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The thing about Sedona trails, is that every one is amazing, and they’re just different. It’s like being in a restaurant where every dish is amazing, but there for different tastes.

I continue to be baffled by the AllTrails rating system. To call this one easy is ludicrous. It is a little over 3 miles out, a steady uphill climb of nearly 900 feet. The path has only a few easy stretches, most of it is ankle-busting roots and rocks. Sections of clambering especially last few hundred yards. The first part is more open and sunny, then it enters cool dense forest, and finishes close to the canyon walls.

Took me two hours, hiking fast and jogging in spots.

Although the Hilton “Enchantment” resort is in view for quite a long way, it is not bothersome, it is only to the left and it is built into the cliffs.

A solid moderate with a difficult finish.

4 hours ago

We went to West Fork in August. This trail is definitely shaded by all the beautiful pines so you don't have to worry too much about the sun and heat. Having all the creeks to cross definitely was refreshing and nice to cool your feet off. The water wasn't very high. We saw so many people with bathing suits on thinking they were going to swim but the water is definitely not high enough. The hike was very picturesque but definitely not a favorite. I kept wondering when the trail was done so we could go back. We did go all the way to the end to see the canyons everyone was talking about but it wasn't that impressive. All in all it was still a super nice day trip and relaxing being out in nature but I'm not sure I'd opt to do west fork again.

Easy hike- pretty damn awesome views. Make sure to watch where you step. Smooth rocky path - easy to slip!

19 hours ago

Best trail in Sedona

A little overrated in my opinion. Just a nice nature walk through a cool geological phenomenon, nothing spectacular or “worth the effort” at the end. Not good for seclusion as it’s extremely busy.

Hiked with our 8 and 13 year olds and they did just fine. We did go off path to find the secret cave and that was quite an adventure. Definitely a good choice for a moderate hike and beautiful views.

3 days ago

Early morning hike, beautiful vistas with a little trail scrambling up the slopes. Very mystical place even if you are skeptical like me.

Just over an hour up and down. the temperature was cool with a little rain so that probably helped a lot, I can't imagine how hot it must get when the temperature is high!
On the way down, we went left - Templeton to Baldwin Loop and it turned into an 11 km hike and a great day in the beautiful mountains of Sedona! highly recommend this hike!

3 days ago

Did this hike to the end of the trail - we are 50+ and probably only in average physical shape!
What a view, totally worth the huffing and puffing!
This is one of the most spectacular views and a great reward for your labor.
Just do it!

3 days ago

Great trail for sunset but don't wait to late to do the full loop it gets dark fast and it's a rocky trail. Take a headlamp for extra caution.

It’s a little congested, however very scenic.

All age ranges were on the trail, and I noticed how very polite people were.

I liked all the stream crossings, and the canyon walls curl over you at times which was awesome.

Have fun!

4 days ago

More moderate than expected, due to the rocks and uneven paths. Trail was easy to follow. Wouldn’t do it again but the views were nice.

5 days ago

5 days ago

Easy hike. Nice views of Sedona

6 days ago

Easy hike with great views!

Great hike but not dog friendly unless you have a hardness. Our lab is a great hiker but steep slick rocks are impassable for dogs

beautiful views, easy hike

Great first day hike to do to warm the legs up. Easy to do for all levels. Hiking thru the tall pines is beautiful and at the end looking back thru the canyon viewing it from the top is a pretty view.

Outstanding hike & epic views. Be sure to set your intentions before your hike . Apparently the vortex energy balances oneself . We started at Crescent moon park . Approximately 8.1 miles . Not too difficult but be sure to wear a trail runner or a shoe with good tread to prevent slippage when climbing near the peak ! Sooooo fun !!!!!

Best hike I've ever been on

Great for little kids!

Beautiful views and a pretty tough workout for a 57 year old with bad knees and ankles.

9 days ago

The trail and the scenery are just beautiful. The way back to find is very hard because no signs anymore. It took us 2 miles more to find back. I recommend to take a good map with. All in all we made 6 miles in 3 hrs.

Amazing hike but difficult. We started on Baldwin Trailhead for about 30 minutes then about 45 minutes to the top of Cathedral. Amazing and worth the hike.

11 days ago

nice trail, not marked well so easy to get off the trail. beautiful view if you climb up once to get to the canyon. you can see Bell Rock by climbing.

this is a hard trail and can be slippery if not wearing appropriate footwear. the hike is worth the effort as the views at the top are amazing!

By far my favorite hike of the ones I have done in Sedona! It is hard in the sense of needing good foot wear because at one part you are essentially “rock climbing”... if able to go at sunset, it was absolutely breath taking! If you are a moderate to avid hiker, you can not pass this one up!

11 days ago

Amazing trail with gorgeous views. We were able to go off the posted trail and find the secret cave. Absolutely worth it. Truly breathtaking views.

11 days ago

Beautiful surroundings! Trail not marked too well so got off path a few times.

Easy hike with very beautiful stream and canyon views. We arrived early at sunrise and found parking. By the time we were finished there was a line of cars waiting to park. It was unclear where the trail went at times but someone mentioned that the rain probably made it hard to see.

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