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3 days ago

Awesome mud pots

Awesome trail. Worth the hike. I did this trail with my 2 year old on my back. The cascade falls is really amazing.

easy trails beautiful fall

Beautiful place, hiking through the meadow and seeing the various waterfalls. My son enjoyed it.

26 days ago

Very nice view of Kings Creek Falls. But the best part of this trail was the steep returning trail along the creek. Many picturesque cascades of Kings Creek and colorful vegetation surrounding it added this trail's value in my opinion. I think I took one of the best pictures here during 5 days in Lassen NP.

Burney Falls is amazing, the trails around it decent. There is a parking lot on Lake Road which is a five minute walk up a paved slope, so the falls are easily accessible, though there are a few stairs. We parked at the parking lot off of Clark Creek Road which gave us a ten minute hike through some of the surrounding forest before reaching the lake road parking lot and down to the base of the falls. The hiking around the surrounding area is decent- but you’re really here for the falls. Since it is on the more accessible end of Oregon waterfalls, expect to see a lot of people.

1 month ago

No hiking, just walking from your car. A wheelchair would have noooo problem. The boiling mud pit is impressive to say the least and its only about 2 feet from the sidewalk! I saw an elderly woman at the fence near it get blasted with a burst of sulphuric steam and she had to jump back into the road to avoid getting scorched. Her glasses were completely fogged and her hair was damp. Must've smelled great. Be careful.

1 month ago

Quick little hike into a fantastic lava tube! Plenty of area in the pitch black. I did this alone and was lucky to be the only one in the cave. Super easy to get around (no debris or rocks to hike through or over), but the floor is a bit uneven, so keep some light lowered as you go and dont get too confident in the dark. Make sure you explore all the alcoves and keep heading back to the actual exit. Great fun, free, and so so easy!!

1 month ago

Great short hike! While not located in the NP, it’s worth the drive to see this unique hike! It’s a lava tube and pitch black dark once you get inside. If you have a head torch you will be fine just watch your steps as the ground is very uneven. Once out the other side you can walk around more trail above ground before going back down and through to the parking area.
Hiked on Thursday 9/6/18.

One of my favorite hikes ever!! Stunning woods with amazing waterfall! We actually climbed under the bridge for cool air & shade to have lunch & admire the views. The inclines are trickier because of the altitude but very doable.

One of my favorite trails in LNP.

Such a beautiful trail! We did the out and back trail to the falls and stopped to dip our feet in the creek just upstream. Nice and relaxing and not too difficult. My boyfriend and I finished the trail with Tevas on but ended up with pretty dirty feet. Would recommend hiking boots or running shoes.

Awesome hike from castle lake to heart lake! very scenic, would probably be better on a week day at sunrise. It was a little crowded during the week.

Must see trail for NorCal.

Great short trail. Phenomenal views looking from the top to see Castle Lake & Mt Shasta. Not great. Phenomenal.

Realize that I have bad knees from an auto accident and an older so the hike down to the falls was brutal on my knees but it was worth it. I took almost 4 hrs for the whole loop. After I reached the falls, I ate lunch there and rested my knees. The steep steps up were hard but there are several places to stop....and it’s such an incredible view of the kings creek cascades that even if you don’t have asthma and bad knees like me, stop to look at these series of water falls that traverse about .5 miles. Do it

Great place, beautiful scenery, hike up is not to shabby, my 5 year old son loved leading the way. We hiked on the more difficult path on the way back shorter distance. Beautiful views, overall I would say it’s an easy hike and the falls were worth checking out.

Loved this hike. We saw a momma bear with her two cubs on our way down to the falls. Thought we saw it all at the falls until we hiked up the one way trail on our way back, breathtaking... highly recommend this hike.

2 months ago

I would love to find those responsible for spray painting the walls. they should serve jail time. the hike is easy and short.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail from lower to upper falls. Most of the trail is fairly easy, hardest part is from middle falls to upper falls, fairly step switchbacks. Not overly difficult but be prepared with water and a hat during the warmer summer months. All in all though the views are pretty and the trails are mostly flat and easy to walk.

We often bring friends and family, especially kids. At 6'2" I will bump my head on the ceiling in places, and. looking up you'll trip on nobby places on floor. The entire walk is slower than the milage indicates and outside part hot and dry in summer, carry water if you bring kids.

Great trail!

Hiked this last year. The waterfall is a bit underwhelming but the high light was the bear in the meadow chilling and eating. Beautiful hike and scenery tho and a river to cool off in if you’d like to.

2 months ago

This is a beautiful hike! We parked at the King’s Creek picnic area and walked to the trail. We saw bear cubs with their mom, beautiful meadows, and lots of deer! The hike is pretty easy to the waterfall (which is slightly anticlimactic after all the gorgeous scenery), but the climb back up is pretty difficult. Not a hike for those who can’t climb up steep rock stairs and it’s pretty slippery. The Trail did continue further, but we ran out of daylight and had to turn around at the falls. Definitely worth it though!
Bring a map with you! They do not mark the trail heads well.

Worth the hike! Gorgeous view for Mt. Shasta and lake Castle.

This hike is absolutely gorgeous - and not too difficult. It’s fairly steep, but short. And I really didn’t find it as difficult to navigate. It’s not incredibly well marked, but if you read a few descriptions and stay generally heading south, you’ll find the lake! We went on a very hot Sunday (go early; it’s not very shaded as others have noted) and it was pretty popular but not crowded.. The views from Heart Lake are spectacular!

One of the most gorgeous trails I’ve done. The meadow was absolutely stunning with the water running through it. The views of the valley and mountains from the peak are breath taking and the falls were spectacular to look at and cool off in. We hiked it with our one year old just fine. We saw people of all ages out on the trail. Took the alternate route (trail) on way back and we were so glad we did; it kept getting better and better. There was a cool stone walkway and stairs (just gorgeous)! Wish I knew how to post pictures. Definitely worth the drive. We left feeling refreshed!

3 months ago

Excellent hike easy some of the path is paved. The park was beyond very busy and they had a line of cars out on 89 just to get in. We took Clark Creek road from 89 and found a dirt parking lot that was less than full and provided easy access to the trail. You can walk in about 1000 feet and the trail splits go either direction to access the park.

Mossbrae falls is well worth the hike! I’ve visited over a dozen times and the waterfall is consistently beautiful year round. I recommend waking the railroad tracks but make sure you do not park in the Shasta retreat neighborhood. Park up on the main road and walk in. You will be walking along active train tracks, be safe!

Poorly marked; lots of off-trail hiking in the snow (not this year) made this a rather difficult hike. I didn’t mind much tho, the views made up for it. Had Heart Lake all to myself.

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