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Pretty easy trail very beautiful

Came down on a clean up job and had a blast. Took ATVs from horse lick rd to Dango and really enjoyed it!! Very simple trail but still capable of getting muddy and playing. Would be great for joy riding with family and easy on the kiddos. :)

Hiked with a friend a few weeks ago with the intention of camping on the trail. It's a beautiful hike. Pretty good workout with an overnight pack on your back. Definitely not for beginners. Crossed paths with a bear about 5 miles in. It ran away from us and we kept on hiking. Stopped to eat a few miles later and coincidentally came across bear prints in the exact location. At that point I decided to head back to my vehicle. Again, the bear was not aggressive or even curious. I'm just a very nervous person when it comes to bears. We actually heard it run away from us again when we passed back through.

4 months ago

Hiked the section from Cumberland Falls to Holly Bay Campground over two days, about 17 miles. Trail was more technical than previous reviews had indicated. Great views and good camping spots, but lots of scrambling, overgrown and poorly maintained areas, a creek crossing, multiple downed trees, rock laden paths, and a large section of narrow trail along a ridge line tilted at a 45 degree angle. Difficult to traverse with a 25-30 lb pack on your back.

Be prepared for some road waking on this section. Between coming up out of Red River Gorge and old beaver road is mostly blacktop.
The Red River section passes by Indian Arch and Staircase. On the Northern side is Furnace Arch and Clear Creek Furnace. All points of interest.
Plenty of camping spots along the trail.

Really like this trail. Lots of great rock features.

Went for a solo trip started from Ky 192, and wanted to finish at Cumberland Falls. Trail was well marked, however starting from this location not much to see. Hiked 10.5 miles the first day found a nice place to camp. Next morning they were calling for severe thunderstorms so I decided to pack up and hike back. Will definitely finish this trip, but will start from Cumberland Falls.

If you follow this map, you hit Princess Falls about halfway through. If you continue to follow it, it ends at Lick Creek Falls. You actually get three waterfalls on this trail counting the small Julia Lynn Falls.

One of the more interesting hikes I’ve done in Res River Gorge. I wouldn’t think that most people would rate it as easy, especially the first part including the Indian stairs but certainly doable. Also parts are not marked so well so the app is very handy.

road my horse many miles on this trail throughout the years. love it.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Great trail for an over night trip. Unlimited watering points, plenty of camping spots and a lot of scenery. Dog slaughter and Bark Camp Creek falls are off of this trail so that's an added bonus. A couple of Sheltowee shelters along the way also. Next to the RRG, probably the most hiked section of the Sheltowee.

off road driving
Monday, November 13, 2017

Had a really good time driving atvs from S tree campground to turkey foot campground it took nearly six hours and was packed with scenic trails and rock formations had a blast and wil be back.

My absolute favorite place to go, easy hike as well!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Amazing trail to hike and camp on. There are so many different kinds of landscape and geological formations on this trail. Just completed it on Saturday afternoon and it took about 2 days at a comfortable pace. We collected drinking water from from the clean pools at the base of the waterfall closest to Bark Camp
Shelter using iodine tablets and it wasn't half bad. Definitely bring more water than you think you'll need. I packed in 2 gallons and it wasn't nearly enough. Get in touch with the folks at the DuPont Lodge ahead of time to schedule a return shuttle or a room for recovery. Definitely would do it again.

Only did to Princess Falls and back and I think it was about 2.5 miles total. The water fall wasn't flowing as heavily as I thought following a rain, but it was still beautiful.

The description is a little off- there are lots of great rock formations and you CAN see a little waterfall going over a big rock shelter. We hiked this trail as a loop and hiked back to the Sheltowee Trace trailhead on route 715 for about 1.5 miles. This trail offers the best of the gorge. It has jaw-dropping overlooks, cool rock features, giant rock shelters, interesting arches, and great camping spots. We took a side trail to climb Cloud Splitter and climbed through the gap and into a little cave you could see out of. Once you reach the top of the ridge, you see Indian Arch. Near here, there is a short detour to see another arch called Adena Arch. We continued on the unofficial trail along the top of the ridge and camped with a stellar view of the staircase itself. We met back with the official trail, hiked into the valley under the Indian Staircase ridge, and looked up to see a huge rock shelter. To complete the loop we veered off to the Bison Way trail and back to the road. This was a great weekend backpacking trip.

my best friend and I are section hiking the sheltowee this year. from what we've experienced, and talking to others who have hiked it's full length, the first 20 miles are the hardest. the first time we were out we hiked the northern terminus to dry branch road which is section 1-2. the next go will be next week and we hope to knock out the next half of the hardest miles. we were very disappointed by how many broads there were. it made finding a spot to camp, but the trail was easy to follow, challenging, beautiful and just our pace. it's also nice that there's not much traffic, but the trails are well maintained.

section 1 was a 10 mile hike up and down, and up and down. For your middle aged once a month hiker it was a tough days walk. There is limited water on section 1plan accordingly. Sections 2 and 3 combine for another 6 miles. They take you through a valley along a creek and over a rope bridge. The challenge is near the end, a very steep climb out of the valley. Scenery is beautiful.

This is one of my favorite places to go. The trail is pretty moderate to easy. There were a few downed trees we had to cross. Also, when we went there were several muddy areas along the trail.

My friends and I did this hike with our children (ages 3.5 to maybe 10ish) and my 3-year-old did fine on it.

The falls themselves are absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have known of this place sooner.

Absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

One of my favorite places to go! Beautiful and there were so many ferns and beautiful moss everywhere, if you're into that kinda stuff. The falls are remarkably beautiful.

Have done parts of this trail near Clear Creek in Salt Lick, KY. Beautiful trail in good condition. Will go back to hike more!

we will hike this Sheltowee Trace in its full length. Started from the Northern terminal at the trail head on November 9th 2016. I will spend my 71st birthday on this hike with my son Tom. We left at 3pm and hiked in 2 miles and stopped for the night. Right away we are aware of deer. We are trying to get this hike in before Saturday's Deer Seasons open. This trail has many private property signs along the trail. The blaze marks are also very good. First night temperature got down to 31deg. At 4.2 miles there is a good camping spot with water to be filtered. At Dry branch which is 10miles there is water from a faucet at a property owner that is very hiker friendly. We left a vehicle here because it is close to the halfway point for this leg. We went on through the cattle gate here until we came to the next cattle gate. We made sure to close them to keep his cattle in. At 11 miles we set up another camp. Next morning set out again and came to Holly Branch and a road where we could filter water. This is at 12miles. From here it is up a valley then a steep climb to a log road that parallels Hi way 64 for about 3/4 miles where at 15 miles we cross over hi way 64. Walked the forestry Ridge Rd for 4 miles then to Morehead to get the other vehicle. Total hike was about 26 miles. The scenery is hilly with lots of wildlife. We plan to repeat this action on following legs. Take two vehicles. Put one at trailhead and the other one at the end.

Did a portion of this trail in the springtime.

The trial map shown is incorrect. The Bison Way Trail is only a .46 mile connector trail to the Sheltowee Trace Trail, which is mainly what is shown on the map. I have suggested an edit. This trail doesn't really offer much, besides a quick way to get to Indian Staircase and Council Chamber Shelter, which earns it 5 *'s!

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