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Sequoia National Forest Map

Great stroll.

12 days ago

Love this hike!

Like everyone has said, gorgeous country. Campground was fine.

Beautiful hike lots of scenery, very short hike down there were a lot of people in the hot springs so was unable to get in or take pic of it. Was really hoping it wouldn’t be busy today. I didn’t want strange people in my photos. Overall good hike.

1 month ago

This is more of a nature walk, so if you're looking for a workout, it's probably not what you want. I personally wanted to see Sequoias and also have my dog able to come with me. Since pups arent allowed in the park, this hit the spot! The trail is very busy but most people are friendly and respectful. You get a chance to crawl around huge trees and stand in awe of these majestic giants.
Highly recommend for small kids and dogs, and anyone else wanting to see Sequoia trees in a peaceful, shaded setting.

Awesome time kids loved it

We love this area. My hubby and I hiked all the way to the falls. We saw a snake on our way there, right before we cross that little creek. This area offers a free overnight camping.

9-16-18. Short but great hike. if you are in the area, this is a most do. There Is a $5 fee, but it never hurts to support our parks.


My star rating is based on the expectation for a nice hiking trail. This is a wide fire road that is used by off highway vehicles. So everything is a bit dusty, and we didn't see any other hikers but several 4w drive vehicles and quads passing us, and some that were not considerate enough to slow down. A good portion is through area that was hit by fire so there is not much shade as the taller trees are ghostly charred sticks but nice green growth around them. But it was a bit too warm for us, Labor Day '18. If you're into ATVing seems like a fun trail, hiking, not so much.

2 months ago

Paid $5 for parking

Clearly marked trail on the other side of the road. Beautiful sequoias scattered throughout the trail. Can walk on a fallen one. A lot of the trees have burn marks on them. Nice walk through the woods. Very crowded when I went. Lots of tourist groups. Dog friendly. On leash. Very clean.

2 months ago

I have been coming here since I was a child. This is a great easy hike/walk. Perfect for younger family and friends... even the dogs! Pretty scenery and is a nice way to beat the heat of the valley in the summer.

2 months ago

I came in from Lodgepole Campground and did this as an out and back. There is definitely a good elevation gain and I'm not entirely sure of the mileage, but it was really worth it. There were almost no bugs at the lake and with how still the lake was the full moon shined extra bright! The fire wood on the peninsula is pretty sparse so you may need to trot out a little further than you'd like to gather some wood to burn.

trail running
2 months ago

This was a simple and gratifying trail with lots to see. To park, we had to pay a 5 dollar fee (not a big deal) for an ALL DAY pass. We arrived around 8am and hit the trail early. By the time we returned for lunch it was crowded with no available parking,so be an early bird. We brought the kids along so it wasn't a difficult hike. Definitely will return!

we did the trail without map, back and fourth in a day! wish we had known there was campsites at the lake - it would have been a lovely place to wake up. highly recommended

very beautiful place...they say kid friendly but its kind of scary because rocks are very slick...but do recommend going

Easy, paved trail with great views of impressive redwoods. Good walk for kids.

3 months ago

The trees are amazing, the trail is a very light paved walk in a loop. It was a nice casual stroll. Be prepared to pay the GOV $5 for parking. And no an America The Beautiful pass will not be accepted.

3 months ago

Completed trail right at sunset. Unbelievable! Boole is worth the hike. Road to trailhead can be rough and a standard vehicle may bottom out in some of the dips. Hike is a contact incline until you see the tree then all down hill. Great hike! Will do it again.

3 months ago

This trail map is very misleading. The whole loop adds about 7 miles to go via JO's Pass and then back to Weaver Lake.

We were at Jennie Lake and it took us almost all day to head to Weaver Lake.

The AllTrails map is incorrect.

We first walk this trail in April 2017 and the path was covered with downed trees and large branches and we had to crawl over or around the debris. We went again in May and June 2018 and it was a huge improvement, just a shame that there are people that have ruin the beauty of the trail with graffiti and carvings.

This was an awesome hike when it was snowing. There was a huge circle around the hot springs from the heat!!! Always be careful if you jump in the river though!!!

the trail was easy and we could actually touch the giant trees.

on Trail of 100 Giants

4 months ago

Super easy little hike. All paved. Great for the little ones and lots of information. Can be really crowded at times. I’ve been here about 5-6 times. More crowded on the weekends.

Amazing. Super accessible to all. It’s a paved walkway the whole length

This place was absolutely beautiful. My hometown is not far from here and there is a swimming hole there that the locals have been trashing lately. This place had minimal trash. Honestly about 3-4 pieces my trail mates and I picked up. The trail is nonexistent but once you get the the location that the cars are parked, the way to the creek is simple. Then follow it down to see the falls. It’s a scramble down the mountain/make your own path type of thing. Great on a hot summer day!

Great space to stop & stretch your legs.
This is more of a botanical garden type walk with a paved trail. There is a shortloop or you can add a 2nd loop for a little longer of a walk. Pro: It's a very friendly place. $5 to park across the street. well marked. Accessible for those using wheelchairs & mobility devices. Cons: It is popular & 1 of the more crowded places in the forest. The accessibility features don't extend to signage.

Trail? What trail? I asked in the camp and was told to follow the creek, That we did, through several beat down bandit camps with large fire rings and some trash left by those without wilderness ethics. Plenty of shade, We stayed on the south side of the creek and had no trouble locating the cascading pools above the main waterfall. Despite the lack of defined trail I still recommend this forest stroll for the beauty of the cool (cold!) sparkling and refreshing water. Be sure to supervise young children and wilderness novices around the slippery granite of the cascades. My dog even slid around and looked surprised when he needed help to get back on his feet. Didn't see any snakes, just birds and small trout.

4 months ago

This area used to be a good hunting area way back when I was young. It is still beautiful and a nice walk around. The camp ground, if not full, is nice also. I go there often, think about when I was a boy sitting under one of these trees watching everything, listening to the wend and watching for deer. Used to be so quiet then. How things change. The mountains are full of redwood groves, just have to get out and find them.

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