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This is one my favorite trail at Shenandoah! It is short, 1 miles, but it is loads of fun because of the rock scrambling. The views are incredible, and probably one of my favorites in the park. Awesome for sunsets!

This was a nice afternoon hike on a beautiful day. Falls were low but good challenge making your way back up!

Had a great time last weekend even though it was very crowded. Started the hike around 10 AM on a beautiful Saturday. There was one or two parts when we had to wait 15 minutes in line to get through an obstacle. After the summit, the hike is a little boring, but all in all, one of the best day hikes you can do on the east coast. Elderly and unfit people might have some issues with squeezing between rocks and doing some jumps/scrambles, but most people I saw on the trail seemed to do fine. I recommend wearing long pants that at least cover the knees and climbing gloves, or else you will go home with some scratches.

Loved this trail! We went on the first "nice" weekend this year so the trail was pretty busy. I would rate it as an intermediate trail. It was nice that the trail follows the river for most of the duration. We were able to sit and enjoy the water and get close to the falls. They are not huge, but pretty nonetheless! The loop dips, leaving you to hike uphill for at least a mile on your way out. We left feeling tired and accomplished!

The first half/two thirds is pretty cool and fun. The last third was uphill torture for me. One of the toughest hikes I’ve done (I usually stick to moderate trails). Bring lots of water and a jet pack if you have one.

on Rose River Trail

3 days ago

Love Love Love this trail. Here to celebrate my 60th birthday with my best friend. We took our dogs and they enjoyed being near the water, as much of the trail follows the river. Cascading waterfalls, early wildflowers, great mid 50s temps. There were parts that were a little dicey climbing over wet rocks and boulders. A beautiful experience!

My girlfriend and I chose this beast as our third hike in Virginia and it was spectacular! We decided to go clockwise and climb up the most strenuous ridge trail first. It was unlike any hike I've ever done and definitely pushes you on the rock scramble and boulder section, but it was manageable and fun for me (6'2", 260lbs) and her (5'2", 110lbs)...so I'd say as long as you have a strong desire to reach the summit and the ability to "get skinny" on some parts, this hike is a good one for beginner hikers that want to push their skills and endurance!

Go in the morning, it's beautiful and quiet. Going all the way down to the base of the falls is worth the effort too.

Where do I start. This hike is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking views of many waterfalls! You can even climb a few rocks to get right up close to a few of the falls. Unfortunately we were not prepared for what was to come. The hike up was pretty tough. Once we got up to where you take the fire road to Cedar Run trail we took the wrong path (both have yellow blazes) we ended up hiking about a mile or so in the wrong direction and that’s when the fog rolled in. Temps dropped about 20 degrees and it began to POUR down rain. Needless to say once we started our decent down Cedar Run everything was soaked and muddy and it’s VERY steep. We were slipping and sliding all over the place and much of the trail down is nearly impassable by fallen trees and things. We hiked the trail counterclockwise which under normal weather conditions would’ve been much easier. This loop is definitely not for beginners. You will absolutely be sore the next day and your feet will most definitely get wet because there are several river crossings. Most of the way UP is well.....UP....steep and you will need to take breaks to catch your breath. This loop is a beast. Can’t wait to tackle it again in better weather.

What an absolutely beautiful hike! I expected it to be hard but I had no idea how hard it was really going to be. I’m not sure about the mileage because my phone said 8.4 miles when all is said and done and my watch said 9.6 miles. This is not for a novice hiker! We took this hike counterclockwise. We had met some other people on the hike that said that clockwise disease year. But I believe there is no easy way to do this hike. I really had to keep pushing myself. We got down to the bottom of the canyon and I was starting to feel tired. The hike downhill was strenuous. But the hike up was a test! With an elevation gain of 2200 feet on the way up it really testing me. The fire road itself was difficult as we were exhausted by the time we got to the fire and the fire is completely uphill. But I’m happy to say that I finished it!

This was my first hike and a solo one at that. It was awesome!!! The rock scramble did not disappoint this first timer. I’m short (4’11”) and was able to this. Some review said it might be difficult and they were but other hikers were there to help if needed. I did this counter clockwise. Went up the fire road first then hit the scramble. That helped I’m sure as I was able to slide down a lot of the boulders. So if you’re in decent shape and want an exciting solo hike.....THIS WAS GREAT.

This hike has beautiful views at the top with an amazing breeze to cool down after the uphill. The rock scrambles are very fun and can be easy for some or very difficult depending on your physical shape and comfortability with bouldering/climbing. At a certain point the distance of the hike can definitely be mentally taxing and a motivational killer if fatigued lol. Specially if doing the hike the opposite direction with the weakley hollow fire trail first. Very fun and enjoyable workout. Good luck everyone!

Damn good hike

11 days ago

I was surprised to be along water a lot of this loop, which was nice. A few really nice small waterfalls.... appeared to be some nice swimming spots for the summer. It does have some elevation challenges. We did the loop backwards which seemed the best way to go.

on Rose River Trail

13 days ago

Went with 3 kids- 4, 10, and 12 yr old. They have not been hiking before, so I was expecting it would be difficult for them... They did great for the first half and managed better than I thought for the second half. We enjoyed the several water falls and they want to come back to swim when the weather is warmer!

13 days ago

Best swimming hole hike in Virginia. Lots of places to cool off in the water along this trail. Summer time favorite. I guess news has spread because its definitely become more crowded over the years.

Classic Shenandoah must do hike. Spectacular views at the top. Can’t believe this is in Virginia. Definitely more crowded than most others due to its reputation.

crowded especially in the summer but a great little hike especially if you're looking to stretch your legs on a journey down skyline drive

Steep and wet in some areas, but beautiful forest trail !

My very first hike and I chose this monster. Had a wonderful time and was not disappointed with the views.

18 days ago

Ran across this trail by accident (Was looking for Rocky Mountain). What a wonderful surprise. This trail follows the river both out and a little bit back. It was awesome on a Spring day, but i think would be even better in the summer if the water doesn't dry up too much because the river was filled with deep pools of water that the hikers could stop to swim in. Wouldn't recommend this trail for elderly people because there are some very rocky areas and steep steps, but if you are capable of rock-hopping, this trail is for you.

19 days ago

Loved this hike. Is short but offers incredible views and fun scrambles. Is especially great on weekday when it’s not likely to be busy.

19 days ago

Steep, relatively short hike. We didn’t enjoy this one nearly as much as the other great hikes we did in Shenandoah. Waterfall is nice, but saw much more impressive falls on Cedar Run-White Oak Canyon hike. Was also extremely crowded when we went on Easter Sunday.

My son and I loved this hike. Absolutely lived up to its “hard” rating, this hike has a lot to offer. Waterfalls and elevation change abound on this test, but the rugged terrain was the biggest consistent challenge. If you hike it counterclockwise as most recommend, be sure to stop and look back from time to time to avoid missing all of the amazing views this hike offers.

This is not the best way to do this hike. The best way is to do a loop hike from Skyline Drive. Start at the Hawksbill Gap Parking area (Milepost 45.6) and start down the Cedar Run Trail to the Whiteoak-Cedar Run Link Trail and up the Whiteoak Canyon Trail until you reach the Whiteoak Canyon Fire Road. Follow the fire trail back to your car. You will see 2 waterfalls on the Cedar Run Trail and 6 waterfalls on the Whiteoak Canyon Trail. This is a 7.3 strenuous loop with 2794' elevation change.

I’ve hiked this trail a couple of times and love it! It’s a long trail and starts out fairly easy. The fun stuff happens close to the top - lots of rock scrambles!

Great trail. Not a difficult hike to the falls since it’s downhill but the hike back up can be absolutely exhausting! I like the loop with Cedar Run for the full experience.

Love the rock scrambles. That was extremely fun. The fire road is fairly easy. I ran down afterwards because it was kind of boring. Overall I would consider it as moderate and fun if u can climb on boulders and squeeze through small crevices. Love this hike.

23 days ago

really nice! harder than I thought it would be, but the spectacular views made it totally worth it.

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