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Its nice and beautiful when you reach the end. Also you can see the city from the top.

It’s hot. Very hot. And takes a long time to get there so make sure your car is gassed up and you have plenty of water. Other than that, pretty cool rock formations.

This hike is a lot of fun. Takes a couple of hours and involves a lot of rock scrambling. I wore my hiking boots and had no problems with slipping on rocks. The view at the end is amazing. A good activity to get away from the Strip for a few hours.

Completed this amazing hike last weekend. Some snow and ice on upper bristlecone, proper shoes , maybe poles recommended. With parts of this trail covered in snow we got a bit off trail so be aware of that. Beautiful vistas!

The Ice Box Canyon trail is a good versatile trail. It starts off easy and then the deeper you hike into the mountain it gets rockier and requires a bit of extra work. It is considered the "coldest" part of the Red Rock Canyon, especially coming out of winter into spring... bring with something warm. It is a beautiful experience being enveloped by the mountains on both sides.

It was fun. Definitely enjoyed all the great boulders. There was a bit of water trickling down into some small pools of water at the end which was a beautiful sight. I imagine there’s a greater flow after a good rainfall or during the cooler months.
The only downside is that the trail isn’t clearly as marked as I would have liked it to be. On the way back I ended up veering off into the ravine which was fun because of all the large boulders to climb on, up until I realized I needed to scale a steep hill with loose rocks to get back on track. Overall a good hike though. I’d do it again and I’d be more vigilant about trying to stay on the trail, but hopefully they’ll add more markings in the future.

Beautiful. at times challenging to find trail but we'll worth it

Great trail. Starts off with clear and wide path. Slight incline at the start but very comfortable with spectacular surroundings of mountains and Pine Trees. The start is an easy laid out path and then it curves to the right where the intensity of the hike picks up with good incline and elevation picking up. Trail is in good shape but you have to be careful as there are slippery rocks and loose rocks when reaching the part that goes up the side of the mountain. The caves and waterfall (during spring when the ice melts) is spectacular with incredible open views of the surrounding mountains. We did this hike with our 5 year old who is use to doing 3 mile hikes.

leg work out for sure. awesome hike.

14 days ago

Love to take the dogs here to cool off in the water. Keep on leash at all times (it’s the law) for safety of your pup and other pups.
Easy hike for the whole family

14 days ago

This hike was first on my list to tackle for Red Rock trails. We had a party of 5, and brought 4 medium-large sized dogs as well, which they all did fabuously!! So definitely dog friendly. We went on a Sunday afternoon, with the weather about 80 degrees and the trail was packed with people. It's pretty spread out, so not too noticeable if you're keeping steady pace. Make sure you bring a ton of water, as a good section of the trail is in direct sunlight before hitting the canyon. The waterfall area is small but beautiful, likewise to the surroundings moutains in the canyon. The views aren't spectacular, but the hike is short (about 3 hours total) so totally worth it. Bring some snacks and sit by the water for a bit!! The trail requires quite a bit of walking on sharp rocks - so I recommend decent shoes. Also, don't forget sunscreen!

lots of fun! but not in spring mountain ranch like stated. We had a great time but there was no waterfall today. Still amazing to see.

This was a lot of fun! It gets harder as the trail goes on but only took 1 hour to get to the water fall (and I’m not super athletic at all). TBH it was trickier going down than up for me! One of the more beautiful hikes I’ve done in Red Rock.

So much beauty to enjoy here! Lots of scrambling- just an excellent place to explore.

15 days ago

Having only heard about Redrock we didn't know what to expect. This is a good hike, but the amount of scrambling makes me think of it as more strenuous than moderate. As you near the top you will find foot ledges just a few inches wide, something that isn't for everyone. That said, explore! We found numerous paths all following the same general trail, some offering more of a hike whereas others are more scrambling.

Some scrambling but so worth it!

17 days ago

Love this hike! My boys can’t wait to come back. Amazing view all around.

Great trail with beautiful views at the end.

Great trail that has multiple paths throughout the canyon. You can make this as difficult or easy as you want. Dogs can make it to the end here, but it all depends on your dogs personality. My corgi is very gung ho and made it to the waterfall, but she had to picked up a few times. Be cautious though as her paws did get scraped up a little bit while sliding on some of the boulders. If you have dog booties or a bigger dog, they should have no problem.
April 1, 2018.

22 days ago

Very versatile trail. Nice switchback climb to waterfall. Unique trail! Enjoyed it!

Great views! We bomb voyage, it has a better vantage point. 1,500ft elevation instead of 1000ft.

Had fun

23 days ago

If you are feeling adventurous and want a hike that provides some coverage from the sun, this one is for you. The first portion does take you through open wilderness but you soon get protection due to the canyon walls. There are a few different paths to take once inside the canyon, ranging from moderate to a little more difficult, I see that as a plus since you pick your adventure. I would hesitate on taking small kids and little animals. If you have on some good shoes take advantage of the great grip that the stone provides and make your way all the way back to the falls.

23 days ago

love it’s fun run on sentence

23 days ago

Been a few years since I have done this hike. But did it today with the family. I would say overall this could be a great hike, but not with young kids or animals. I saw many people having to carry or shuffle their pets to get through some parts. There is a fair amount of climbing especially as you get close to the waterfall.

The real down fall of this trail, and why I am only giving it three stars is; once you get into the canyon you really have to work to stay on the trail, as it’s not even close to being marked. Even if you think your on the “trail” it forks several times making you wonder if your on the right path.

But overall it’s a good two hour adventure worth the trip especially if your in the mood for some off trail exploration.

Great trail with excellent view of the falls; which are still partially frozen as of today. The hike up is not difficult if you are in decent shape. There are a few switchbacks and you can easily bypass them and make the assent a little more interesting. By skipping a few I made the trip up in about 30 minutes.

27 days ago

Scenic the whole way. The frozen falls were something special.

Beautiful view.

Nice hike for everyone. Take the dogs here a lot.

Great trail!

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