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It’s just a walk but it worth it to see

Little Baldy sign on the left side of the road. Trail is on the right where you pull over to park!

10/10. Short enough trail, but gives you everything you want out of it. Enough incline to get some exercise. 2-3 switchbacks but the trail is pretty views the whole time. There is a flat bit and since I was the only person I saw on the trail (mid-Nov) it was very peaceful! Views at the top are insane.... worth every second. Careful with your photo ops, the gravel can shift and I almost took a tumble off the cliff at one point.... oops. It was a hazy/Smokey day but I’ll definitely be coming back!

One of those things you “have” to see... but definitely not exciting. A long walk (downhill) on cement - my knees weren’t a fan of that bit after a previous hike. Then a ton of people crowded around a tree for photos.... just don’t make this the only thing you do that day and you’re golden. Maybe go earlier too.. then a lovely walk back uphill on cement...

We did this trail in July and really enjoyed it! Not too much elevation and many areas of shade. It was very hot and we enjoyed cooling off and wading in the creek along the trail.

Can’t go to Sequoia without taking the short hike down to see the General Sherman. Highly recommend continuing on the the Congress Trail while you’re down there. One of my favorite hikes anywhere.

22 days ago

Beautiful trail up to a granite dome with 360 views. A little different than any of the other trails we did at Sequoia and Kings Canyon. Not too steep. Well maintained trail. We were the only people on the trail in late November.

23 days ago

Lovely short walk with many sequoia tree displays. Information boards are really useful. Was November and still very busy with people but quite a big car park. Toilets at the car park. Wheel chair accessible as is all paved out but big hill to get up and down to go see trees.

23 days ago

Lovely walk along the river with a clearly marked out path all the way to the falls. We went then in early November so there was only a small amount of water falling down. But looks like there would be much more water at other times of the year. Trail starts in lodgepool campsite so if your staying there is very convenient but we just parked in the visitor centre. There is toilets in campsite.

on Buena Vista Trail

23 days ago

Great Panoramic view point looking over the mountains. Also amazing spot for sunset, we had the pinkest sunset at this point. We lost the trail on the way up but if you follow all trails route you will be fine. But alternatively if you want to get up to the top quicker you can just simply climb up, which wasn’t too difficult. Small car park but we went at the start of November so was quite and space. Also no toilets at trail head.

27 days ago

A nice little moderate hike. Air quality was terrible though from the fires. The views must be spectacular when the skies are clearer. I can’t wait to do this hike again after some rain or in the spring.

1 month ago

Campsite closed which added an extra 2 miles. Spooky walking around an empty camp ground. No one else on the hike - Redwoods at the end were amazing

This was a great hike, I’m a little out of shape but I kept up with my son! Beautiful views, unfortunately a bit hazy today from the fires but still spectacular and enjoyable!

We had planned to do the entire loop but after Watch Tower the track got rocky, narrow and very steep sided. We had checked before hand but no comments said “if you are afraid of heights, give this a miss”. We walked half a km past the Tower but then turned back. It’s beautiful but if heights worry you, take another trail. We didn’t make it to the lake, just back tracked down. This trail was closed today but we were among 30 other hikers doing it. Amazing views. Definitely a must for the ones who like heights. And take water, so many people take these trails with a tiny bottle or nothing and wearing sneakers- ????

Great hike - pretty dry falls but expected - no one else on the hike- great parking

1 month ago

Short hike, but the elevation will definitely catch up to you on your way back to the railhead. Great for a quick stop and photo-op.

Very fun trail. There is currently a sign at the hump trail and watchtower trail fork that says watchtower trail is icy. While it definitely is through winter and maybe into summer, it’s all melted. No worries there, so don’t miss out on the amazing views it has to offer. Very nice one or two nighter.

1 month ago

Took this on the way to camp on the High Sierra Trail--this is actually just a stop on the longer trail. Views were great here on a clear day (our hike in was hazier and not as lovely), and it's probably worth the stop if you are exploring Sequoia and want to step away from the actual Sequoia trees.

This takes you along an exposed view of the valley after walking through some of the trees and covered trail near the Crescent Meadow parking area.

There are quite a few things to do in this area, although we were camping overnight and just kept on backpacking past Eagle's View. You won't need anything to get there, since it's about 0.6 miles. It may not be good with kids since there is no railing.

amazing to see the biggest tree in the world, super easy hike, can even take shuttle back to trailhead if you don't want to hike back, but very very crowded

Easy walk down to “General Sherman”, but the climb back will tax the heart. High elevation, remember to breathe

1 month ago

Very good short trail, it is moderately trafficked in the mornings, very well defined and kept up.Trail is a steady easy climb until you finish the last switch backs then levels outs as you cross the saddle between the two mountain tops. On this level part of the trail, you will be passing through a very young forset, The tree are very short. Here you are the giant of the forest as you are taller than the trees. The views you see walking up the trail are fantastic, but what you see from the top is awesome. The very last part of the trail to the top is the hardest and the steepest. It is short, but very steep. You must keep going even if you need to take extra breaks. No matter how long it takes, it is well worth it. Very nice way to spend a morning.

Loved this quick hike! Nice views especially at the top! I would rate it as moderate but not difficult at all.

Short steep hike on paved trail with lots of steps. The trees make it a 5 star walk. All down hill to the tree and all back up. My mother has walking difficulties so my kids walked her down to the handicap access from General Sherman, i busted it back up to the parking lot and picked them up.

So the reviews made here were very useful in completing my hike yesterday. The filter idea was great, a must especially if it is hot, but also you need to drink a lot on the way back to stay hydrated. Insects were not a problem like they are down in the Canyon. I took the Hump trail on the way back thinking it would be easier than just repeating my way around watchtower, biggest mistake of my hike. I missed the views on the way back and the grade up and then down was not what my legs wanted on the way back. Saw trout, many Chipmunks and Pikas gathering cones and seeds, not too many birds. It was supposed to snow the next day which is why I made the effort on this day. This is a truly awesome not to be missed hike, should have led with this. Go for the views especially of the lake with the mountain backdrop. I saw only 6 people the whole time I was on the trail which was both welcoming and a little worrisome, as I was hiking and doing photography on my own. I know know what the "Sounds of Silence" are as this hike will take you there.
Virtual Treadmill video of this hike can be seen on my YouTube Channel, copy and paste link below to watch it. Thanks.


2 months ago

We visited the General Sherman Trail on June 30th. The trees are definitely something to see!
It’s a paved easy walk. Go early if you want a less crowded visit.
If you’re not up for walking or have any sort of physical handicap, they have a easy to use shuttle system throughout the park that is very accommodating.
If you want a photo with the General Sherman Tree there will be a line that starts to form.
Be a pal and take the picture for the person before you.
It’s one of the worlds coolest trees. So by all means, get your photo.
After 10am this place turns into a total tourist spot and every tree becomes a live photo shoot for Instagram.
If you visit just be considerate and enjoy the moment.
But seriously, go see the trees!

2 months ago

Not a hike, a great way to see General Sherman, the largest tree on the planet. Have to agree on getting there early. It is just a taste of what you can experience if you can afford the time to go on some of the Giant Trees trails where you can be away from the crowds.
Gave it a down check because I had been on the other trails around it and the crowds really detract from how neat the experience is.

2 months ago

Trailhead at the end of Dorst Creek campground

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