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Easy, fun, amazing views.

Great workout, beautiful scenery...Maaaaybe not the best hike for young children or older dogs. There are multiple entrances; the middle entrance gives you a left and right you can make. To the left you can cross the creek to a 5 mile out and back trail (more family and older dog friendly) to the right is more of a moderate hike as you will descend as you get closer to the creek and waterfalls. Great great hike but coming back up can be rough!


23 hours ago

Lovely trail. Yes, I’d rate it as easy. Relatively flat, how far you want to go is really the only question. We hiked 2 miles in. We didn’t hurry, so the complete time hiking was about 2 hours total. Later learned trail end just about .5 mile farther, so we wished we’d just completed it. Next time. Trail goes along the side of the river. Lots of fisherman scattered here and there. Finished the day with a great lunch at Kern River Brewing in Kernville. It was a perfect day trip.

Beautiful! Amazing views all around. It was a tough climb for sure but I highly recommend it. Both waterfalls were still gorgeous even though they aren’t flowing at full capacity. We saw a mama bear and her two cubs as well as a bobcat on trail, pretty amazing!!

super easy hike!

Great hike! There is a great waterfall two miles prior to the end of the trail indicated on this map. Beautiful trail, bring bug spray for the first section. If you don't mind nats, then you will be ok. Hint to find the waterfall marked on this hike, after you go over the second small bridge, pay attention, to find a split in the trail to the left, that will take you to the small fall that is the end of this trail. You could continue on the main trail all the way to Sugar Pine. Also, if you want to see the big fall and don't want to do a 6 mile hike, drive up 41 to the trail head that is a paved pull out, well marked on the left hand side. We drove up and checked it out after we did the hike, because we saw it on on our way out.

Awesome hike, definitely strenuous going up some of the steep areas. But it was worth it going up to Nevada Falls. Took the John Muir trail on the way down, much easier on the knees. Careful, There were some icy patches at the top of that trail. Took us 4 hours to hike, we covered about 8 miles.

Magical, went all the way to the top, where the waterfall hits the ground, pure heaven ☺️

Don’t miss the magnificent views here! And don’t be scared by the 252 feet—the elevation gain is less than that.

Mind blowing Forrest! Those giants are impressive!

Cool short hike. The only problem is since it’s so short, it’s very popular so you can’t really hike your speed because of the crowd.

6 days ago

MGT is the road to the top. Plenty of side trails to use if you want. 4mi to the top and crowds thin after the main area. View at Wawona Point is worth it if you have 3hrs for the up & back plus pics along the way.

6 days ago

Bridalveil Falls trail, Yosemite. Water still falling in November when some of the other Yosemite Falls have dried up. Beautiful, ethereal, don’t miss it. I’ll be coming back in late spring.

Nice hike but only 4 stars as the falls have dried up until snow melt in late spring. I’ll be back then.

My family and I do this trail once a year. We really enjoy it. Incline and decline are pretty serious though, for kids. Love the creek and waterfall for splashing around.

7 days ago

I hiked Weaver Saturday 11/10. Great trail. Nice easy day hike. I wish I started a little earlier though. I didn’t get to the trailhead until after 12:30pm. It would’ve been cool to have had more time to hangout at the lake. There is so much to see up there! The only reason this one didn’t get 5 stars from me is because the smoke from all the surrounding fires has left a thick haze

Absolutely stunning trail

Excellent. Not crowded

My husband and I took our 4, 5 and 7 year old on this trail over the weekend. I would rate it as moderate for children. We held our 4 & 5 year olds hand the first 2 miles (we only went half a mile past the hard part. It took 3 hours to complete 5 miles with 3 young kids) several times we had to have our 7 year old pause so we could also help her across some really narrow slippery spots. It’s a beautiful trail that my kids loved but it gave mom a bit of anxiety. If you plan on taking younger kids I would suggest 1 adult to 1 kid and hiking boots for the kids. Some spots one trip or loss of balance can result in a pretty bad accident. We plan on going back without the kids for a less stressful trip and so we can complete the trail.

Pretty hike, lots of other people on the trail (holiday weekend) but didn’t feel crowded. Would be excited to come back in the spring to see the waterfalls at their peak!

Awesome! Still had water at both Vernal and Nevada Falls. We took the entire route listed but didn’t take the “shortcuts” on the recorded map (short stairs to curb the corners on the switchbacks) and our route total walking from the Half Dome Campgrounds was over 10 miles! The stairs at Vernal Falls were tough but the stairs to the top of Nevada were tougher. Single ledge “more natural stairs” were definitely more unnerving than the Vernal Falls portion. Total flights of stairs recorded were 180! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

Very tranquil hike. Not too challenging but about 1000 feet of elevation gain from the trailhead to Red Rock Falls. About two creek crossings, not bad at all. My 22lb dog kept up the whole way and enjoyed! Would do again.

Great hike. I recommend starting around 8 to beat most of the crowds. We went on Nov 11 and it was COLD in the morning so bring layers. This hike is not challenging if you are in shape but there are a lot of stairs around the two falls which can make it difficult.

Good. Some parts were super easy, a few right before Nevada falls were steep and technical for the average person.

9 days ago

Hiked this trail 11/3/2018. Wonderful day hike. Started at 10 am, it was about 58 degrees. Took 1 hour 10 minutes for me to reach the lake. Steady uphill climb, with beautiful views along the way. Beautiful quiet lake. About 64 degrees by the time I reached the lake. Spent about 1 hour 30 minutes there. I did a little catch and release fly fishing....no luck, but it was a great time. Others at the lake had dogs who seemed to really enjoy the water! Hike down took about 1 hour. I can definitely see doing the loop trail as a 3-4 day backpacking trip.

Short easy paved trail. The waterfall was non-existent this time.

The first mile definitely made me question my life decisions. You gain 1000 feet of elevation immediately in the hike. After that, the hike takes you exploring through the creek and ends up at an amazing cave. Make sure to bring flashlights, as you could spend hours exploring.

Great trail, hard work. Wife was absolutely spent after we got down - stairs prior to both falls, but especially Nevada were a killer. Great view all the way. Saw deer, Mumma Bear and 2 baby bears!

Love this area! I started the Sugar Bowl loop and then finished on the Hart Tree side for the longer 10 mile hike. I'm glad I went this direction but would like to try it in reverse sometime. Both sides offer excellent views and the hiking is not too difficult. I highly recommend doing this hike in the fall, the dogwood trees are stunning this time of year! The drive down to the trailhead is just a gravel road, you shouldn't have any trouble getting down there unless it's snowy. Totally worth your time to enjoy the giants on these trails!

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