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Did this in the winter and it was a beautiful.

16 days ago

Beautiful trail. Parking was not clear. I did not complete the entire loop. Will definitely do this trail again! I did this trail 3 weeks ago. Just now writing the review.

Definitely would rank this as a moderate hike, the inclined parts are very steady and nothing too steep, making for an excellent day hike! The falls at the end are even more beautiful than the pictures, highly recommended!

23 days ago

We took my 3yr old and a 6yr old friend.
I was fine starting out but if you have issues with heights be prepared for a few tough descents. I froze several times trying to get over metal grates. The kids had a great time, we made it to the water for a picnic and a little rope free boulder climbing. The views were great, the breaks were many. Bring plenty of water, or something to purify with.
Start early and enjoy the peacefulness, if you’re out on Saturday be prepared for taking turns walking down the metal grates.

Awesome hike during the winter!! light snow almost the whole time made for great pictures!! cold but worth it tread carefully with muddy trails and slippery rocks. Waterfall was amazing! huge reward at the end :)

Interesting hike , not sure why it says that you can bring dogs, you cannot. It is inside a National Park and it’s even signed not allowing dogs. That didn’t appear to stop the people we saw with dogs .
More importantly there is a new Brewery in Three Rivers that is the bomb! Great place to stop afterwards and get a drink and some food .

Good Hike. For a 1500 ft elevation gain , this trail had a gentle grade than most other comparable trails with similar elevation gains.

The trail is mostly shaded - about 75% and the falls at the end of the trail is delightful. Tons of water and very pretty. Lots of small and large cascades and falls - be prepared to spend some time here .

There are a lot of thorny plants along the way , so be mindful. Worth the effort on a winter day .

Great trail and cool temps helped make it very enjoyable. I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Trail is very narrow at times and rocky. Trek poles were very helpful. Falls were beautiful. Lots of great views along the way.

1 month ago

Beware! People are allowed to shoot guns 30 yards away from the top of the loop. Not knowing wtf was happening, we literally ducked for cover behind some rocks and called 911. The sheriff said shooting is legal there as long as they are not shooting at you!

We grabbed the dog and ran. Unbelievable.

Trekking poles would be very good to bring on this trail a watch out for those pointy plants along the narrow steep path. Hard, but reward awaits at the end.

1 month ago

We did this hike as a family with the kiddos...trail length is actually over 5 miles but super flat and easy kids really enjoyed it. Also the flys are NO JOKE!! they sure are buzzing around a little annoying at times but we got through it.

We did this hike. There seem to be many starting points. We took one that was more than moderate in difficulty. It was also very steep going down. I thought it was a fun and beautiful hike down to the rock waterfalls. I definitely would not take my kids or dog on this trail. However, I would do the hike again. Lots of bugs.

First hike ever on this trail. Loved it ❤

1 month ago

This trail was recommended to me by a friend, he said it was pretty easy and roughly 5 miles round trip... That was a lie, it actually comes out to be 7.4 miles (3.7 eachway) but it was a beautiful trail and I would definitely do it again!

Very good recent comments. If you want more 'adventure' then stay on the left (west) side of the creek going upstream. Good bushwhacking & boulder hopping, wereas the east side is a rather boring foothill trail that is not very close to the river. You can manage a crossing in these days/years of low water. The west side becomes impassable as the stream changes direction from N-S to E-W.

Great easy trail to hike! Love the river. highly recommended.

awesome trail!
nice swimming hole at the end.

Trail isnt very well cleared so we didnt make it all the way up, and I’d say mostly not kid friendly due to some steep drop-offs. Wonderful view of the lake at the top.

2 months ago

The trail is beautiful this time of year, just a little snow and ice here and there so be careful going over logs or rocks with ice on them. China peak gates were closed so our family parked across the road and walked in to the trail head. It was worth the extra walking. We have done this trail before but with the closed gate we were the only people hiking it on a Saturday morning.

Not really a hike (all flat) but worth seeing!

2 months ago

A good winter hike. Too hot in the summer. Lower part has alot of brush, but gets good towards the top. Nice hike.

2 months ago

Really fun trail that is actually 5 miles This app is awesome!!! Without the app there isn't any visible trail to follow after the first 100 yards We spent four hours on the trail and hiking over rocks and taking pictures of the icy creeks The app made it very easy to stay on course

It was in the low 30's today with scattered areas of snow

Great hike for December. Loved the water falls! Cold as.

Absolutely beautiful hike! My favorite hike ever! I've done at least a dozen times and I still enjoy it. During the spring, the snow melt makes for an amazing waterfall. The hike features break taking views of the river from start to finish. The trail is very narrow with a steep drop off, therefore I wouldn't suggest bringing dogs or young children. Any one who visits Sequoia should do this hike!

Fun hike, the waterfalls and marble at the top made it very worth the hike. Would have had really good views if the air was more clear.

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