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4 days ago

One of the most amazing views I’ve ever encountered, especially as the fall colors are at their peak. Well worth the effort - not for the faint of heart!

Great beginner’s trail. Lots of switchbacks & is a moderate incline the whole way up, but it’s very easy to go down the way back! Safe for dogs & kids. Can get crowded on weekends, but it’s worth it for the view + mini waterfall(s) at the end. My whole family does this hike every year in the spring when snow melt is high & the waterfall is POURING.

5 days ago

Short hike but the steady incline gets your lungs pumping for sure! Take your time, there’s a lot of benches a long the way if you need to stop.

The hike itself is great but should not be listed as Light, this is definitely a moderate trail although somewhat short in length.

We also did lose the trail as it splits and we took the wrong direction bc it ended. We followed someone else who looked like they knew what they were doing - our mistake.

We didn't end up finding the waterfall, but the drive up there and the views are gorgeous. I think we got close but it was 6pm and we needed to get back before we were stuck in the dark. I'll probably try again.

Definitely loose gravel, 'stairs', steep inclines, and mixed terrain.

7 days ago

Download the georeferenced map from the Red Rock website. It's REALLY helpful because it's hard to know where the trail goes. It's not marked at all once you get to the bouldering parts, so the map really helps if you aren't intuitive. I don't recommend this as a beginner's hike, as the rocks can be a bit challenging. It's very sunny, and the canyon walls block any breeze so the hike is HOT. The bouldering never gets TOO hard/dangerous - if it does, you've gone off path and missed the various stairs that make it easier.

Amazing views! Take your time hiking, I didn’t. Ended up getting mountain sickness when I got home because of the elevation. But I will definitely go back to the trail again, now that I know better than to rush on my way to the top!

my fiance, her cousin, his girlfriend and my son went on this trail. beautiful views! My fiance and I didnt make it all the way, her and I got about halfway through the switchback. the rest of our group made it to the top

Nice hike but we traveled this October and there was no waterfall or pond to see. The trail is poorly marked after the first mile. The area is beautiful to see!

16 days ago

Steady uphill climb. 67 degrees with a nice breeze around 10am. Worth it when you get to the top and see the view. All the Aspens are a beautiful yellow now.

This steady incline to the peak has very well maintained trails trickled with numerous lookouts with natural wood benches, making this hike doable for most fitness levels. In the fall, a majority of the trail is sandwiched between rows of vibrant yellow trees that when the sun shines threw (and it’s almost always sunny) looks like gold coins flickering in the wind. It’s not necessarily a long hike up (made it to the top in 45 minutes, 83 minutes total - steady pace) but the elevation climb will get your heart pumping and your lungs a workin. But that’s ok. Sit at one of those benches, and catch your breath. You won’t regret it.

P.S. Early bird gets the worm. 8-9 am if you like more undisturbed hikes.

17 days ago

Relatively easy hike, just watch your footing on a few weathered parts of the trail!

Great trail! The leaves are changing color making for great scenery. I will upload pics. I started at the Lower Bristlecone Trailhead and ended at the Upper Bristlecone Trailhead. From the Upper Trailhead I walked about a mile down the road to my truck. This is the best way to do it unless you want to walk a mile uphill after the hike.

22 days ago

Great views at the top as well as along the way. Well worth it. Take your time and enjoy the hike. Stay to the right at the unmarked fork.
Look for the Endangered Palmer Chipmunks at the top. They only exist in the Spring Mountains. Resist feeding them. They will become dependent on humans for food and will be doomed in winter.

Worth it, take your your time though

a bit challenging due to the elevation but the view was worth the effort.

First hike in the Mojave Desert. The rock formations and views were beautiful. Don’t stop at the “tank”..... if you’re up for a short steep climb, you’ll soon find yourself on a summit overlooking Las Vegas. The trail had a bit more rock climbing and scrambling than expected for a moderate hike, although we were up for the challenge. Once you get to the rocks, markers are nonexistent and its not uncommon to be looking for the right “path” on the way out. Highly recommend!!

Great trail, beautiful views. Only downfall was about half the hikers were maling their own path and causing rocks to slide down from above.

26 days ago

Excellent trail with lots of scrambles over beautiful sandstone rock faces. Don’t be fooled by the park description. This trail requires a good deal of climbing along rock faces and through gaps. It is also very easy to loose the trail so pay attention to where you are going and where you have been. Markers are few and far between once you start scrambling.

The views are spectacular right from the get go. Make sure to look behind you as you’re going. The valley changes with each turn and gets more stunning along the way. It was very heavily trafficked, though, and not well marked near the end. My friend and I got a little off course at an unmarked fork. It’s a slight thigh buster, too. No need for the stair master if you’re doing this one.

28 days ago

Great hike with a bit of bouldering and rock scrambling. IMO not for small kids or most dogs.

1 month ago

Don’t take a SO on this hike unless a) they are already into hiking, or b) you want them to dump you.

Nice pace, lots of different levels. Fantastic view at the end.

Beautiful hike and relatively easy. We read on other reviews that the upper trail is more strenuous, so we started there for the main incline and ended at lower. Upper has larger drop offs, some switchbacks and narrow pathways, but it leads to some breathtaking views. It isn't very difficult but those new to hiking or with a fear of heights might be a little uncomfortable at parts. Once you get to lower, it's a wide dirt road/path and it's just a nice simple walk the whole way down through the forest. There isn't a lot of shade on the lower trail, so bring sunscreen. The worst part about this hike is the parking situation, since even though it's a loop trail, it starts and ends at different spots. We parked at upper and had to make the trek up the road to get back to our car once it was over. Those last 15 minutes were the worst and hardest part about the whole hike to us. So plan accordingly, but it really has to do with preference.

Whoever said you can’t get lost, hasn’t met me yet. We got lost, ended up scrambling up a rocky hillside that was nearly vertical to get back to the trail. The views were incredible! The waterfall is small but beautiful. We went early and there were still a lot of people. All in all, a beautiful hike, definitely moderate trail. We will hike it again one day but stay on the trail the next time!!

I love this hike because it is mostly moderate if you pace yourself. It does have slot of switchbacks. I love the view from the falls. It’s s great place to rest before your descend.

It’s a good trail. Switchback hell towards the end, but worth it.

Beautiful views from the falls.

1 month ago

Love this trail *****

I do this trail probably 2-4 times a week. It’s a great short workout. Highly recommended for anyone. I’m sure you’ll see me on this trail!!

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