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Views were nice and the trail was well groomed. Tired cave with good examples of formations on the inside. Allot bigger than I thought it would be. As far as a moderate rating, I must need to get in better shape, between moderate and difficult.

My brother and I were excited to checkout the trees on the trail but M-90 was closed a couple of miles before the trail. I've looked on the National Forest website and didn't see any reason as to why it was closed but figured I'd post here so others don't miss out.

My brother and I hiked this trail to the cave yesterday leaving around 1pm and arriving back to our car around 3:30pm. There is quite a decent incline in the beginning and because of this as well as some of the trail having a few obstacles (mainly downed trees) I'd say this trail is more on the hard side if I were to compare it to other hard-rated trails on AllTrails. The cave was really cool but bring a high powered flashlight to enjoy it fully. All we had were the flashlights on our iPhones which were ok but not great.

Recommend going early morning or afternoon. Beautiful views! Total solitude! No trails. Drive slow through unpaved road.

21 days ago


Gorgeous scenery. We took the dogs and it was a great trail for them as well. I would rate the trail as easy/moderate. There are plenty of rocks to climb over on the trail with some occasional inclines . There were also a couple of cool spots right next to the river to do a camping trip, so we will most definitely be back!

1 month ago

Beautiful. I recommend camping the night at Redwood across the street from this trail if staying in the area. That way you can visit the trail early a.m. or late p.m. to avoid the crowds. It was such a treat to walk among these giants at dawn.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, very easy! Nice paved trail. Great for kids and dogs.

off road driving
1 month ago

It's fine but not worth a special trip. A fun stop-off as you head elsewhere.

on Hagen Trail

1 month ago

Decent trail, clean and not too busy!

Hiked this hike today the whole loop. Lucky to hike it a week after a big rain as the trail in the canyon was firm to walk on and not soft sand as other people mentioned. We hiked counter clock wise. We went up through the canyon first and that was my favorite part of the hike. The second half on top of the ridge was picturesque but hotter and the trail was very hard to follow. Thank goodness I downloaded the map on the app and had a back up battery for my phone because I needed directions on the ridge park of the trail. We went back and forth between the jeep trail and the ridge trail. All in all I enjoyed the hike. I wish the trail on the ridge was better marked.

First off, please keep in mind that there are TICKS IN THE TREES that will drop on you. I pulled one off my dog during the hike and just found one on my rib. Other than that, the trail itself is absolutely gorgeous, and the cave is a wonder to behold. The stalagmites are still forming and all the formations are truly incredible. My dogs had no problem on the trail, though they are in great shape. Once you reach the end of the trail, you'll notice the sign fell down and someone had dragged it further down the trail, but we put it back where it belongs. You'll want to go to the left to get up to the cave.

2 months ago

very easy trail. I enjoyed the nice walk with my dogs

Hiked 1/7/18 and went to the 7 tea cups and back, which I am guessing was about 4 miles round trip.

Would not categorize this as easy because although there are amazing views and is fairly flat, the terrain is so rocky and uneven on most of the trail.

With that said, I would not recommend this trail for younger children due to the terrain. We took our 8 year old daughter and there was some stumbles.

Ending at 7 tea cups was a nice, well known swim spot for the summer but we also learned it is very crowded at that time. Plan to go back in late summer to hopefully enjoy the water and skip the crowds!

Trailhead is unmarked. You will need to go to what looks like a fire road directly across from the fairview campground parking. Trail is straight up and you will need to keep an eye out for markings when you get to the end showing you to the cave. It is not clearly marked and cairns or rock arrows as indicated in pictures have been changed or moved.

I’m not sure I would classify this hike as “easy”. I thought hiking over the rolling rocks of the Lost Coast Trail were not as difficult as some of the granite we had to traverse over on this hike. The scenery was beautiful, though.

The hike was great and the weather in December was perfect. The cave was more than I expected, I was very surprised to see it was a real cave and not an old mining claim.
It's a busy trail and it was tough on my dog, due to the leash requirement, you probably shouldn't tell your dog where you're going.

Loved, loved this hike. The first 3 1/2 miles or so are rather boring and made me wonder if we were on the correct trail. We were. Once you get to the the beautiful sandstone rock formations with all the slot canyons you are in awe of it all. Make sure you pay attention to the dates and is closed 6 months of the year and is too hot for summer hiking.

3 months ago

Love this place. Remote area, no traffic, easy to hike. Recommend

3 months ago

The hike is almost a constant climb in elevation until halfway or so then it goes down just to climb up again to the cave. We didn’t quite make it to the cave due to timing and daylight ending soon. Overall it would have taken approximately 5-6 hours round trip so plan accordingly.

3 months ago

Easy little loop, but beautiful. It’s fun to explore the area off trail.

Excellent out and back hike. The first half of the way to the cave is uphill and has no shade. We found it strenuous even on an overcast day in November, so if you're trying it in the summer bring lots of water. The cave is very cool. Make sure to bring a light or download a flashlight app because it goes back far enough to get REALLY dark.

This trail is a nice way to start or end your day. Very flat and paved--probably even okay for wheelchairs. We went as the sun was setting for about 40 minutes and there were still people admiring the giants. It's hard to conceptualize their size until you see them in person.

Pretty nice and easy hike for the dog, he enjoyed jumping back and forth on rocks and the sand. Walking on sand is pretty boring and can be unpleasant - unfortunately a good chunk of this hike is on loose dirt.

4 months ago

Easy find and plenty of parking.
Leisurely trail with some nice rock formations.

Beautiful, quick loop with the most breathtaking sequoia trees. Just very short.

4 months ago

Nice, easy trail...kid and dog friendly. There was a fair amount of clean up activity from years of drought and subsequent insect damage, however, the scenery was nonetheless astounding.

4 months ago

AMAZING cave. I’m only giving it a 4 due to the multitude of gnats when crossing the creek. We went in mid-October and there wasn’t much shade but the weather was great. Our 2 dogs had a blast. It is steep at first but eventually lets off. The cave is something that you normally pay admission for. Bring a headlamp and a camera/phone that can try to do it justice. Would do again.

This trail was rocky, but the fall colors were out and it was a beautiful day!!

Great short trail. The altitude wears you down a little but trees are great.

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