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Plenty of signage to help point you the ways once on the gravel road. I did do a street view on google to see where the turn off was. Hike was easy enough took a little over an hour round trip with a bunch of teenagers. Not much of a waterfall this time of year.

Great hike with our toddler, ended up being 2.14 miles total.

7 days ago

Parked at the trailhead. Hike was steep in areas but not too bad, the garbage was sad to see. There's a crossing of rocks in the water so you can take a path to the top of the falls. Crossed the falls at the top and followed the trail out to a pull off where we looped and walked the road back to the trailhead.

Over crowded at the pool. And there were some very inebriated folks trying to swim. So much so that they were a risk to themselves. Everyone else was fine. The trail goes down further. We didn’t go. But it is nicely covered in trees. A nice cool hike in the heat.

Trails are not marked well at all. This is not a good hike for walking because it's mainly overrun by bikers, so if you're a biker this is the trail for you! This is also off of a park so it's a gravel path most of the time. Wouldn't drive more than 5 mins to do this walk.

trail running
13 days ago

Scientific, highly trafficked, relatively bug free, well established trails and routes. Multiple access points made his fall exciting and confusing all at once. This fall is just strong enough to get under without compromising ones safety. There were only a few bikers today, no big deal since most of the trails were wide enough to accommodate every type of traveler.

(Not family friendly) The fall is really pretty but the trail is not. The trail needs grooming and there is a lot of broken glass as well trash. I wouldn’t recommend to anybody but if your are chasing waterfalls here is one.

I tried to get to this hike from 2 separate routes was unable to get to this trail. I attempted a logging road about milepost 10.5 or 11 on Highway 18 and the road simply disappeared and had to turn around. I then tried going all the way up Slick Rock Creek Rd until it turns into NF 1782 but met a locked gate and private property about 5 miles up. I will try some other routes at a later date and update this info when I do.

couldn't even get to it the directions takes you to bfe no where near the spot just turned around was bs

Stunning, and a great place to hang out in the sun! Look for the trailhead sign at the left of the parking lot.

Be really careful if cliff jumping, people have died and gotten paralyzed there. I decided to not jump after scouting down below and finding some shallow shelf’s. There’s also a car in there somewhere. Warm water when I was there though, so scout it out yourself!

Did this hike with our 1yo, 2yo, & 7yo. It was nice.

love this place

I loved that it’s a good enough trek for my 6 & 4 year old to do and enjoy. Good little adventurous trek to explore the front & back of the falls. Our 2 dogs loved the hike too. Its a great hike if you’re just looking for a 2 hour adventure (30 min in. 1 hr hanging out by the falls/exploring around there. 30 min out.)

I will definitely spend some time, next time, picking up the glass on the trail.

1 month ago

beautiful and not very busy!

Wonderful hike on a beautiful day. The Nestucca River Road is scheduled to be closed upstream from the 8533 turn-off on 4 June 2018. Access from the east side will not be possible for some time. Check ahead before starting up from Carlton.

Loved this hike. It was beautiful and peaceful and the trail was very nice. I rated it 4 stars though because this trail is categorized as easy, and while it was easy for me my older mother in law had a lot of trouble on it and it was hard for her. When I take her, our easy trails are nice strolls through nature, this had a lot of inclined walking. So just a warning for those with injuries or difficulties it's a lot of uphill and downhill walking.

Trails are clearly marked. Beware of cyclists, not all are courteous.

1 month ago

Broken glass on dog friendly trail only reason for a 3 today June 1, otherwise 4+. Broken glass just past recently chainsaws tree. Beautiful falls! Although short hike, need to be sure footed wearing good hiking shoes for steepness and condition of trail.

I rate 3 stars because it was so confusing I went on a low traffic day so I didn’t go too far I definitely would like to go back and do the whole hike though

1 month ago

This is a great trail for kiddos learning to hike. Small incline and a great, quick reward at the end.

Only downfall is a lot of litter the last two visits. Haul in and haul out all your trash and if you're feeling good, bring a trash bag to help clean up.

Get here EARLY and I can’t stress that enough lol. Wonderful very easy hike for the whole family. I seen little children ages 2-3 that were hiking just fine. Little to no elevation gain but all of the falls are amazing. BEWARE: The Trail can definitely be confusing at times. If you want to check it out before you go there is YouTube video I did below, copy/paste the link.


2 months ago

Nice short little trail.

Such a fun spot to chill and go under the waterfall! Very easy to find as well

Nice trail. Main drawback is the housing developments appearing along the edges of the park.

Great views of the Lake and the Falls. Lots of overgrown trees that keep the trail shaded and cool on hot days. pretty popular place though, expect lots of people and little privacy even on slow days.

2 months ago

Loved it!

It was a fun adventure. I love taking photos off trail, looking for unique points of interest. I got a lot of great little photos on here. https://instagram.com/p/Bh-am7Fnd6z/

Nothing really awesome here. Good for some exercise outdoors close to home. I wouldn’t travel any distance to go on this trail.

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