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The natural bridge is nice for photos. It is really very scenic. There is not much of a hike, but you can explore under the bridge.

Awesome trail. Great views and very challenging. First portion of trail is pretty easy. Once you climb down into the canyon, the hike becomes difficult. You need to ascend and descend through the wet and rocky streams. Portions are slippery. As long as you are careful, you can handle the trail. You probably will get a little wet and muddy. The trail offers great scenery with rock walls, rivers and forest. The trail also provides a jaw dropping view overlooking the canyon. The 3 mile trail provides a challenging hike with a great sense of satisfaction when finished. A must hike, if around the Shawnee national forest.

My favorite place in Shawnee national forest. Fantastic views with unlimited photo opportunities. A nice short loop, but plan on budgeting a few hours for rock climbing. Very dangerous in places. Common sense must be used. Very peaceful.

Great trail! Beginning half of trail is on a man made rock path. Very easy to navigate. Then trail continues into rock formations producing fantastic views. Second half of loop is on an incline. Nothing too difficult. Wish trail were longer!

quick trail but can easily spend hours here after a good rain looking at the waterfalls and rock formations

Awesome trail! Great mix on clear path and then forging up and done a trickling streams rock bottom. Rock had steps carved in to it to help with footing but the hike was still challenging. It was a GREAT hike!!

10 days ago

Easy trail past sheltered bluff.

12 days ago

Revisited and camped out at Red Bud Campground, redid this and other hikes. Destination area.

Very nice scenic area. Destination hike, Do Indian Point trail which is just down the road.

Trail is very well laid out. No special scenic areas, just a nice walk through old growth forest.

awesome trail, could use better markings.

Bug spray is a must! South side climb is deceptive, you think you're almost back to the trailhead but you've still half the trail to go. North side climb is much more straight forward, a single slope.

If you're coming from the north, Google will tell you to take 149 and Town Creek Rd to Hickory Ridge Rd, but it's far easier to take 127 to Etherton Rd to Poplar Ridge Rd.

20 days ago

Trail was easy to follow and mostly flat. Dipped down to cross the water (summer hike so water was down and no issue) and had to climb up a little, but that was the worst of it. I could see the climb out with sweaty hands and wet not-well-treaded boots as a slip hazard. I'd say the rest of the trail was easy to moderate. I did not anticipate the number of snakes. I'm from Indiana and have hiked there more than anywhere and only seen snakes twice out of maybe a hundred hikes. I saw three 5-8' long black racers (educated guessing) on this relatively short hike. One was sunning itself in the middle of the trail. I'm fine with snakes, but my hiking companion was not. Will be hard to drag them out to this place a second time. haha

Short and easy trail if you want it to be. Breathtaking views. People do die here every year from falls, but as long as you aren't leaping like a wild man from rock to rock over obviously deep chasms (you'll see people doing it), you'll be fine.

When I was a child, I had the blessing of seeing this waterfall running, it is SO worth trying to see. that being said, I've hiked this trail probably 10 times and only got lucky once. one of the most breathtaking falls I've seen.

Challenging! Little easy to get lost but just follow your white marks!

If starting at TH at bathrooms, you’ll go UP the rocky draw on the way out. Note, about 1/2 way up turn LEFT to stay on main trail. Straight is steep, not marked and way harder.

1 month ago

Hiked there with 3 dogs and it worked out fine. Went through the side to go through the entire Red trail and got a bit lost, but that was our fault - the trees were clearly marked past the crossing over the creek. Overall a really nice hike.

The terrain type constantly varied throughout the trail, keeping us intrigued and on our toes. We enjoyed the constant change of scenery. It was a bit slippery on some of the rocks of the trail, granted it had recently rained. Overall, great trail!

A good one in Shawnee, great rock formation!

1 month ago

Waterfall was in full swing when we went, but VERY slippery. Be safe!

A very short easy stroll, a must for the view. Go at sunset. Bring camera:)

One of my favorites of Shawnee. Definitely some tricky areas but not too bad if you aren't in a hurry. Beautiful landscape changes.

Loved this trail! We saw many varieties of mushrooms, frogs, insects, butterflies, etc. The only downside was the mosquitos in the lower section, looking forward to an early winter hike to avoid them. it can get slick and you should wear loose/stretchy shorts/pants to maneuver up and down. We did see a lot of people on this trail, it was a weekend day though.

It’s really fun, they’re all pretty easy around giant city, except for fat man squeeze. If you stop at the lodge they’re tell you where it’s at. I think they might be a picture of it up there, but there is a big crack in a rock wall you can try to squeeze through and it’s an entertaining thing to watch or try!

Awesome sunset spot! Don't miss this if you're in the area. One of the shortest and most rewarding walks you can go on.

1 month ago

This trail is beautiful, even today when it’s bone dry and no falls. The rock overlooks are magnificent and if you go left when you get to the trail, just past the wooden bridge, you can scramble done the rockslide to get to the trails below. The rocks and formations and trees and butterflies!! Loved every moment!

Easy trail, flat, and short. Beautiful year round, but the falls are only active after a rain. Otherwise it’s just a trickle of water falling.

1 month ago

No waterfall at all when we went, not even a trickle, so be sure to check before going. We tried to hike the trail but it was too difficult to climb over the rocks and fallen trees with our 2 older dogs. One actually slipped over the side while jumping over a crevice. Luckily his harness held him until we could pull him up. We had to turn around. Very disappointing.

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