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7 hours ago

Very fun trail. Worth the tough parts for the view at the end! We had two dogs with us that were able to complete the trail as well.

Beautiful, popular, easy loop trail!

21 hours ago

Well maintained trail with beautiful views.

Very nice trail. Great views of the area. Started early when cool so it went great! Got a little steep for at the top for a flatlander.
Would recommend for everyone except young kids. Great time!

hiked this trail today. loved all the waterfalls. great hike. will do it again.

1 day ago

Beautiful but really difficult! Lots and lots of stairs! We started at the NCAR parking lot. From the parking lot to the Arch and back was 8 miles.The trek from the official trail head of Royal Arch to the arch was pretty tough. Great views though. and LOTS of people. We started at 9 am and there were a ton of people out and about on the trail even on a week day.

I’d say this is one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done. I did this on a Wednesday afternoon (began hike at 12:30pm) and it took me about 4 hours after spending 45 minutes at the peak. I only saw a few people total which was great. I’d consider this more of a moderate hike not hard, because it’s only about 6 or so miles. But, there are tons of boulders and a nice scramble towards the peak. The water was amazing at the Final lake and I spent 10 minutes soaking in the ice bath with my dog.

Great hike at moderate to hard difficulty. Go as early as possible. I started at 7am and there were only 5-10 people on the scenic top. Apparently it can get up to 50 people in the afternoon.

Beautiful hike! It's a steady incline almost all the way, so it's definitely a bit of a challenge, but nothing too steep. would recommend this hike to anyone!

Outstanding hike! Probably one of my top 5.

We took the steeper side up, and it took a little more than an hour to get to the top. It was worth every step. Lots of beautiful views throughout the trail.

We got a late start around ten; it wasn’t crowded, but it was hot. There are some shady places.

Wouldn’t recommend any kids on this trail. The terrain gets pretty rocky.

What a treat to see fields and fields of wildflowers on this hike, most definitely on the path to Middle Diamond Lake when you are next to a gorgeous stream! The trail to Middle Diamond Lake is well-established; there was some basic route-finding from there to Upper Diamond Lake but you can now follow this track.

Hiked this last week. Only saw one other person on the way up until the trail met with the one coming from 4th of July trail head. This review is for the part of the trail starts at rainbow lakes TH- way less crowded but it does add 4 miles. The trail was well maintained. Long with pretty steady elevation gain. Mostly hiking above tree line with gorgeous views. Windy on the way up. Definitely recommend. We started at 7 and were down around 1. We did not do the scramble up north Arapahoe peak but did see plenty of people up there.

Great hike. Pretty easy but tons to see. Didn’t realize there were a few waterfalls as you hiked along the stream. Great place for a picnic at the lake. Plan to come back and snowshoe this one.

Love this hike! I've done Royal Arch 20+ times, and it never gets old!

Not super hard and not a whole lot to see. If you love destination hikes (as I do) this one isn’t for you! If you’re wanting a nice workout this would be a great trail.

2 days ago

One of my favorite hikes close to Denver. Great views and the Lomond is beautiful.

Great trail! Worth it to find the wildflowers and waterfall.

Good short morning hike, with some rocky areas

Great hike; great views! It is somewhat busy, though. Pack lots of water and expect some rock scrambling.

3 days ago

Great hike. For doing only part of the trail it seemed like a moderate hike but we only went 3 miles out and 3 back. Uphill mostly out, winds through the woods and can hear the creek (see it a bit too). Nice aspens as well. Will go back and do the entire hike. Hoping it’s the length that is making it hard. We hiked on the weekend and only saw a few hikers.

Dont stop when you reach the lake, the best park of this hike was exploring up behind the lake!

Awesome trail with great hikers. 0 trash found and overall well maintained. I brought and out of town relative here for an overnight. couldn't have asked for more. Camped at the lower lakes then hiked the upper before breaking down camp for the hike down. it's got fair traffic but overall does not take away from the experience. I will definitely do this again in day hike format.

There is another listing on AllTrails that has this trail listed as MODERATE. It is not moderate but HARD. Great hike that will leave you feeling tired/sore but like you accomplished something! Very rocky trail (feet were sore after hiking on so much rock). Its a long hike and weather changes quickly. Take rain gear. Beautiful day when we started then black clouds and thunder rolled in. We hiked at a very rapid pace back down to treeline trying to get cover from rain since it looked like it was heading our way. Wind changed directions at last minute and rain missed us. We were lucky! Very exposed trail above treeline, can get very windy. I loved the adventure of this trail. Definitely not boring!

It won't knock your socks off but pretty nonetheless!

Definitely take the time to veer left towards the river and explore along the waterfalls. It’s beautiful.

3 days ago

Lovely hike through the woods. We got to the trailhead at 8:30am (on a Monday), and there was only one other car in the parking lot. We only saw 8 other people on the trail the whole hike. The incline out is not overly steep, but is steady (there are only a few short plateaus the whole hike out). The elevation makes it a challenge. (The hike starts at 9,307' with a 1,987 gain to 11,564 at the peak.) There's a gorgeous and huge aspen grove the first mile or so. No mountain views -- the walk is in the forest the whole time -- but it was very shady and that lush woods is its own beauty. (No flowers -- might be too shady.) It wasn't buggy when we left, but there were a good amount of mosquitoes at the lower elevation by the time we left. We hiked for about 4 hours.

Great hike! About half and half with flat, dirt trails and rocky areas. Lots of great views. Packed a lunch and ate at a shaded picnic table on the lake. My dog loved the area as well!

Lots of climbing. Scenic, but the peak is a real let down..it is literally a large cairn..surrounded by trees. Nice challenge, but the best views will be seen long before you reach the top. I also tracked mine closer to nine miles with close to 3000 feet of elevation gain.

Awesome views! Harder than we anticipated but worth every step we took.

I did this trail to warm up for the Dead and Company shows in Boulder the following weekend. This trail had everything, low traffic (in the morning), a challenging climb, loads of flowers, and spectacular peaks towering over you. I climbed up the south ridge of the Crater Lake saddle to get up to a beautiful view of the next valley and then climbed on up to the continental divide. Hike exceeded my high expectations of hike in the Rockies.

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