 20. We were blessed with sunny warm weather.

Amazing hike with great views. It is literally uphill the entire way so be prepared. We also headed over to Island Lake (it had a section of trail that washed out so it was kinda scary/steep for a tiny bit of the hike to island lake). We did 7.3 miles total for us and 6 hours with a serious break at ice lake for some lunch/enjoying the views!

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