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4 days ago

Great place to hike!!!
We accidentally did the difficult course but was worth the reward at the end.
Warning for rattlesnakes. Some hikers reported one 30ft away from us on the trail but was gone by the time we arrived......phew!!!! Some narrow, sketchy areas on the tail end of the trail.

This place sucks. It’s confusing as hell. I ended up parking in a neighborhood and just run the street. Don’t recommend

17 days ago

great trail to frequent.
street parking.
some parts are burned and rebounding.
starting to green out for spring already as well in some parts.

Amazing trail with visibility to various wildlife - we saw birds that are similar in size to storks and pelicans (not 100% sure what they were though). This place is in our back yard and you run into bird watchers every now and then. Amazing experience overall!

20 days ago

It's a little too easy but I brought someone who is not an experienced hiker & this was perfect. You can get in at least 5 miles & there is hardly anyone on this trail.

Some challenging grades at the beginning of the trail. Views of the ocean and Laguna Beach at the top were nice. Second half of trail not a lot to see but a nice peaceful walk. No shade so I’m guessing it can get pretty hot in the summer! Bring a hat!

26 days ago

Very fun hike! It wasn't too hard and there was a beautiful view of the beach at the end!

Great hike. Took about 2 hrs round trip. It’s actually more than 4.5 mi. A little over 5 mi. according to our calculations. Some views, some shade, a nice stream, a few bridges. Nice variety.

It’s closed. And it’s a loop but with no signs.

30 days ago

We had hiked Crystal Cove a few times and enjoyed it. I did a quick google search and came across this one and I had never heard of it. We parked on San Joaquin Rd., our total hike was 4.9 miles. We were pleasantly surprised with the shade that the nearby hills and the trees provided...about half the hike was shaded. It was great to hear the water running...we were curious as to the origin of the water. The sound of the birds added to the experience. A downfall would be the narrow paths that you have to share with mountain bikers. It was awesome to see the view of the Pacific toward the end of our hike. Overall, it was a pleasant hidden gem.

30 days ago

We have gone here twice and it has been ok. We are in no rush to return. We have had no trouble finding parking on Hidden Canyon & E. Overlook Terrace. Both times we have taken the trail that heads to the NE and RT is about 3.7 miles. As you enter the trail head there are options to go south and we will need to check that out next time. There aren't amazing views or a cool destination to see at the end of this trail. The trail loops around and it is pretty close to homes at part. It is a decent option since it is not very far away. On one of our visits we came across a snake and a large tarantula just chilling on the trail.

Love the hike (hate the $15 parking)

I have done this hike about 5 or 6 times. It is pretty easy to find. From PCH there is an entrance to the parking lot right by an elementary school (El Moro). There are 4 colored trails on the map to choose from. I have done all 3 except for the hardest one (the red). My favorite one is the yellow. It is marked as difficult but it isn't really that hard. RT is just under 5 miles and can be done in about 2 hrs. Be sure to go through the tunnel that goes under PCH and spend some time on the beach and the rocks. It is a beautiful place for pictures. The trails are well used but definitely not crowded and everyone is extremely friendly.

*this is more of a 4.5 star hike and would be a 5 if the parking was free or $5 or less

Good views, trail wide & well marked. Good for cooler days. Did it counter-clockwise, steep climb at the start, but glad we did it that direction.

Very nice trail. Good hiking surface. Nice views of the ocean. Expensive parking $15. Quiet. Nice to get a way from the noisy awful coastal highway.

Great weather to hike the trail today. We always take it to the very top because the view is amazing. This trail always kicks my butt...

It was such a beautiful hike! The only down part is that parking is $15 or I would be here every weekend

1 month ago

I hiked this solo on a Saturday and never saw another person. I parked on the street just off of green river. next time I will skip the first "road" portion of this trail and park above it on the residential street (if I can). Once you're on the trail It gets steep right away. Very easy to navigate, I followed anothers trail recording and had cell service the whole way. There are a couple of hills you can go around if they are too steep for you. Near the 3 mile mark the hills get looser and steeper. Sketchy loose dirt. I turned around, did not go all the way. Next time will bring a friend and go all the way up to top. This was a great work out, hard... but the views were worth it

1 month ago

Easy trail with kids

Good trail with lots of hill climbing. You are rewarded with some good views of the mountains and hills.

1 month ago

Nice views! Recovering from the fires a few months ago. Not as many people for a Sunday morning.

I enjoy everything about this hike

awesome hike. some.areas still.closed due to the fires but definitely recommended!

Awesome hike with different levels/paths to take. Parking is $15 and you can get a map to figure out which path to take (categorized by mile). Took the loop which is the second longest and moderate. Go early bc there is no shade. I started around 11am in Feb weather and it wasn't too bad, but summer weather would prob get really hot. Follow the instructions on the map and you'll finish with a nice beach view (start the loop clockwise). Fairly easy and def. made me want to the 9miles loop next time.

Wow! We opted for the 5 mile loop and added a climb on The Poles before descent to the parking lot. Super workout!

Beautiful quiet trail. Has shaded areas, not much elevation gain, beautiful views of bridges.
Will be back again. #52hikechallenge

Took the shadier way up with the narrower roads which ended up being a great HIIT workout because of the steep inclines followed by flat roads. It was tough but it’s fine if you take breaks. No water through the streams though, but saw the Pacific Ocean. Came down on the windier steeper trail which ended up being an easy decline. Would definitely do again!

Nice views of the ocean. Plenty of incline to get in a great workout. Different route options to make your hike longer or shorter. And you can stop by the beach after your hike. Win win.

Good hike, but not a lot of trees. Good views of the ocean, but then not a lot else. Still, a good workout.

2 months ago

Great little hike with an awesome view of Corona. Definitely steep. Beginners might want to plan on stopping a half mile from the top. It's worth the walk!

Great trail for a clear day... one large hill but then fairly an easy climb down.

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