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1 day ago

Read reviews here before driving to the park for this hike. They were right on. I sprayed myself with repellant as soon as I parked and had no problems all day. Could see others being driven off the trail by the bugs. Park in one of two lots at end of Road. This is an easy hike which you can make as difficult as you want by going uphill to the Falls and past. Talked with some other hikers and a seasonal ranger on the hike and it was great. There was no wind so it was going to get hot there in afternoon away from the water. Once to the Falls we were about to have lunch when a small bear visited the falls area and gave everyone a thrill. Trail up from falls is not easy and we decided to turn around and save the meadows to another day.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFO02nxPdM4-CabegFIPlow?view_as=subscriber

Did the hike back in August, the weather was perfect. Went all the way to 6th lake, wish I had got a overnight pass so I could enjoy the lakes more. Incredible views & when the wind blows just right you can feel the chill breeze from the glacier.

For those who’ve been on the trail recently, what are the weather conditions at the top of the mountain, ie lowest Temperature, wind speed, rainfall?

We got off to a late morning start so summitting the peak around 1 pm was not a camera friendly time. However, the summit view was unbeatable. Spent quite some time on the summit and thank goodness it wasn't hot this time of the year. Will do this trail again in mid spring or earlier to experience the stream and its vegetation.

3 days ago

Successfully tackled this adventure as a 3 day/2 night backpacking trip with three great friends. We took the clockwise route around the loop trail. Note that the total distance was longer than indicated in the description of this hike. The National Parks Service web site indicates that the loop trail distance is 41.4 miles long. Our hike was just over 46 miles in all. The difference in distance is likely a combination of GPS accuracy and some side treks along the way. Camping at Charlotte Lake for our second night did add 2.6 miles to the overall distance. Our hiking itinerary was as follows (distances as indicated by GPS tracking):
Day 1 - Road's End to Woods Creek Crossing (16 miles)
Day 2 - Woods Creek Crossing to Charlotte Lake (14 miles)
Day 3 - Charlotte Lake to Road's End (16.07 miles)

Overall this is an epic hike! One of my new favorites. Completing it in 3 days is a physical challenge, which may be easier for some than others. Climbing to the summit of Glenn Pass from either direction is taxing. Have plenty of water, electrolytes, energy gels, or whatever else may give you the strength to persevere.

The scenery is fantastic, wildlife encounters are memorable (deer, marmot, pika, squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, lizards, and bear). We didn't fish but we did talk with a few others who were fishing along the way and they all reported great success.

Hiked here couple days ago with my parents. We started the hike a little later than anticipated. Got some amazing pictures of the falls once we got to the destination. On the way back we were very fortunate and were able to see a couple owls and a black bear :). Great hike, and definitely recommend it to anybody.

One of my most challenging hikes

6 days ago

Super nice trek - the first half is basically a stroll through the forest, the incline starts after the bridge at Bubbs Creek and goes up steadily about 8/900 feet of the next couple of miles. I came across a bear with her cub about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile before the falls, they stayed in the area around the trail for awhile, because they were still there when I came back a couple of hours later. Gnats and mosquitoes was a pest from about a mile in and almost all the way to the falls, bring a face/hat net, you will be happy you did. It was a rater hot day, even though most of this hike is in the shade of trees, I used about 4 liters of water - good thing the hike is right next to the river. An easy day hike and the beginning of the clock wise Rae Lakes Loop, most day hikers turn around at the falls.

8 days ago

It was a great hike, my wife Kathy and I hiked a steady climb 5 miles, past Merthon meadow and across a small stream. On the right side of the trail is a small campsite, it was nicely shaded and had a great kitchen area and fresh water. We set up camp, cooked dinner, had a small fire and Kathy read to me. The next morning we had a great breakfast of bacon and scrambled eggs and coffee. We set up a couple day packs and began the 2 mile hike to Alta peak. It was steep going and took about 70 minutes. (For those from LA the final ascent was similar to Mt Baldy). The ancient pines at the top were spectacular as they stood there strong and proud against the elements. The peak was bordered by sheer drops. The view from the top was a 360’ of the eastern and western Sierra’s. In the distance east you could see the back side of Mt Whitney, and the Whitney windows. To the West was Pear lake and the great divide. The views were well worth it and we want to do it again one day. The weather was the best, 70’s during the day and 40’s at night. We had a wonderful time, God’s creation is truly glorious.

9 days ago

Summit date: 9/11/18 - Due to a compressed timeline, I opted to hike from the Cottonwood Lakes Trail Head, and summit Mt. Langley in one day via the New Army Pass Trail. This is approx. a 26 mile day! I started my recording about 3 miles into my hike. Looking back, I would recommend making this a 2 to 3 day hike. With over 4000’ of elevation climb, I was definitely exhausted by the end of the day.

For Sep, the weather was PERFECT! After climbing switchbacks up to the crest of New Army Pass, you get wonderful views of Mount Langley. There is about a 500’ descent in the saddle before a 2500’ ascent to the summit. Be aware - following the defined New Army Pass trail down will take you toward Soldier Lake and away from the Mount Langley summit trail. I had to backtrack, which set me back about 45 mins.

The challenging portion is the last 800’ or so to the summit. I recommend following the cairn trail for the safest ascent to the top. I had to scramble for the first 20 to 30’, which made me second guess about my decision to continue to the top, but after that, the ascent was mostly loose sand in between boulders. After the last cairn, the terrain becomes gradual with the summit in clear view.

10 days ago

Wonderful hike! Moderate uphill climb to the lakes, about 5.5 miles (11-12 total). Heavily shaded in most areas. We were plenty prepared with food and water, although, we did drink from the stream at vigorous areas and were fine. Ton of fish in the lakes. The first two lakes were gorgeous and barely anyone around! We did this hike Labor Day weekend and expected it to be heavily trafficked. We want to go back and get an overnight pass—absolutely breathtaking.

10 days ago

Loved this hike as well. My husband and I hiked with two kids in backpacks (ages 1.5 + 3.5) - 2nd lake was our lunch and turn-around spot. Everyone loved it and had a great time. We clocked 12 miles in our RT and it was 4 up for our crew and a pretty quick 2 down. Definitely take a filter for more water if you take littles. For perspective - we are in good shape and live at 6000k, pack weights were probably 30 and 50 lbs respectively. It was a big day - but so worth it.

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done! The beginning is a little rough because of how exposed you are, so I’d start early! I hiked it alone and felt totally comfortable! I cannot wait to go back and do the loop again! I would say it’s 14 miles.

11 days ago

Hiking this trail was an amazing experience. We went with a clockwise three night plan. Camped at upper paradise, middle Rae, and junction meadow. All three were great camps. You will travel through thick shady woods, grassy open meadows, and rocky alpine trails, all surrounded by gorgeous peaks. We saw a bear .5 mile past upper paradise, a family of deer at Rae, a marmot, a snake (not rattler), fish, chipmunks. The nights are much colder past 10,000ft elev. There is lots of water along the trail, but from Rae over glen pass to lake Charlotte, there isn’t much. You do get swarmed with gnats in the lower miles to start and finish the loop. Luckily, I brought my mosquito head net. The crossing was only lower shin deep. The suspension bridge was awesome. Had to walk across a second time just for fun. Also, a good time chatting with the JMT hikers from woods creek crossing to over glen pass. A friendly trail crew were blasting rock above vidette meadow, so we got held up for about 20 minutes, but it was nice talking to them and cool to hear the explosion. I definitely recommend this adventure.

11 days ago

Nice trail. Not super difficult. Be sure to bring a bug net and spray. The gnats are relentless.

Saw a bear and her cubs, so be aware.

on Mist Falls Trail

11 days ago

Great trail, decent amount of shades, beautiful mist fall was very refreshing. A lot of bugs especially in the morning from the moment you get out of a car. I encountered a mama bear followed by a bear cub.

This is stunner. I do it every time I visit the area. One of my very favorites. Word of caution for older hikers with bad knees, hips, etc, however. Allow extra time for return due to multiple "steps" as you approach trailhead. I did this hike again yesterday. I had no trouble with altitude since I live in the mountains. Took me three hours to reach Gem Lake including 30 min lunch stop at Long Lake. Took four hours to return from Gem Lake to parking area since I really had to take my time on the descent due to my bad knees. Probably best to allow 8 hours to be on the safe side. Best to get started early morning due to limited parking also. Bring hiking poles to save those knees! Those with no knee issues will complete this hike much faster though. Enjoy! It's a beauty.

12 days ago

I did Mount Langley as a two-day hike. (I can't imagine doing it as a one-day without serious conditioning.) My route was a little different from the one on this page, though.

I began at Horse Meadow, taking the Cottonwood Lakes Trail to the New Army Pass Trail. I then camped at Long Lake. The following day, I continued on the New Army Pass Trail, linking up with the Army Pass Trial via a short connector route shown on this map. I then took the Army Pass Trail to the final approach, in which I took the western-most route as shown on this map.

Next time, I'm going to take the Army Pass Trail (as shown on this page), as it's shorter and has less elevation gain than the New Army Pass Trail. Apparently, snow lingers longer on the Army Pass Trail, though, so check the conditions.


- Bring a GPS device. There are a couple places where the trail is hard to follow and splits up.
- Pack light when you summit. Bring the bare minimum: water, first-aid kit, navigation device, jacket, etc.
- Turn back if you don't feel good. Don't risk your life to make the summit.
- There is plenty of water from Horseshoe Meadow to High Lake (just east of Long Lake). I didn't see any water from there to the summit, though.

Just beautiful! I think the mileage for this loop may be seriously off. We only went to the 2nd Lake and turned back around to return to Glacier Lodge but recorded over 12 miles in doing just that. I recommend lots of sunscreen and taking a water filter. If you run out of water, there’s tons of water along the way. I would love to return and backpack the lakes.

Awesome! The first 3 lakes are the most beautiful with the blue green color. The black lake was also really nice and peaceful. If you have the time and energy, I think it’s worth it to do the whole loop, because at the end you get a really nice view of the first and second lakes. We made it an all day adventure, and spent 10 hours on the trail taking nice breaks and napping. Next time I’d get an overnight permit and camp up there!

13 days ago

Camped at the Sentinel campground the night before our permit date for Rae Lakes. Was able to secure a counter-clockwise loop. To get an early morning start, got to the Road's End permit station around 8AM. There were a couple of people ahead of us. Fro being outside the peak season, the trail was still quite busy.

IMPORTANT: bring a bug net, mosquitoes are in full force the first 3-5 miles in either direction.

Saw 1 bear near the Road's end station and 1 rattler about 1/4 before the first bridge (Bailey?).

Really enjoyed the CCW direction. You work hard the first 2 days and the 3rd/4th day should be a breeze. Camped at Vidette Meadow Day 1, and Middle/Upper Rae Day 2...near bear box 3. Planned on camping at Lower Paradise for Day 4, but had the energy and daylight to finish on Day 3.(big miles but mostly downhill).

can be crowded but very few places have so much to see in such a easy hike

14 days ago


15 days ago

What a day hike! The views were just incredible. The last 1.5 miles or so to the summit were brutal, but well worth the effort! Bring plenty of water (I suggest 3-4L) as the hike took our group 8-9 hours total and there was only one spot to refill if you have a filter.

16 days ago

Great trail, stunning scenery. Did it the week after Labor day so reasonably quiet. the only downside is that it starts at 10,000 ft so a day or two at altitude before is a good thing.

It was more of a 17.5 Miles hike on my end from Glacier Lodge. So not sure how people pulled it off with a 15 mile log. Wish I was a bit more forewarn about the mile of steep scrambling on boulders and loose rock at the end to the glacier (so makes for a total of 2 miles of scrambling including the way back). Definitely a beautifully hike with lots of scenic surprises and route challenges. I would recommended it to people with good fitness and comfortable scrambling skills - otherwise you’re forewarned!

17 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous hike. We hiked this yesterday and didn’t start until noon. We only got to the second lake and turned back because rain was expected and we wanted to make it down before it got dark and started raining. The incline was steady and moderate. There is lots of water along the trail so you can refill your bottle. Can’t wait to go back.

nice easy hike. we just hiked to the first 2 lakes. it was well worth it.

Loved it. Nice easy day trip or overnight.

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