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on Soldier Pass Trail

10 hours ago

Great views! There is a large network of trails in this area and numerous trails that link up to this trail. Pay attention to your direction as you can easily start walking on another trail and not realize it. They are all great trails so can’t really go wrong, but you may end up on a longer hike than you initially planned on.
Great views and landscapes along the way! Love this trail!

My husband and I did this hike in December. As people have said, there is little shade so start early and bring a hat/ lots of water. It took about 2 hours to get up and 1 hour to come back down, with little breaks/stopping. I think the trail is actually well marked... but I can see where people would get confused. As long as you follow the white markings and shoe prints, you should make it there just fine. Coming down is definitely hard on the knees and I can imagine this would be hard for anyone with significant knee problems. We loved all the views and so far this is our favorite Sedona hike!

1 day ago

Great trail. Moderate, easy and then sometimes butt burner. Keep in mind tho that the red sand is fine and if it has rained, which it had the day before we got there, it will be like clay and stick to your shoes or wheels, which for us having a new SUV we needed to get our horse brush out to clean them before putting in our vehicle.


Great easy trail. make sure to find the hidden trail across the creak about halfway back, this will take you up a steep climb to an archway in the rock, and a great spot to relax for awhile. The views are great.

Nice easy hike.

Great hike! Cross the creek to continue the hike..and to the right. Take your shoes off!

One of the best. Be aware... don’t get lost.

Fun, easy nice views

Great and smoth

Great cool down after Bear Mountain hike. Be a good walk if it was really warm because the trail is situated in the trees. Had to piggyback my husband out at this point. Enjoy!

13 days ago

Great hike. Loved the views. Lots of places for nice photos. Unfortunately my husband slowed me down. Ended up taking 2 1/2hours start to finish.

Parking space is extremely limited, due to this we did not do the hike

The fork that leads to the arches is 1.3 miles from the parking lot. The scramble up to the arches is well worth the effort!

very easy nice hike but I did get lost a few times

Amazing!! We are two fit people (male and female) and we did both the whole of this one and the Sedona lookout part up at the top as well. It took us 5 and a half hours and my Apple Watch clocked the whole thing at 12.38 miles. Breathtaking views at he Sedona lookout part at the top. The actual end of this trail lookout is much less spectacular. Honestly barely worth it except to say you did it. Going down was much harder than coming up due to the rocks moving all around. Including stops at both top lookouts we started at 10am and finished at 430pm. So we spent about an hour enjoying the views. Note- the first part to the First Bench marker is the hardest part. Smooth sailing from there.

Good hike, don’t know about moderate rating through , mostly hard packed trails

15 days ago

Great trail--has a little bit of everything. The trail markers could definitely be improved though!

16 days ago

Amazing cave! Go all the way to the top✌️

Beautiful views at top.

17 days ago

Great views and the end provides a great place to relax and enjoy for a while. Easy elevation gain and loss. A very enjoyable stroll through beautiful Oak Creek.

17 days ago

Great views and easy hike! As with the other reviews, stay off the 4x4 trail and just go up and back on the hiking trail.

We loved this short and mostly easy Trail back into a gorgeous Canyon. We climbed up at the end of the trail for a gorgeous look back down the canyon.

18 days ago

Nice easy hike but poorly marked. There’s a loop essentially but we got lost many times. We started on one side of the loop, got lost, and found ourselves continuing on the other side of the loop. Basically, there’s tons of areas that look like a path but aren’t.

We were trying to find the “arches” which we learned didn’t exist?? But we did find a hidden trail to a slot canyon which is what I guess we were trying to find! Anyhow, it was a really cool picture shot!

Nice trail and nice views of Sedona

This is a good workout. Tough on the knees on the way down. There are a few false summits and I recommend stopping at the last one for rest and a snack before you make the final push as there aren’t any good spots for that at the summit.

Great trail. Great views and far enough from town to be less crowded. Best hike in Sedona so far.

22 days ago

We didn’t expect this hike to be as long/difficult as it was. We clocked it at just under 5 miles and about 1900 ft elevation gain. There are about 3 humps/false summits before you reach the top. Btw, the top isn’t the first red rock you see from the parking lot. It’s way behind. Fun hike with good views though!

23 days ago

Well marked trail right now as long as you follow the white paint signs. Good workout good views. Leave time for the way down - it’s a little slow with the rocks.

23 days ago

The Jeeps are annoying, but the views are spectacular. Fairly easy hike, and like others I recommend climbing up via Twin Buttes and High on the Hog trails.

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