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Great trail that is well taken care of. Beautiful scenery. Cant wait to go back when the water is flowing in the spring. Worth the trip up!!

Magical walk on paved trail through a magnificent grove of Sequoia trees. Not nearly as crowded or noisy as the General Sherman tree walkway, and I thought the General Grant was more majestic! Do not pass this by if you enter through the north entrance of the park- it’s right there!

Not really a hike, nice paved walk to see General Sherman. I thought the General Grant tree in Kings Canyon was a much more majestic tree and the short hike was much less crowded. Glad I saw both.

Way back and nearly forgotten.... Awesome sight when I was young.

easy walk to see some BIG trees. arrived around 730-8am and there were only a few other people but more were coming in on the way out. get here early!!

10 days ago

short and sweet! arrived just in time to catch the sun rise which was cool but the light blocked the view of the dividing range to the left. would be a great spot for sunset. please put your rubbish in the bins!

12 days ago

We are staying at the Azalea Campground and started out with this easy trail. It’s my first time at this park and it’s absolutely majestic and wonderful. This trail is an easy introduction to the park. It’s 2 miles from the campground and it was not crowded at all. There were no buses parked when we went so maybe we just got lucky. I’m giving this a 5 Star because it’s easy, well paved, worth the hike, and leisurely.

Beautiful views of a meadow and easy paved walking trail. Had a lot of places to sit and enjoy the view. One of the most beautiful places in Sequoia National Park

Great photo op!

Great hike. Water flows are low but nice nonetheless. This is not 3.7miles. More like 6miles.

Very Steep, but paved. There is also a shuttle option. We didn't follow all the side trails, but it was amazing to see all the trees!

20 days ago

More of a steep stroll than a hike, but definitely worth the time! Gorgeous views of giant trees! Easily doable with a stroller.

22 days ago

I made the climb for sunrise with my wife and was not disappointed with the view. It was a relatively easy climb on paved steps from the parking lot, but recognize that 7400ft altitude may provoke hesitation on some.

22 days ago

Amazing! Breathtaking trees!

Get up early and go! easy trail! It gets crowded fast! Very beautiful but there is a line to take a picture with the General Sherman Tree!

22 days ago

Beautiful easy trail, but if you want a more secluded trail that is easy also I would recommend the crescent meadow trail just up the road from Moro rock. Big trees trail is more for young children or if you prefer a paved trail. The trees are magnificent.

22 days ago

Got there by 9:00 AM and beat the crowds on a Sunday morning which was ideal. Would have been 5 stars except the view was pretty smokey from recent fires,

nature trips
22 days ago

We loved seeing the sequoias above ground and then completed our adventures in the park by going into the caves underground. It made for a fantastic experience overall. The caves are beautiful. Since we have little kids, the family tour was perfect for us. The tour guide stopped in three large spaces to explain the caves, but the kids preferred walking through narrow corridors in between the rooms. So much to see, and it's breathtaking. The family tour was perfect for us, but it was pretty basic. If you're not traveling with small children, consider the age 13+ tour or one of their specialty tours, and I'm sure you'll see even more incredible sights. The walk back up from the cave was strenuous as we were carrying toddlers, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

nature trips
25 days ago

This was a really great experience. We took the Family Tour, which lasted approximately an hour from start to finish. We’re a couple and not a family, but the tour was perfect and run by an extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide (thanks Erin!). The inside of the cave is just breathtaking. If you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend this tour!

A nice hike through the Tokopah valley. Lots of rocks and boulders in the last quarter mile - make sure to wear proper footwear. The falls weren't exactly gushing in mid-August, but it was still nice to reach them. Saw a large marmot trying to find an unattended backpack at the end.

27 days ago

Not much of a hike - it is a two minute walk up a path from the parking lot - but a great place to watch sunset. My five year old son loved exploring the rock.

27 days ago

Easy, paved trail with a few places to shorten the loop in case you don't want to walk the full length. The day I did it was a busy day in the park (Yosemite valley was closed due to fire) yet there were still few people on the trail. Highlight for me was the House group, which is a large group clustered together that you can walk right under. My five year old loved it too.

Good trail. Nice to see rangers working on it. Beautiful flowers, saw some bear scat, saw deer, saw a marmot at the end. The falls is really disappointing. Lowest I've seen in a decade.

28 days ago

Went during sunset, real awesome, unfrotunately lots of smoke from the fires that fill up the central valley. Hike is easy.

AMAZING. Did this with some storm clouds in the distance which is terrifying and definitely not recommended, but absolutely breath taking.

This is a perfect little day hike, easy and cool terrain. Though it was a very busy trail as I went in high visiting season. I went i mid-July so the falls weren't as big-I'd suggest to try and go in spring/early summer if you can!

I completed this trail in April. Water was running through the campgrounds and down part of the trail. Lots of snow melt. Ran into a marmont on the rocks by the falls. Really fun hike and pretty easy. I recommend hiking shoes but saw many people and kids in tennis shoes.

Good trail for families. Nothing too steep but lots of rocks for kids, and adults, to climb on at the end. Gorgeous falls in Spring and Summer.

nature trips
1 month ago

we enjoyed our leisure trip. the trees were massive and the docent was great!

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