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3 days ago

15 days ago

Has anybody done Bishop Pass or Treasure Lakes recently? I'm worried about the air quality. Does anybody know how it is up there?

Great hike for me and my three boys. Intended to get to Upper but outflow was higher than I wanted. Hiking in soaking shoes and socks would not have been fun. Caught lots of 6-7 brookies on elk hair caddis.

Rain and hail so be prepared

Easy hike to a beautiful lake.

Challenging in the heat, but worth it for the views.

wonderful views, great for a good day hike. lotsa mosquitos

Rated as easy? I could see the hike to the lower lakes easy(maybe), but continuing up as the alltrails route indicates is certainly not easy. The trail starts off well maintained and heavily trafficked. There were plenty of mosquitos on the way up. The two lower lakes is I think what the trail is meant to end at, at around 2.5 miles in. Beautiful spot and plenty of areas for a picnic. The alltrails route continues up to the upper lakes after crossing over a small stream at the lower lakes. The crossing is currently only one unstable log. Thereafter the trail is defined at first but then is completely lost shortly after. We made it up to one of the upper lakes but got tired of trail blazing. There was a few snow patches up to the upper lakes. It's beautiful for sure, but if I did it again I would call it at the lower lakes.

No day use parking in camp ground.

Beautiful hike. I had been to Grass Lake, but never Lamarck. It is beautiful

GREAT hike.

Very nice up the North Fork Trail. We hiked until the snow was too deep just before First Lake.

this trail should be rated as hard it's pretty steep hike up to the lake but I would do it again great views

10 months ago

10 months ago

7-28-17 Awesome trail. I went past the turnaround point on this map. I went about a 1/4 mile past the 2nd big water crossing (8.2 miles round trip) past the body of water on the map, starting at around 7800 feet finishing around 9184 ft, it gradually climbs with a few rest (flat) area's. Most of the trail is open (No shade), and you walk through some aspen groves. The snow melt is insane now and the water crossings are epic. The first 2 are easy and not to deep if you decide to forge the water, but easily kept dry by staying on the rocks. The big water crossing isn't bad, but the bridge is washed out, still passable with a small log at the end to get you across. A mile or so after that will get you to the big beaver dam. There is a 2nd big water crossing with half the bridge washed out (1 of 2 logs left). There is a small tree trunk someone has placed to help you get across. It is slippery but not impossible to cross. Water is cold, deep and flowing fast, so cross at your own risk.

The trail mostly consists of dirt, gravel, and rocks. BRING SOME TYPE OF BUG REPELLANT! The mosquitoes are insane! I was eaten alive! There are pack mules on this trail so be aware of "road apples". Bring lots of water and lunch and it's a great hike!

Easy after lunch hike with amazing scenery. Trail goes on as far and high as you want.

Trail in great shape today. Smoke could be seen looking back toward Owens Valley due to active fires burning north of Mammoth.

Gorgeous trail. We went from South Lake to Bishop Pass (11,972) and slightly up the trail to hit 12,072 elevation. It was 9.7 miles, 6:35 hours. Amazing!

Monday, July 31, 2017

So beautiful! Backpacked in early Saturday morning, beautiful weather! The hike in is a little steep but the way out is a breeze! The scenery the entire hike is amazing. The creeks are roaring right now! The lake was freezing but you know you have to dive in anyways!! Caught a fish or 2 and had an awesome time! Can't wait to come back and explore the upper lake! Be sure to pack that bug spray!!

Trail to lower Lamarck in good shape except for a couple places trail crew was working which required careful steps. My wife and I turned back on way to Upper Lamarck where trail crossed the stream, which was too high and without easy crossing for us to chance for a simple day hike. No mosquito issues after leaving North Lake Campground trailhead. Lower Lamarck is gorgeous!

Great hike. Tough but well worth it. if anybody find a Nissan key with a pink 550 cord key chain they are mine please let me know.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The valley is fairly dry as of mid-July, but I would guess that this hike is amazing in June when the flowers are much more vibrant. If you're looking for an easier hike, this is a good option.

Beautiful hike. Did have some issues with ice bridges but worth every step. Thanks to Americorp workers doing trail work. Great job folks!

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Great hike; took about 4 hours round trip.. Moderately difficult in some spots and the views are fabulous. We saw a deer about a mile in. Wear sun protective clothing and plenty of mosquito repellent (they are bad towards the bottom by the trailhead). Great spots along the way if you'd like to eat a snack or lunch but the top, the lake is spectacular. Bring lots of water too. This time of year the weather was perfect, no need for a jacket at the top of this hike. Do not stop when you first see the lake (another hiker mentioned too) - keep going and you'll see an awesome river coming off the lake with snow still melting. Highly recommend for a nice shorter hike.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Too beautiful for words. The climb definitely wasn't trivial but the scenery made it totally worth it. I'd do it again in a heart beat.

June 30th 2017

This trail is awesome. Lots of mosquitos at the base. I couldn't get up to the upper Lamarck lake because there were some ice bridges to cross. The lake shimmers in the sun. Nothing like I have seen before.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

There's not much shade along this trail so best times are probably earlier in the morning or later in the evening. My dogs really enjoyed this trail particularly the creek and running water at the end of the trail. There's still snow when we did this hike (end of May) which was beautiful to see on the mountain tops as well as at the end creek. There are also plenty of wildflowers along the way. Not too much of a crowd which is always nice.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

This is a great hike. First half is all up, but you can do it. Just take an extra break or two. We stayed the night near upper Lamark lake in fall. No one was in the area but us. It was great. The lakes are so blue and clear.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

My wife and I did this hike as our warm up for another back country trip. It's a nice hike and does have some elevation gain to it. But it's not a long hike so it doesn't wear on you. Both lakes are very scenic and we saw a few guys fishing the lower lake. You do have to park at North Lakes parking area and then hoof it to the trailhead. No big deal. Nice easy jaunt if you're looking for something that won't have you dragging your feet by the time you get back to your car :)

it was my first real hike i made past long lake it was a very good hiking experience i loved it

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