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Beautiful view, but overcrowded and totally full of trash

Great hike with great views. we approached from east mesa trail and then hiked into the valley.

This is a great ride, very peaceful. The views of the lake and of Fishers Peak are simply amazing. There are a few small valleys that offer a chance to get the blood flowing, the climbs coming out of these valleys is very easy. This is all west bound from the Camp ground. I have yet to ride it back from the Cokedale side. I ride this trail every chance I get.

A very short (0.5 miles) and easy hike. There is a cool (temperature) resting area at the top which would be nice in a hot day - water is dripping out of the rocks at the top, hence the name of the trial.

great trail made the mistake of doing peek a boo on the top of this in one day.

Very pretty, but I went on a Tuesday and it was still crowded as all get out

Can’t say enough about Bryce Canyon. It’s simply one of the more beautiful natural spectacles in the United States. This trail, specifically, is one of the most popular, giving you the best views on a simple, short hike.

This hike was amazing but a doozy! Starts off switchbacks, levels out for a bit (mostly) then another set of switchbacks (more intense) before leveling out for the remainder. Layers would be a good idea since the trail goes through various areas of the canyon and isn’t always well lit/warm or vice versa. The view is so worth it!

In my opinion, this hike was better than the crowded Angel’s Landing. You have amazing views and less crowds. It is a strenuous uphill climb, but it’s worth it- and going down is that much easier!

short thou steep! worth it .

extra rad! obvious advice, but bring layers, you'll probably want to change multiple times while hiking as temps vary drastically through the different terrain of the hike.

8 days ago


Recommend you do the loop in anti clockwise direction going down the Navajo trail.

I’ve done Angel’s Landing, and to be honest, this hike has a way better payoff! I found this hike to be more strenuous considering it’s double the distance of AL, but there are a lot more scenery along the way compared to Angel’s. On the views on the top was breathtaking! Bring a sandwich to enjoy at the top and reep in all your rewards!

Came here on Friday the 13th. Amazing views before descending down the switchbacks. Went from sunset point to Navajo loop and connected to queens garden. Wall Street side was closed as of the 13th.

11 days ago

If you are looking for amazing views and a good steady workout this one is it. I arrived around 8am and the trail was quiet and not crowded in any way, I saw less than 10 people the whole day which was very refreshing. Going up the switchbacks is not easy, but i found that if I took it slow and took lots of breaks that it wasn’t as bad. The views going up are absolutely stunning and it is rewarding to be able to see how far you have climbed. The canyon was my favorite part, just an extremely unique feature and a great place to stop for a longer rest period in the shade. The view from the top I feel is better than any other trail in Zion.

We only was able to see the upper part , the lower hike was canceled because was to windy and rocks were coming down.
The experience was amazing, the whole canyon is Soooo beautiful. Be prepared to be surrounded with a lot of other hikers, it is challenging to take pictures and we got rained with sand because of the wind. Cover your camera from the sand.

neat little walk, interesting to find out why/how the rock is weeping (info is on a placard right before you go up the stairs)

14 days ago

We went this morning little after 9am. No problem with parking. It was already getting crowded with many hikers. I would suggest to walk to the right and climb the rocks, to get away from crowds, and enjoy the view in quite atmosphere.
Views from the top are amazing and worth it the hike.
There is no railings so keep your kids and dogs near you. They are building new trails and look out.

15 days ago

It’s about 45min walk with absolutely amazing rock formations and colors to watch... one of the most enchanted places I’ve seen so far...

15 days ago


If you’re in Zion and feel ready for a strenuous and long hike, this is an absolute must-do. You’ll avoid the crowds of Angels Landing (and look down at it from above!), enjoy a beautiful vista that looks out on the valley, and get rewarding views along the way that make the thigh-burning ascents worthwhile. The slot canyon is gorgeous — if you want a workout and an interesting landscape without facing a path with steep drop offs, it’s still worth it to go to the mouth of the canyon before the second big ascent and then turning back. We hit the trail by 7:15am in early April and saw at most a dozen people on the way up, with many more passed on the way back down.

Great hike many many great views. Definitely worth the drive. Temperature throughout the day was perfect.

amazing hike with so many great views of the hoodoos. Did this hike with our 6 year old and 13 year old and they managed very well. Definetly a must return hike for us.

Amazing views and well worth the hike. It feels like 3 different trail experiences. Take stamina and can be tough on the knees on the way down.

Short and steep hike and also had cool views out into the valley. This was easy for us and our daughter but is a steeper climb then expected. I did this after dinner so there were very few people, which made it nicer.

16 days ago

Very short trail but cool to see the water dripping down from the rock

This was a fun trail but busy since it was so close to the lodge. I walked this trail with my family and my 8.5 year old daughter had no trouble. It was really cool to be hiking in the canyon and seeing the hoodoos up close. Definitely agree on doing this trail counter-clockwise since the climb out wasn’t too difficult.

on Antelope Canyon

17 days ago


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