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It has a variety of paths to take and go one. Great for a wooded walk, some standing water, paths we went on didn't have any running water. Would be a mosquito fest in a lot of areas come springtime but overall good hike. Lots of area where you felt like the only one in the woods!

awesome Monday hike, the meadow with a view was a surprise.

good get away trails

it would be better to grab a map at the main entrance, and use it as a reference along with the app. the park is cleaned up with nice trails. I ran into some friendly people on the trail.

12 days ago

We went there a few days ago ( March 2018) with our 5 yr old, 9 yr old , and three adults. We walked all the way down to the waterfall / stream where it opens to the ocean. Very easy walking both ways. Slightly downhill and at parts there aren’t fencing so just hold the little ones hands to make sure they don’t step on the vegetation because it’s actually a cliff that drops down to the ocean. Stay on the paved path. Some parts as you get closer to the water have uneasy footing due to rocks / roots but if walked slow & careful can manage . An elder person being held can walk this slowly to enjoy the views with family. A hidden gem . Make sure to stop at the eatery on the side of the road named “What’s Shakin “ when you are done. Delicious hot food/ smoothies / fruits and lovely people and atmosphere .

Some nice views on the trail itself of the Olympics as you're coming up. You can catch a view of Rainier at the top but it's obscured partially by some trees. The viewpoint is a pile of rocks and a chain link fence - you can see Seattle and some of the Cascades, but the view is a little limited. Nice walk through the woods though!

Great hike. We went up Wildcat and back down beaver pond. It was about 9.5 miles. The bikes and 4 wheelers weren’t that bad. It is definitely a shared trail, everyone was polite.

Someone enlighten me. We did this last weekend and had no idea where to go when the trail split. We wanted to see the view but after already doing 5 miles and no end insight, I had to turn around. My 3 kiddos were DONE! I didn’t have service so I had no way to navigate. Any tips? I want to try again!!

This trial is pretty cool. I did find myself doing small circles within the actual trail, but overall it was a great hike.

good easy trail for the day.

Wow this trail is amazing. So many great views and challenges! Will definitely be back soon!!

21 days ago

This trail is very nice! Only thing I didn’t like about it is, the fact that the freeway is visible and very noisy. (Reason for only 4 stars) I’d definitely come back though, it’s right down the street from my house!

We took our dog today and he loved it. Very quiet and we had the beach to ourselves!

Pretty trail. Very easy walk!

Perfect day in February for a stunning view across to Seattle!

Best and cleanest hike so far.

Good moderate trail. Ran half, hiked half. Loved seeing so many people out and enjoying this trail on mountain bikes, dirt bikes, hiking, or running! Really appreciated how respectful the dirt bikers were with my dog and I!

Easy to moderate hike. Well marked and maintained trails. Good for year around hike. Great for family outing!

This was my first *true* Washington hike since moving here in August, meaning that it was cold, windy, rainy, and most of the time we were hiking in the clouds so the views were sparce. Still, an excellent workout not too far from home, if a little muddy (to be expected). Four stars only because of the obnoxious occasional dirtbikes, otherwise a lovely experience.

Went 1/12/18 Road is currently closed

great views. rivers and streams. there's a mine. beautiful vista views. challenging for small children but can be done. expect heavy traffic during long weekends.

trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful trail, great workout. You can get all the hill work you want or take the forest road for a more level run. Some very large puddles this time of year. Stop and enjoy the awesome views.

2 months ago

great parking, nice trail, I saw many birds and ducks. I ran into a couple unleashed dogs, out of range from their uncaring owner, also several bags of dog poop on the trail, I guess left for others to pick up.

3 months ago

great place for a short peaceful walk

on Lava Canyon Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful fall day hike! Would’ve given this trip 5 stars had we been able to do the full hike, but like others have indicated, the Smith Creek portion had been washed out. What we did hike though was amazing. The trail was rocky, wet and slick on some portions of the cliff side. Take your time! You most certainly DO NOT want to slip! Doing so will either give you a good scare or.....☠️

Love it we had so much fun

My dogs and I love this hike. There’s lots of different trails, some nice creeks for drinking from (them...not me) and amazing views at the top. It can be busy so it’s not good for off leash time but they don’t care by the time we’re done because their worn out.

I thoroughly enjoyed the scenery of Gold Creek and Green Mountain Vista. There were some very nice little bridges over streams within the first half mile and then it was a scenic climb up to Green Mountain Vista. Although the Olympic Mountains were not fully viable due to cloud cover, you could see Seattle. I ran on a weekday and only saw hikers and couple dogs. Fortunately no motorcycles,,,

I didn’t realize there were so many trails options until I viewed a map in the parking lot.

As an added bonus, the coffee kiosk at the Xheveon station was really good.

4 months ago

Everything looks artificial and hand crafted like a smooth playground made for water. I would even go as far as saying this was the Disney Land Water Park of trails. Every time I walked to the next zone of the trail it was completely different than the last, like 5 mini hikes in one. Waterfalls, a quarter million dollar suspension foot bridge. PNW does not mess around when it comes to their trails.

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