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The trail head was difficult to find since Skyline Drive is posted as a dead end, but the dead end is the trail head. Lots to look at. Friendly fellow hikers and bike riders. It had rained the day before so there wasn't an issue with flies as described by other reviews. I'm just starting my hiking adventures and the Skyline Trail was a great way to start and test equipment and my capabilities. Although I pulled a calf muscle the trail was moderate enough for me to complete. I recommended gem of a hike.

on Moro Rock Trail

6 days ago

Love this place!!!

7 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Huge payoff for the extremely short hike.

A must-do hike to see general sherman in its glory. The trail is quite crowded due to being the main attraction in sequoia national park.

When you are able to take a photo with the famous tree, I recommend asking someone to take a vertical panoramic photo bc that’s the only way you’ll be able to fit the whole tree in a photo!

12 days ago

Gorgeous this time of year! Green hills, waterfalls up the main trail about 3 miles up. Uphill the whole way—until you turn around. Still, a very nice hike. Small trails all over—used by mountain bikers.

absolutely beautiful in the spring, with flowers and vegetation. Can hear the water rushing during whole walk up, and the destination waterfall is iinteresting with the white rock.

More moderate than hard. approx 1500 ft elevation gain is spread over 3.5 miles (from the gate) Some rocks/rocky steps but mostly easy on the feet. Trail clearly marked. No crossings. A few spots of some exposure, but only near very end.

This is probably horrific in summer.

I disagree that this is considered a "hard" trail. I bet it would be pretty brutal in the dead heat of the summer but overall it was a piece of cake on 3/29/2018. I'm not in the best shape right now, but completed this one w/ 4 buddies after I was hiking in Yosemite the day before. So go for it. If you can handle the inclines on the first half of the trail, you'll be fine.

Best trail yet. We went on March 25th it was a little rainy but amazing! Lots of waterfalls and different little trails. We will definitely be going back.

22 days ago

This trail is worth the hike because of the amazing views! The driving road up to the trail was closed so you have to walk 20 minutes up a slow incline snowy road to get to the trailhead. Highly recommend this hike, took just over an hour and half to do it all!

Awesome trails with spectacular sceneries!

Great trail to hike. It was my first ever trail 3 years ago and I have done it over 4 more times since then. The views are amazing and end destination is well worth the hike. Careful though I have seen snakes on two of my hikes. One of which was a Rattle Snake.

28 days ago

This is a great trail to hike with your K9 companion(s). Since this is National Forest land near Kings Canyon, you’ll find the scenery throughout the area to be breath taking. This is a Western US gem.

1 month ago

Great hike! The waterfalls were surprisingly beautiful; didn’t think we’d see so many flowing falls and streams:). Dog-friendly. Wildflowers were plentiful. Didn’t come across cows or horses but came up on plenty of patties so beware. Gorgeous scenery even driving to the location. Can’t wait to do it again!

1 month ago

pleasant March 9 hike. Good directions to parking. 8-10 cars in the lot.
The prior reviews were helpful. We are seniors, my husband had to pause on the hike up. By taking our time we enjoyed our hike up the broad path to the foot bridge over The creak.
Enjoyed seeing the colt. Thought we might get lost, but not an issue.

1 month ago

Good short hike with beautiful views.

Largest tree by mass in the entire world. No other words needed.

1 month ago

Shorter hike with amazing payoff. I don't know that I have ever seen such an amazing 360 degree view. I have been to Moro Rock more times than I can remember. Any time someone comes into town for a visit this is the first place I take them. A hike for all ages. Stairs all the way up and around the rock to the top. The views along the way are also beautiful! Two cons about this hike is that you are taking stairs all the way up, a little less than a half mile, and then it can be very crowded. But TRUST ME! It is so worth it.

1 month ago

Very easy hike and mostly paved. I don't really prefer paved hikes but that is just me. But I loved the sequoia trees. It is so peaceful once you get a ways in and the smells are like no other!

1 month ago

Outstanding hike. Scenery second to none!

Definitely would rank this as a moderate hike, the inclined parts are very steady and nothing too steep, making for an excellent day hike! The falls at the end are even more beautiful than the pictures, highly recommended!

1 month ago

It's always a beautiful hike! 3 weeks ago I hiked it counter clock-wise to make it more difficult and it was a workout!

Awesome hike during the winter!! light snow almost the whole time made for great pictures!! cold but worth it tread carefully with muddy trails and slippery rocks. Waterfall was amazing! huge reward at the end :)

Interesting hike , not sure why it says that you can bring dogs, you cannot. It is inside a National Park and it’s even signed not allowing dogs. That didn’t appear to stop the people we saw with dogs .
More importantly there is a new Brewery in Three Rivers that is the bomb! Great place to stop afterwards and get a drink and some food .

Good Hike. For a 1500 ft elevation gain , this trail had a gentle grade than most other comparable trails with similar elevation gains.

The trail is mostly shaded - about 75% and the falls at the end of the trail is delightful. Tons of water and very pretty. Lots of small and large cascades and falls - be prepared to spend some time here .

There are a lot of thorny plants along the way , so be mindful. Worth the effort on a winter day .

Awesome views!

Great trail and cool temps helped make it very enjoyable. I would not recommend for the casual hiker. Trail is very narrow at times and rocky. Trek poles were very helpful. Falls were beautiful. Lots of great views along the way.

Go early to beat the huge crowds.

2 months ago

Crowded but worth the view.

Trekking poles would be very good to bring on this trail a watch out for those pointy plants along the narrow steep path. Hard, but reward awaits at the end.

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