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5 days ago

Very easy hike- great for a family with small kids!

Great hike! We did it in the middle of winter and it was fairly slippery. We slid down on our bums the whole way back and it made for some amazing memories ;)

7 days ago

We love doing this hike at least once a year. Its fairly easy and has some pretty views. Nothing spectacular but its a lovely half day hike!

A terrific hike starting through a pretty much straight pleasant hike through forest. At around 2.8 km you will be at the bottom of a majestic range surrounding you. Breathtaking views in every direction. Small rocks and earth dot the rest of the way up. We made it to 6800 feet when heavy rains forced us to turn back.

10 days ago

beautiful trails! go the extra hike to the upper falls and explore! its much prettier up there and way less busy :)

Closed for another month :(

10 days ago

Beautiful hike all the way through. Breeze through a beautiful mossy forest to start this awesome hike, but don’t let this easy section of the hike fool you, once you break through the alpine you have a hard steep road ahead, but the reward is far worth it. Beautiful scenery of the Spray Lakes is viewable from the peak summit. Carry on for another 30 minutes along a loose rock ridge and you’ll find yourself at the glacier doorstep. I would recommend a good pair of hiking boots and poles as the loose rock becomes unstable at times.

This ones on my top five under six. Beautiful quick incline all the way up, trails are quite clear; lots of foot traffic. If you make it to the flag at the peak the views are spectacular.
On a side note if you head right at the top you can also do Miners Peak so you can check off two amazing hikes in one day trip. Happy hiking.

My go-to for a quick but rewarding trip if you have limited time.

Expérience incroyable! Quel ascension! Un vrai bonheur! La vue est incroyable!!

good one to do this afternoon with my dog (hot day) as the path is the shade (treed) most of the way. we missed the trail head so had to back track a little. parked on the left near the powderface sign, hence missed the start as no signage of when to take the path to the left... its open and straight up! will do again, but when it's less smoky so can enjoy the view at top.

This hike took us 2hr up and 1.5 down at a fairly moderate pace. The last portion after the boulders was a bit of grind but you can't NOT go to the top, the views are amazing and make the trip fully worth it. NOTE: the boulders are not the ones when you first come out of the trees, you must continue up the small trail along the scree field and then climb over the boulders to get to the final portion, it took us 20 min from the boulders to the top. Enjoy :)

I love this hike and was hoping to squeeze it in on sept 8th. Can anyone confirm if it’s open? I was there two weeks ago and the sign said it would be open by aug 28th.

I have hikied a few mountains and I think here has one of the best views on the summit. The last 300 meters was quite steep like Mt. Rundle but not as loose. Totally worth it.

Great for meditation

Great hike if you’re up for a good climb for the first half! Don’t be fooled by the 5.7 miles marked on the summary - this hike is a minimum of 3.3 miles to the top, so roughly 6.6 round trip. Majority of the hike is in the woods, so no major vistas until you reach the top, with the last 30-40 mins being a pretty steep climb. However, if you hang in there, the view of the valley and surrounding mountains as well as Lake Minnewanka and Two Jack Lake are well worth it!

Still closed on Sept. 6.

Pretty walk through the forest for the first bit of the trail next to a stream. Totally lost the trail once we got to the scree though. Went up the wrong way and had a heck of a time getting back down lol. Keep hard left once you exit the trees and look for the small rock piles to re find the trail.

Thinking about hiking it Sept 8th, 2018. Can someone confirm the trail is still closed?

15 days ago

Easy walk- I wouldn’t even call it a hike. I think anyone could do it. Nice forest views and the waterfall at the end was pretty. It’s a trail I would go running on.

15 days ago

Did this hike today 3 September 2018. Conveniently only an hour from Calgary. As others have said, you will drive past the trail head and park on your left in the little parking lot. Then you cross Highway 66 and walk towards your right, passing at least one other trail before you get to this one.

Arrived just after a heavy morning rain so there were not many people on the trail. A lot of the hike is through forest, emerging from time to time in the open air and then to a kind of open field at the top. No scrambling or scree towards the top just a pretty easy walk up to a beautiful view and a rock cairn with a flag planted in it. There was light snow on the ground in the trees starting at about halfway up the hill.There are some steep sections on the way up to test your cardio, but not too strenuous. I enjoyed walking through the forest parts but from the comments below I gather that is not for everyone. All in all I thought it was a great hike. Would do it again

15 days ago

great for kids easy hike dogs love do it again soon for sure

Good, low commitment, easy to access hike. You certainly gain a lot of elevation in a hort amount of time so it's a glute burner.

Few viewpoints on the way up but it's mostly covered. The top ridgewalk is neat and definitely provides excellent views.

Relatively busy at this time of year. Quite a few people out there.

Great work out hike, the flag at the summit is the best part of the hike for me.

I got literally hooked into hiking right after I did Ha Ling last June. It was an amazing experience and spectacular view from the summit. Can't wait to do it again as soon as the new trail open

17 days ago

My buddy and I did this hike for sunrise today. Left the parking lot at about 5:30 and hit the peak just before 7. A nice gradual climb the whole way up, not much of a view going up but well worth it once you get the sweet panorama view at the top.

Directions to get you started;
Once parked at elbow river falls parking lot, cross the highway.
You will see a white post just to the right side of the trail. Head up there about 50 meters.
You will then hit a T in the trail, turn right, After walking the trail for another few minutes you will hit another T, turn left and you're on your way!

17 days ago

It's a steady climb to the cirque. great views and not a technical hike.

17 days ago

Excellent short hike for kids. Even saw a person with a motorized wheelchair at the lower falls. We decided to go the extra bit to the Upper Falls.

17 days ago

Took our 19 month old on this trail and he had a blast throwing rocks into the water! Got here at 2 PM and parking wasn’t an issue. We tried to go to the upper falls but got a bit tricky as our son was tired of the baby carrier!

Excellent family hike. My kids really enjoyed this one. Well worth it to keep going past the first waterfall and seeing the next few. The kids really liked the one you can go behind

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