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Seq. Nat'l Forest Map

If you follow the trail west and up over the mountain near the mill ruins there are nice pools and waterfalls also good fishing for small Rainbow trout.

Easy, narrow, well marked trail. Parking available. The trail descends until you get to the bridge. So the way back is up! There’s a part on the trail that forks, you can see the bridge on the right, but go left to get to the bridge. Be mindful of the cows around!

We hiked to Bull Run Creek and it was a fairly easy trail. There are a lot of side trails along the way. Watch your step as the path was pretty rocky. We went when it was raining so it was slippery. Still had fun! Love the Mountain View!

5 days ago

What little we were able to hike was beautiful. There was a snow storm while we were on the trail so we went about halfway. Even with snow covering the ground you could still follow the trail pretty easily. I’ll definitely be back in the spring!

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5 days ago

Beautiful hike for the whole family to enjoy.

8 days ago

I just did the trail for the first time (1/09/2019). There were about 3 downed trees which blocked the trail and I had to go off trail to get around them. I saw a bunch of cows (and cow patties) along the trail. They just stare at you as you pass, but won't really MOOve (hehe) out of the way until you get within 10 feet or so. I also saw deer and bunny tracks. I like how there are mile markers along the trail. By mile 5, it started to get really muddy, which I though was strange since it was pretty dry when I started. I then saw some white near the peaks which I thought was just the sky though the trees or perhaps granite. By mile 6, I was hiking in SNOW! The temperature near the top was only about 40, which explains why there was so much mud. It took me 6 1/4 hours round trip with a bunch stops for pictures. I stopped at 6,550ft. because that was where the .gpx coordinates ended. But I think you can go all the way too the summit. I didn't go all the way to the top because I was slogging though snow and it was too slippery when going uphill. I also picked up a discarded plastic water bottle on the trail. Apparently, "leave no trace" is still foreign to some.

If you're directionally challenged like me, park at "Ya-Gub-Weh-Tuh" campground and trailhead. The trail is located right off the parking area.

I took my dog on Saturday just before the rain came. It was an easy walk, and had beautiful views. We got to the bridge in about 20 minutes. There were a few other people on the trail, all friendly, and considerate. Look forward to going again as the seasons change.

Great Spot! Got to get in early morning and enjoy it before a crowd showed up.

Great moderate workout!

Peaceful and easy in and out trail. Love the views. Watch out for roaming cows ! Lol

beautiful up hill the whole way.

We did this hike Jan 1 2019. It was not to busy . We got to enjoy the quiet walk with our daughter, son in law and one yr grandson. I rate this hike easy . Since we had our grandson we completed it in 2 hrs in and out. we will be coming back .

Great hike for all ages. Amazing falls all the way up.

it was a beautiful hike, next time we'll make it all the way, we only hiked halfway because we were out of shape lol it is steep all the way up

16 days ago

Pretty hike. Very steep! Beautiful waterfalls almost the entire way up. We stopped at the picnic grounds - someone told us there isn't much to see beyond there.

The trail is very pleasant and in good condition. And our 4 year grand daughter made it both ways!
A No stress hike.
Definitely worth the drive!

My 7yo and I had a great time! Even with so many people on the trail it was peaceful and quiet. Lots of dogs on the trail and folks were great about keeping them on leash. Was surprised to not see many birds/animals/insects. The picnic area near the end of the trail is a great place to stop for lunch and refuel for the rest of the hike. Even on a cold day, we stayed warm with all the climbing. Worth the drive to get there.

19 days ago

Beautiful trail, but if you have any knee issues this might not be the trail for you. There are a lot of very steep steps.

beautiful trail! recommend getting there early for parking. only downside was that the trail was very slippery, and with the ups and downs, that made it a bit scary.

24 days ago

We hiked on a warm December day. Beautiful colors plants and foliage. Great views mountains surrounding. You can get down to the water in some places. Nice easy rolling hike.

great place to relax

great hike beautiful spot to relax

Nice and easy hike. You have to cross the creek using a log, which I thought was pretty cool. However, it’s not the prettiest hike to go on in December.

This place was amazing. Beautiful view and the letters in the jar are very inspirational. I wonder if my letter is still up there in that Jar. Sad that people become land greedy and ruin it for nature lovers. #native

We’ve hiked many times. Great for a short hike or a long challenging hike. The full trail is a blast, especially when there is water in the creek. The giant rick that has the Native American milking holes is very cool to see.
Ring pepper spray (at least)... 2 times I’ve seen very distinct, large mountain lion tracks

1 month ago

A beautiful hike with rewarding views. The climb up definitely feels a bit harder than moderate but it’s a much easier return. As some have noted, coming back down all the stairs and downward train can be a little rough on the joints. I’d mark it a 5-star trail if it had more regular alternation between the up and downhills.

If you’re not up for the full hike, within the first mile you’ll have seen most of the prettier landscape.

1 month ago

As others have said, it's definitely a steep climb, and I was surprised this hike was labeled as moderate (I couldn't finish and turned back around about halfway through); that said, it's one of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done in the Bay Area -- from the minute you start out you're surrounded by stunning scenery, and every few feet is another gorgeous spot to rest and breathe in the incredible atmosphere. I went fairly early (9:30am) and the trail was really quiet and empty -- on the way out around 11:30 I passed a ton of groups, so I suspect afternoons there are quite crowded. Would definitely recommend to anyone with a moderate fitness level, provided you bring lots of water and are prepared to take a lot of breaks!

Easy and fun for the whole family. Beautiful view of the river from the bridge..

Would love to figure out a way to encourage the property owner to give it to the forestry in trade for other property so it could be opened back up. It was an amazing hike and close to town. Because it was close, it encouraged those that needed it most to get out of the house and get some much needed exercise.

Nice climb but no way is it 2.7 miles total. Closer to 5-6 miles up and back. Beautiful and green. Water just trickling right now. Need rain!

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