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One of our favorite hikes in Joshua Tree NP. Moderate level, involves a good bit of work and exercise, but the payoff is worth it.

We were rewarded at the end with a beautiful view of palm trees and a pool of water at the oasis! Really beautiful and worth prioritizing especially if you are short on time - this one only took us 2 hours total. While the trail is marked well enough, I can see how it would be easy to get lost on this trail. You won’t see the big boulder piles that characterize Joshua Tree, but you’ll see lots of beautiful vegetation here and enjoy a popular hike that is not as crowded as others in the park proper.

I had a blast. Mid week was best timing.

Easy to moderate for regular hikers. Did this in the fall so it was cool, I would imagine it would be hot otherwise due to no shade. Good views at the top mid way through. At the end in a canyon is the oasis of trees. No water / wildlife when I visited.

A lot harder than I thought. It’s basically a scramble not a hike so come prepared to climb most of it. We started too late and didn’t summit. Lots of fun challenging boulders.

My daughter and I were first timers this morning and really enjoyed this hike. Steep, rocky climbs for a great workout and wonderful views especially at the summit. Parking is easy. The only downside is hearing the highway almost all throughout the hike.

Enjoyed this hike, not too hard but challenging for this 60 yo hiker..

A nice out-and-back hike with a little bit of climb. We do this hike once or twice a month. It's right off highway 62, so it's easy to get to the trailhead compared to the trails in JTNP proper. Seeing the tops of the oasis palms in the distance is always a treat after you round the bend. We were once greeted by a view of a family of bighorns feasting on California Barrel Cactus.

Best 4.5 mile workout in North County. The longer route around the back by the water tower is undulating and cardio busting! The front side is shorter but consistently steep most of the way. Great views from every part of the trail. Watch for rattlesnakes year round. They’ll not bother you but keep an eye on the trail at all times so you don’t surprise one.

Did the loop with my pupper today. Brought a lot of water and cool temps. Not super scenic but easy to access and an excellent workout trail.

trail running
18 days ago

Love this trail! Short but a tough hike and run.

Great views of surrounding area. A lot of the trail has burn damage from a recent wild fire.

Great incline to get your heart rate going. My tracker read 4.5 miles and 150 floors climbed.... we did take the Right path at the fork which included some great inclines. Great workout!!!

wow. it's a great workout. definitely not recommended for beginners. very nice and rocky area. comfortable shoes required. I will be back again.

Short but a good workout especially the loop trip. Steep and rutted trail with a lot of traffic. Views from the peak are great. Not much shade, early mornings are best IMO. Plenty of parking. No fee but donations are appreciated.

Fantastic ✨

Well kept trail. Good views of rugged desert terrain. Oasis is cool break. Palms are great.

We tried to hike it and it has no trespassing signs once we cross the street from the nursery am I missing something

Hike this regularly. It's my outdoor gym, gets me ready ready for bigger and better things!

nice hills, good distance, good work out, just not much of a scenery.

A good training trail to maintain stamina and balance. Choose the loop route to the summit, reverse to the cross, then back to the summit.

A nice bit of ups and downs...

Dog poop everywhere! These people should be ashamed of themselves leaving their dogs crap all over the trail. Ruins it for everyone else.

I'd recommend early in the day or early evening. This one will get the heart pumping and has some great views.

We enjoyed the hike, up for 2 miles, but the fires really ate up the mountain. It was interesting and sad. Regrowth has begun and little sprouts of green and red laurel sumac and yuccas are sprouting. When you get to the top there are chairs and we enjoyed that view a lot! Then there’s a bit more trail and that was cool too. Spring may bring even more joy to that area :)

Great hike with a BEATIFUL view. I started from Hilltop Park and it took me about an hour and a half from start to finish. I lucked out and made the trip on a pretty overcast day, absolutely loved it.

We got trapped having to either backtrack or forge forward and urban hike back. I never turn back.

2 months ago

Great workout packed into a short hike!

I wore my 14 month old in a back pack. Tried to take advantage of a cool day in San Diego and got a late start. The clouds broke and it was super hot and dry, I was prepared and he was more than fine in the back pack since he has a shade cover, but I was super hot. More on the hard/moderate side since I had an extra 30lbs on my back but agree with others that this is an under rated, excellent hike with significantly less people and stellar views at the top.

Well this is one of my favorite hikes in San Diego! The views were beautiful and it was like a walk in the park compared to Lawson peak ! Round trip took me about 2 1/2 hours!

it's not dog poop. there's a lot of coyote scat. but yes why do people brag the poop then this it. just toss the sh!# with no bag.

3 months ago

- PROS -
1. Some of the most beautiful panoramic views of surrounding San Diego.
2. Much less foot traffic than other popular nearby hikes (Mt. Woodson, Iron Mountain). I saw maybe 10 other people on a Sunday morning.
3. Great workout, with plenty of climbs. Definitely a solid Moderate.
4. Very nice ample free parking and bathrooms at the start
5. Well maintained trail, albeit small rocks here and there.

- CONS -
1. The section between Secondary Summit and Black Mountain Peak is CLOSED. I noticed this was mentioned back in Feb. 2017, and apparently it is still under restoration now in Sep. 2018. This makes it a bit of a pain to hike a loop. I went counter-clockwise, following the posted route. Once I got to Secondary Summit, it should just be ~0.4mi uphill to Black Mountain Peak...but it's closed. So I needed to backtrack to the short nighthawk trail connector, at which point it joins Miner's Ridge Loop. From there, I went up to Black Mountain Peak, and then followed Miner's Ridge Loop all the way down.
2. The entirety of Miner's Ridge Loop is a wide service road from the antennas at the top. This was fine, just be aware that it isn't quite as "natural".
3. Not much clear signage. However, I just used a GPS map on my phone whenever the trail split and didn't get lost. I had cell service and 4G during the entire hike.

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