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Tumalo Mountain is a popular hike in Central Oregon with fantastic views from the top!

11 hours ago

It was awesome, minus the mosquitos! We forgot bug repellent so that is on us. We plan to do this one again soon.

Initially did this hike as a snowshoe trip on New Years Day. Pulled into trailhead with trace amounts of snow on ground so we left snowshoes in car & started the hike up. Trail is well defined & not too strenuous. About 3/4th of the way up, we ran into heavy deep snow but snow plowed our way to the top. Views of Detroit lake, Mt. Jefferson & the canyon below were amazing. Fantastic hike. Descent wasn’t a problem. Great January hike.

Love that you can see Mt. Jefferson and Detroit Lake at the top. It was a trek uphill but very do-able.

2 days ago

Great family hike. The third lake is definitely the best! Beautiful view almost the entire hike.

2 days ago

Pretty fun, simple trail to do in our spare time.

3 days ago

I'm 15 and come from SC, so I'm not very skilled in hiking. But this trail was fantastic and had it's tough moments, but the views were worth it!!

5 days ago

Beautiful hike through the forest (hiked 7/7). The trail is well maintained and easy to hike up. I thought this was difficult because of the steep, constant climb. When you reach the summit, don’t stop there; walk the extra half mile past the parking lot to get another view of puget sound.

It was a great hike! Did it with a 20 lb pack and it wasn’t too bad (I’m new to hiking) The trail is maintained very well and the lake is beautiful from every angle. Plan to do again and hammock out over night!

The road to the falls was a bit washed away but seemingly managed. I'd suggest a SUV or pickup. It was worth the trip though because the falls were beautiful. You can't beat the fresh smell of a waterfall from the ice caps of a mountain. Precious and spectacular. The rumble of the falls is absolutely a sound I won't yet forget. Go and enjoy!

Amazing view! It is all uphill but the view the entire time, especially at the end is wonderful.

Great hike today ! Was beautiful throughout the hike. Would recommend highly.

7 days ago

Did this hike with a friend a few months ago and like all the other reviews have stated, ITS STEEP. You'll definitely be feeling it at the end. If you've got bad knees i highly suggest trekking poles. We werent as fortunate to get the gorgeous views that others have gotten , instead we were rewarded with a ton of fog, and a killer workout!

Snowshoed this loop in the winter and it was beautiful. A couple of downsides: the trail is very narrow so you have to be paying attention to skiers or mountain bikers coming downhill, it wasn't super well marked in the winter and we ended up going a mile in the wrong direction. I'd love to try this again in the fall when the leaves change!

8 days ago

My wife and I hiked this trail today. I gave it a 5 star rating because of the views from the top. I would say this hike is on the tougher end of a moderate hike. Most of the way to the peak is uphill. We thought the first half mile of the hike was the toughest. Most of the hike, except for about the last 1/8th of a mile is through the forest and you are shaded most of the way. At the top, there was a nice breeze blowing, so even though it was sunny, it wasn't too hot. We didn't have our kids with us but we did see other young children, the youngest being 3-4 years old. I think kids would do fine if you took frequent stops. It took us 1.5 hours to get to the top and 1 hour back down. There are not a lot of parking spaces available(maybe 8-10 cars can fit here). We cooled off in the lake after the hike.

Fabulous hike. Ever steps was worth it. The scenic views were spectacular!

Great family hike with the dog! Road to get to trail head is worse at the bottom and much better at the top. Trail head was easy to find, we only saw a few other people all day. Lots of climbing at the beginning and end of the trail, rolling terrain in between. Trail in good shape and easy to follow. Top is a rocky bluff with steep cliffs on both sides, but the views are amazing! The description of 4.1 miles seemed accurate to us. Some bugs but not too bad.

it was stunning..start early the parking lot is packed

Amazing scenery. The best view is right from the small Tumalo Falls parking lot (no hiking required (not always what we want to hear)). There are plenty of trails around, however.
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Beautiful sight to see! Took a off trail and got under the fall! Amazing. Also a lot of other trails to
Hike besides the tourist 1/4 mile jaunt

Great hike! Well-maintained trail with a rewarding view of Lena Lake at the top.

Took my 12 year old son on an early morning hike, and we both absolutely loved it. Going back in a couple days with the addition of my teenage daughter.

12 days ago

Great hike with Golden Retrievers (on leash) in July. Start early - this is a popular trail. You’ll need mosquito repellant!

Bring $5 for a pass in the parking area, and don’t forget to get a free backcountry permit at the trailhead.

Awesome view within an hour and 15 of Salem! When my dog and I did this, it was pretty hot out (mid-upper eighties) and hiking even in the understory felt stifling since there wasn’t much breeze until the top. On a sunny day, the resting place at the top can be pretty intense, so if you plan to enjoy lunch there definitely bring sunscreen! That being said, this is my favorite hike close to Salem!

13 days ago

Nice trail. Narrow and steep in parts. 1300 foot elevation gain. View at top spectacular and worth it. Few trees on trail removed on 7/2/18. Enjoy it!!

This was a great hike. It starts out with an incline, just know it levels out. You're not climbing the whole entire time. There were a lot of mosquitoes so bring some spray. The waterfalls and the creek that the hike follows was really pretty. We hiked just passed the log bridge which was 3 miles and then back out. Parking can be difficult as there are a lot of people. Be sure to listen for mountain bikers they share the trail. This is not a difficult trail.

The road was snow-free, but very bumpy. Someone in a Toyota Corolla made it to the trail head, however, so with mindful driving it is possible. The trail was overgrown with huckleberries at the start. As the trail info shows, the first mils is a steady climb. We were there just after a rainstorm, so the tree roots on this part of the trail were very slick and there were a few places where you could see someone before had slipped for a step. Be wary of that and it should not be a problem. Snow was gone - almost. There was a section about ten feet with snow. It was navigable with just boots, but I was wishing I had poles for stability. Even though there were clouds, the view was great. Wild flowers were in bloom and provided a great incentive to continue. We saw birds and signs of elk, oh, and a frog, but no other wildlife. I plan to do this hike again and explore some of the other hikes in the area.

14 days ago

We backpacked up to Marion Lake for the weekend. Great little hike, not too challenging and trail is fairly maintained aside from some overgrown vegetation just before Lake Ann. Pack some bug spray, the skeeters can be annoying spring/early summer. Lots of wildlife, ducks, various critters & birds. We even had several deer walk through our campsite too, it was great!

Pro-top: If you enjoy fishing, pack your raft or floating waders. Excellent trolling up at Marion Lake. :)

It was a great day for a hike. The weather was nice and just right for hiking - 60s.
It is best to go early. As we were going back down we met a lot of hikers and many dogs.
All of the dogs were on leashes and well-behaved. We took our 3 dogs and they did great.

Go back to California, the hikes there are way better.

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