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Beautiful canyon and creek. Spectacular views!! We saw javalinas and frogs. Hiked to where Gold Rush trail intersects. Had a great time playing in the waterfalls and photographing the amazing views.

Should be considered a moderate hike. Beautiful canyon. Never did find the hot springs, no pools, river was warm though. Beautiful dragonfly’s everywhere.

19 days ago

Nice hike with great photo opportunities
Trail is in great condition and the grade is good for all ages , you will get some elevation with this hike

My daughter chose this trail for my friend from New Zealand and us today. We started late and it was very sunny and hot the first 3 miles. The end of the trail was lunch and some wading in The Gila.. Absolutely fantastic scenery and an easier hike back as it is mostly downhill.

Great Hike went in at 1:30pm was hot the 1st 2 miles in with no shade, then once you get past the 2 mile marker it gets better. Stayed overnight at the springs and hiked out in the AM. No snakes but did see fresh cougar tracks.

watch out for rattlesnakes, they are out there, be careful.....my fourth time out here, and its the first time we saw one , happy trails

1 month ago

We enjoyed this short, well maintained trail to the dwellings. Lots of flora along the trail along with the beautiful views. One can only imagine how difficult life must have been.

1 month ago

We did this hike in April , great scenery with the rock cliffs , we did see a mountain goat high above looking down at us . Pretty good grade coming back up out of the canyon . Will probably do this one again during cooler months

1 month ago

Great hike !!! This may be a burn scar but it’s beautiful in its own way. Lots of vegetation taking over with tons wildflowers and berries . Bushes with thorns are overtaking the trail though .
A few blowdowns to cross early on then clear to the summit . Nice manageable grade all the way. We saw a Bear that was 1/4 mile away and it took off after noticing us , must of been feeding on all of those berries. We did this hike in early July

on Dragonfly Trail

1 month ago

Very nice hike for all ages , better during cooler months or overcast days because of lack of shade

1 month ago

Nice little loop hike , we went to the right at the loop so we would be going downhill thru the chasm . Nice photo opportunities with the rock formations
Lots of birds and wildflowers when we went in early September

1 month ago

We did this hike in early June and saw quite a few day hikers along the trail .
Probably better during cooler months due to lack of shade in sections

1 month ago

We did this hike in mid August not as shuttle but halfway in and out one week then from the other end the next week halfway in and out . Easy terrain for all ages

Early September 2018. Great hike! We started at 2pm and got to the Hot Springs around 5:45pm after taking a few of breaks. The hike starts out with a gradual uphill for about 1 hr, then 1hr downhill into a canyon until you reach the fork of Little Bear Canyon and Middle Fork. No water in the first twi hours. Though the hard copy map shows to not cross Middle Fork yet, it seems like that trail hasn’t been used in a while, cross it and just follow it, all the way around. It then took us almost 2 hours to reach the hot springs. The only hard thing was that we didn’t know how far we were going and even though it’s all flat, you are slowed down the river crossings. Once we got there all the good flat camp spots were taken, but we found a good one nested up in the river bank, so we camp here. Went into the hot springs in the morning (very nice in the beginning, then they were warm) and then took off. We got lucky, no storms while we were there, though you could see them creeping nearby. It seems as if these thunderstorms are unpredictable. We did get stuck in a hail storm the night before but this was 30-40min out from the Visitor’s Center on highway 15. The Middle Fork water was fine, we brought aquamira drops and used them a few times. The water was clear. Note that water is used upstream. No signs of bears, cougars, nor wolves. Only birds, squirrels, and lots of frogs. Would definitely come back to do more than one night. Have fun!

excellent trail.

Absolutely stunning. Worth the river crossings and feels good after hiking for a bit. Pack hiking shoes and then sandals along with poles to help with the cross.

Great family hike! Got a little more adventurous where the trail has been washed out, but the views and landscape make it worth it! We will definitely be back!

The first couple miles of the trail where overgrown with light vegetation and there are 40-ish river crossings up to knee deep so be prepared to get wet.

It’s an interesting hike because you’re going through a diverse scenery on your way to the springs. However be warned, you will be wading through the Gila river multiple times, at least knee deep

Short hike on a well-marked trail of a moderate incline, lots of stone steps. My 2yo did the hike up to the cliff dwellings today. What a fascinating site to visit. We love learning more ancient indigenous cultures. Currently described as “ancient Puebloan of the Mogollon area.” My husband notes the significance of a keyhole window which is a rare building feature to see. The views are great looking out from the dwellings. A must-do visit for people of all ages, particularly history/archaeology interests.

1 month ago

This is my favorite trail in the Gilas. The trail starts out pretty exposed but once you get into the canyon there is plenty of shade. The slot canyon portion is super cool and the creek crossings were small enough to stay dry. We had our dogs off leash and we barely saw anyone until we reached the Gila River. The dogs had a blast at the river which had plenty of water. That river crossing is very significant and you will get your boots wet. We did this hike as a day hike and an out and back. The Gila River has plenty of camping opportunities and we would like to come back for an overnight trip, taking the Middle Fork trail back.

It's a good beginner trail. Or pleasure style of trail. Very flat with minimal sights of much. I did enjoy the loop, and not having to walk the same trail back. The trail took about 45 minutes for me. Overall very well maintained and great for someone who doesn't want to spend all day walking.

Only did about 8 or 9 miles into this trail till Ring Canyon Spire, an eye-catching rocky spire along the West Fork. First 2 miles of the trail are relatively flat, mile 2 to 6 are the most spectacular (amazing rock spires, cliff dwelling) 6 to 9 the canyon gets a little wider. Unfortunately I didn't get to Hell's Hole. Trail easy to follow despite being overgrown in places. Trail climbs out of valley at times, offering nice views.

Super fun hike. My friend got elevation sickness towards the end. The rangers up at the public use cabin were very friendly and helpful. The cabin has a wood burning oven that's great for cooking and keeping warm overnight. Fire towers great for pics.

Beautiful trail! It is sad that much of the bridges and trail were washed away by flooding, but we were able to climb over some boulders to get down to the water and cross over the creek. We had so.much fun exploring parts of the washed out trail. It is a gorgeous canyon . After our hike we enjoyed lunch in the shady picnic area by the creek. The bridges and some of the rocky areas could be hard on a dog’s feet. Also the hot asphalt parts of the trail that were in the sun got pretty hot and we had to carry our dogs. It is truly a beautiful place. I hope they are able to rebuild the whole trail.

Gorgeous trail with expansive views! This trail was the perfect hike for an active, healthy adult and two athletic dogs. Its our new fave!

Pick up the Black Range Crest Trail #79 at the Emory Pass lookout heading towards Hillsboro Peak (trail begins near the restrooms). This section of the trail winds along the top of the mountain ridge, between large rocky cliffs, and through light forested areas. There are pockets of shade in the forested areas.

Although previous reviews indicate little wildlife, it appears to be returning to the area. I saw numerous birds, deer, and a small blonde, black bear in the forested areas!

The trail is well maintained, but a few areas do require walking through short shrubs. I would recommend hiking this trail with cloud coverage or less intense heat/sunlight. A cloudy, summer evening was the perfect time!

Lovely trail along the Gila River. Definitely a trail we’ll be coming back to.

Awesome trail. A little bit bumpy at the beginning because of the rocks, but once you get to the hot springs it really pays off. We camped about 4 miles deep into the trail and it was beautiful. We saw a fox, two deers and a snake. No signs of bear or wolves. Really amazing place if you want to be far from civilization.

nice hike, not much shade. steep climb down to the river. in July the springs were only Bathtub warm, not hot. Could be a seasonal thing.

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