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Seq. Nat'l Forest Map

This was an awesome hike when it was snowing. There was a huge circle around the hot springs from the heat!!! Always be careful if you jump in the river though!!!

21 days ago

This trail was awesome! Easy hike, mostly uphill. There are a few views that poke through the trees that are really cool. I saw deer and surprisingly 4 cows at the summit. Definitely would do it again!

on Mill Creek Trail

1 month ago

I'm a beginning hiker but my son told me the first couple miles of this trail would be easy. I'm so glad I went for it! I walked in a little less than 2 miles and loved every step of it before it got steeper and I decided to turn back. There were a couple of low stream crossings, beautiful views, and we got to see it coyote run across the trail close in front of us with a squirrel in his mouth. I can't wait to go back and challenge myself to go further uphill.

1 month ago

Amazing trail with awesome views. There was a nice breeze and a lot of shade. Make sure you make it to the top, it’s an easy two miles.

2 months ago

Like some said, not a lot of shade. We only crossed one creek (still no bridge but we climbed a log), but there were some washes that may have water after the snow melts. (went in early June).

Found what looked like trail that followed along the river, but it quickly became overgrown and impassable. Would have been a nicer trail if we were closer to the water.

The trail continues on and there's no clear marker for the end of the Bull Run trail portion.

Otherwise extremely pretty trail, definitely want to hike when its cooler.

It’s really relaxing and calm hike. I and a friend almost made it to the top. I highly recommend it.

2 months ago

Loved this trail! Perfect hike for those looking for an easy pace and beautiful views!!

nice trail, the walk back is killer so be prepared. Bring water....lots esp. in summer

scenic driving
2 months ago

Beautifull Lake

One of the best trails I ever hiked but it’s closed now.

4 months ago

Hiked this trail by myself in April and it was a great time. It’s short but worth it. The hike is mostly uphill until you reach the summit, with beautiful views along the way. Once you reach the summit there’s a great spot for lunch and many have shared their memories and thoughts of this hike on a notebook that is in a tin container on top of the summit. All in all great hike can’t wait to do it again :)

It’s so nice & the water feeels great but a lot of weirdos lol

trail running
4 months ago

well maintained trail thanks to the "Stuards of the Sierras" volunteering to keep these trails nice and clear for us. thanks guys!

This trail is easy until mile 2.5, from there elevation is gained quicky and without mercy almost all the way to mile 7.5.
I am an experienced hiker/trail runner and I would rate some sections of this as mederate to hard.

After about Mile 6 you are all the way up in the big pretty pine trees with good canopy cover. its much nicer terrain and there was a small spring at mile 7
I even got cell sigal at the very top.

In total i logged 14.45 miles for this out and back and it took me right at 4 hrs to run/ walk

4 months ago

Loved this trail! We ended up going further then the map showed, missing the first left turn that completed the loop. Actually glad we did that though, as there is a second turn that loops further around the mountain where you gain an extra 300-500 ft in elevation, and it spits you back out into the main road. From there you get a great view of Lake Isabella! Still about 6" of snow on the back side of the mountain in the end of March.

4 months ago

Great trail. Lost my GOPRO if you found it or find it please send me a text. 6619794798. Much appreciated.

4 months ago

Mill Creek Trail
Beautiful trail in the spring! We only went in two miles then back but it was gorgeous and we crossed four creeks. If just heading in a short distance I would call it Easy not Moderate, but I'm guessing it gets steeper. We took a small group and everyone loved it. Trailhead starts out a little steep but thats only like an 1/8 of a mile, then it moves on to rolling hills. Enjoyed the open spaces but my favorite was the wooded areas near the creeks. Looking forward to coming back to do the whole thing!

Brisk spring morning hike. Cross the creek by crawling over logs. Woulda gone further but my daughter got tired. Definitely will come back to. Bring water. No shade, which is fine in cooler temps but would be killer in the summer.

5 months ago

late February, cool morning and the river was low, but still a great little 4 mile hike.

5 months ago

After hearing we got some snow, decided to give the trail a try in hopes of having some snow along the trail. Pleasantly surprised to see the entire landscape blanketed. 3-6 inches along the trial. A bit strenuous with the snow otherwise the trail would be fairly straightforward.

Did the full 14 miles from the trailhead outside Kernville to Fairview (2/19-2/21). Easy to follow for the most part with a few exceptions. Trail is quite overgrown in certain areas which briefly caused us to lose the trail at one point. While there is no crazy elevation gain, there is a decent amount of up and down, especially in the latter 7 miles of the hike. The trail is also fairly exposed, without much shade, so I could see it being much more strenuous during the hotter parts of the year. Overall though, very pretty and scenic hike with nice views of the Kern river. Would definitely hike it again sometime.

My friend and I were out here the other day at about 7pm. I’m glad I had my headlamp because it was pitch black. There was no moon out but the stars looked amazing! When we arrived, there was one couple in one of the pools and some tweeker in the small rectangular pool. Since it was later in the day and completely dark, my friend and I got naked and we sat next to the tweeker (hahaha). Please note, my friend and I are larger (fluffy) guys so when we sat in the rectangular pool, the water overflowed to the other pools (too bad the tweeker didn’t float on over..). About an hour later, the couple there had departed and my friend and I made our way to that pool, leaving the tweeker alone in a half empty pool (hahaha). We stayed for about 2 hrs gazing at the stars and just floating naked in the hot pool. This was our first time coming here and it was a great experience for the both of us. We would definitely do it all over again. The map on this app was great to use especially since my phone reception had stopped working. The hike down to the pools was a breeze; however, for two fluffy guys heading back up the trail, it was an adventure.

6 months ago

I went there with my baby, it was a nice day.
We had big fun hike both way down to the hot water and hiked up the hill.

We arrived. Skinny-dippers all over left and right. After about 1hr of being there everyone left and we had all 3 ‘pools’ to ourselves. Once we had it to ourselves it was GREAT!

Warm/hot water
Water is see-through to the bottom
Clean water cycles daily with the natural spring current
Good views on the way there
Good views once there
Great great great spot if you get it all to yourself
My belongings were respected
People were respectful
Easy/short hike down/up

Visibly flowing dead skin
Skinny-dippers (may be present)
Groups of people hang out spot
People camping very nearby
Water smells like sulfur/egg (you get use to it quick)
Trash/man made stuff left behind
You may come across ‘sensitive’ people
For elders (The hike back up may be a little steep)

Too many people and too much trash. It's now more of a cesspool than a hot spring. Go if you don't mind sitting shoulder to shoulder with 7 other people. Including children who urinate in the water.

It was and amazing hike to take!!! I miss it so much:'( Thats were I took my very first hike

I miss hiking this trail!!!!! I wish people would have some respect for the owner’s property so that we could enjoy it again! It’s a shame...

7 months ago

It was raining the entire time, heavy fog, I went with my father and older brother very early in the morning and we had the trail all to ourselves. We were completely alone. We saw wild deer, bear tracks, birds. Sure we got all cold, wet, footwear muddy, etc. but that only added to the adventure. What a great GREAT time we had. Like everything else in life, it is what you make it.

I am looking to repeatedly return again.

7 months ago

Hiked on 1/6/18 and did some geochaching along the trails. I would say that this is great for older kids, as there is some spotted elevation climbing going up. Great views along the trail of Lake Isabella. Our views at the top were obstructed as a neat fog/light shower storm rolled in! Will go again in the spring!

7 months ago

Love this trail! Just the right amount of incline and beautiful views throughout the whole way!

7 months ago

Came here for a day hike with my dogs. There is a small dirt parking lot with two picnic benches across from the trailhead. Interpretive trail guides are available at the trailhead. Very pretty hike that climbs steeply at first, and takes you through stands of pines, cedars, and firs. The view from the top is worth the trek, especially near sunset. There is a park bench at the top. I would rate this hike moderate due to the elevation gain.

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