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My sister and I came here a day after it rained here. Everything was green and beautiful. This is a pleasant trail where you have many different trail options.

Great trails with a lot to see. However there were some parts that would be difficult for children or seniors to cross. Enjoyed the river and not so congested walk.

4 days ago

Hit this hike Sunday 1/13, with a group of 6, right between storms with absolutely PERFECT weather. 28 degrees at 7am when I arrived, still at or below freezing when we started at 8. Had to stop once or twice early to dial in the proper amount of layers, settled with regular wind/water resistant pants, quick dry T shirt and light weight pullover. Obligatory wool socks/water proof(ish)boots. Beanie for good measure on the way down.

What can I say, as soon as you get done taking in the spectacular views in one spot, just hike for about 20 more minutes to be blown away again. This continues all the way to Suicide Rock which does not disappoint! We started early and everything was covered in a fresh powder that packed nicely and just amplified the experience. On the way back(passed a few groups headed up) it was warming up and melting so it was almost a different hike coming down. All in all 7.5 miles, 1956ft gain 3hr 45 min and a kick ass time.

5 days ago

It is a short distance hike. There was plenty of water but due to recent rain, the water was muddy and dark brown. Sad to see the graffiti.

Great hike. The beginning had the most elevation gain and then flattened out a bit so if you can get through the first half hour, you will be fine. It started snowing hard on our way up but but we finished the hike. The snow made the hike just that much more spectacular. It felt like a winter wonderland. No views from the peak though due to the snow and clouds. Thankfully we brought a ton of layers because it got very very cold near the top with the heavy snow.

Great trail. Perfect for a morning hike to get the blood flowing. Not difficult, small boulders in a couple areas. Small elevation climb towards middle. Beautiful and well maintained!

Ummm. I thought it was strenous due the distance. It's a climb. Not super steep but it's a constant incline all the way up. It was challenging but doable on the way up and not too bad on knees and toes on the way down. Great prep. for those higher elevation peaks. The trail is really easy to follow. Great views. It was beautiful and chilly today.

Beautiful trail and not many people on it. It’s challenging and it’s close to 4 miles up with a 2,000ft elevation gain (according to my Apple Watch). There was snow/ice is many places so make sure to wear hiking shoes and not tennis shoes. Dress in layers. It’s chilly, especially if you go early in the morning like I did.

Great Hike! Lots of different terrains as you gain elevation. Went early morning and we didn't see another person until we got back to the trailhead. There was ice and a bit of snow towards the top, and some of the drier terrain wasn't very compacted so wear shoes with good traction. Bring lots of water, I'd recommend at least 2 liters because there is so much incline. But, didn't find it too hard at all, great for those getting into longer distance day hikes. Saw lots of mountain lion tracks which was neat. Also lots of amazing views. The trail was well maintained and we made great time. Definitely paid off!

14 days ago

Great work out if you keep the pace up. We made it up and down in 3 hours. Great views at the top!

Went on it with a few friends a few days ago, beautiful hike does get a bit chilly but bring a jacket this time of year, be prepared bring water. I 100% recommend this hike to anyone and be careful with the ground at this time towards the top it’s iced over in the mornings

Absolutely stunning. A wonderful hike filled with beauty and spectacular views.

16 days ago

Great Trail

This is a beautiful trail. The incline is not very challenging so the distance was doable in about 5 hours round trip. If you go during the winter, bring gloves, and scarf and hat. The wind makes it very chilly and there’s snow in the shaded areas.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike that’s the perfect mix just-strenuous-enough, sweeping vistas, beautiful trees, and hiker-friendly boulders (not slippery). Can take more slowly if you want less difficult.

17 days ago

Beautiful hike, very steep! Well marked trail

18 days ago

Hiked this trail on 1/1/19 - so beautiful with fresh snow on the ground! I Did not need micro spikes but hiking stick may help some on the way down! It was a little bit windy at the end, dress warmly! Trail is well marked.

nature trips
18 days ago

I’ve been hiking this area for over 40 years. It was a once spectacular area. Do to the insane amount of GRAFFITI it has ruin the natural state of this area. Also the trash left behind by others. Myself and my hiker buddies remove trash as we hike, please do so. Also if you see TAGGERS report them. Get their car license numbers. A few years back the area was painted over to try to cover the GRAFFITI but these cockroaches have come back and made it worse than ever. Even the great John Muir was disgusted by GRAFFITI back decades ago. If enough of us complain to the authorities they will monitor the area.

Nice varied trail with a little climbing over rocks and lots of optional detours that lead down to the river. Partially tree covered and especially nice if there has been recent rain to green up the vegetation.

19 days ago

Beautiful hike! Was one of my first adventures back from Washington and it wasn't a dissapointment! Idyllwild is beautiful this time of the year and the scenery is gorgeous! I'm going again and I am hoping the Gov. is still shut down this week so I won't need a permit!!

We did two river crossings! Probably went he wrong way but it was a blast. Doable for all levels and a lovely Sunday afternoon stroll through nature.

Nice hike on clean, well-maintained trails. Have to walk from parking and through the campsite to get to the trail. Alltrails has Dripping Springs as a Moderate hike but Natl Park Svc rates it strenuous. Probably more moderate as anyone in avg shape should have no problem.

Amazing views, fresh air, steep but manageable inclines, scenery, nature...just beautiful! You must obtain a permit to hike to the top and be watchful of sunset times so you don’t get caught in the dark.

great hike, lots of stops. beautiful view of suicide rock. highly recommend.

Nice little getaway trail in Idyllwild!

Unbelievably gorgeous sunset!

This was a really nice trail! We went at 4 A.M. to catch the sunrise. Obviously this is early but there was no one besides us! The trail was pretty easy to follow in the dark with flashlights, a few signs were posted every so often, and the view at the top was WELL worth it! Keep in mind that around this time of the year, there was snow at the highest point, which made it sort of difficult to get to Suicide rock, but once you get passed the snow, you're right at the peak! Me and my bros got to the top at about 6:30 A.M. so it took us 2 and a half hours. I would say our hiking speed was above average, it may take longer for other hikers. It was a steady incline but not too difficult since the weather was cold in the beginning (35-45°). The way back down took about 1 hour. Overall, excellent hike, way worth it!

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in the area - lots of shade on a warm day, beautiful Fall colors this week! we added the loop at the far end, starting just after the wrecked car, for a total of 5.8 miles.

Trail was reopened on Saturday December 15th from the Mountain Fire closure. Be prepared for quite a bit of snow from the Saddle on. Trail was still easy to navigate along Caramba and the PCT juncture but once getting to the Tahquitz creek crossing things got a little tricky. Snow was about a foot deep at that point. Managed to follow the download and visualize where the trail was until about .3 miles from the peak. Since it hasn’t been maintained, the amount of snow disguises the terrain and could be quite unsafe for the inexperienced hiker.
We were the first (legal) footprints in the snow from the creek on and it was an epic experience. The views were outstanding ❤️
Red Tahquitz we’ll be back for you!!

Took this trail starting down on the highway where you park. Approx. a 5000 ft elevation gain up to little round valley camp site. camped 1 night. About 9 miles to camp. another little over a mile to summit. Trail is steady incline almost all the way up. I would classify as strenuous. The views are great. Bring lots of water.

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