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Not a bike trail. Spent most of the time carrying the bike. Listed as EASY. Wrong listing.

Great hike and what a view

best time to climb Stone Mountain is either early in the morning or just before sunset. To see the sun rising or setting and the lights off Atlanta in the distance is awesome.

Fun trail with lots of options great trees in rock outcrops plenty of parking with picnic matches

I go every Monday morning it’s a wonderful climb for all ages. The best time to go is around 8:00am that way you aren’t being hit My the suns powerful rays.

Beautiful winding and shaded, paved path with lots of hills–only downside is scattered trash and litter along the path.

Awesome view at the end.
Very crowded and hot but much of it is shaded.

Short hills, nice views - particularly in the fall/winter. Hike takes you to the foundation of an old house by the river. Upstream takes you through a bamboo forest and then a little bouldering to get another nice view just south of 285. When the water is low you can get pretty far across the river. Snakes commonly seen at the river edge and on the rocks in the river.

26 days ago

Great place to make your own custom path. All of the trails cross over each other so you can make your hike longer or shorter. The path around the pond is great for fish spotting. The water is extremely clear. Bring cash as there is a $5 parking fee. Great path for kids.

This trail is very cool but make sure you wear pants because there is a lot of poison ivy and the weeds are really high in some parts

Decent walk. A lot of shade from trees, which is nice on a summer day in Georgia. Walked after a rainy day and some areas were muddy.

There is a parking fee, but the machine was not working when we were there nor was there anyone to answer questions or pay the fee.

Definitely more strenuous than moderate for me. it's only 1 mile up, but you also go 700-800 feet up in elevation. It's worth it at the top though.

Partly under construction and limited trail markers and maps.

Very vigorous the first and second time going. I will be going again very peaceful.

Nice hike, short, but not what I would call "moderate". The hike up is somewhat strenuous.

Nice trails for running. Good ground. Interspersed loops to go and loopback around as long as you want to go. Cool creeks and little falls, plus big granite boulders to play on. So glad I made a pitstop here during my Thursday errands. Will be back

2 months ago

Great, if you’re looking for a short hike with a nice 360 view. Around the park there are bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks which was nice. If you’re looking for a harder workout just park farther away and jog to and from the start of this walk up. $15 entry.

It’s $15 to get in the park. The hike itself is nice, a good workout and skyline views at the top are great. Plus being on a giant rock like that is different than a typical mountain or hill. The only reason I don’t do it more often is because of the cost and the tourist factor - there’s also a cable car at the top and some kids activities so it doesn’t really feel like nature. Maybe if you were hiking on the lake instead or something.

good trail

2 months ago

A wonderfully weird hike in the midst of an industrial jungle. Yep that about sums up this little under two mile loop. Great vistas across a swamp as well as dolls without their extremities. How fun is that? A cannot miss walk for those in and around Atlanta.

2 months ago

We did not do the entire trail as parts were very muddy and wet. The section along the lake was very pretty but I would not call this part EASY due to some hilly parts with lots of roots and places to balance on logs crossing streams.

Underwhelming. Personally, I like hikes that are more primitive, i.e., more nature, less people. The one mile ascent to the top felt like 3 (and typically for me, the longer the hike the better but not in this case). The scenery and footing did not vary much along the way and the flood of people zapped the zen right out of the hike. The view at the top? Neat, but it was obscured by fences (necessary I guess due to the tourist factor) and other signs of civilization, making it hard to get a decent picture of the skyline. Hence, underwhelming.


This is a beautiful jewel inside the perimeter that’s a wonderful spot for trail run, hike, walk, or photo shoot.

Great for a quick evening hike when you don't have a lot of time but want to maximize your workout. Beautiful scenery, lots of deer, cool breeze from the river. The best part is you can't hear the traffic and this trail is right next to 285.

The Stone Mountain is an impressive an well-maintained park just east of Atlanta. There is a fee for parking but there is plenty of parking available all through the day. Park near the trailhead and take the long gradual climb to the top of the mountain. Closer to the top 1/3 of the mountain the slope becomes steeper but not particularly difficult and the views begin to open up. Once at the top it is a wide expanse of rock with great views toward Atlanta to the west and especially to the east where you can overlook Stone Mountain Park and the picturesque Stone Mountain Lake. The summit is surrounded by a chain link fence so it is reasonably safe for children. There is also a cable car that runs from the peak down to the park (or up to the summit). I recommend taking the cable car down and stay toward the left to get the best views of the Confederate Monument carved in the face of the mountain. You can take the cable car up and walk down, but it is not nearly as satisfying as having made the climb. This is a good hike for children as there are no steep slopes and because the summit is fenced in.

Great evening hike for two novice hikers. We even found wild strawberries off the P8 point!

the trash art part was much better a few years ago before the trail went public. however, I still love the trail. it is part paved and part boardwalk and part dirt. the area is very impressive and nothing like the empty/run-down world surrounding it.

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