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off road driving
3 hours ago

We took the Rubicon from the 86 Bee Line Hwy to FR27 to start this trail. We passed through the gate which is allowed however please remember close it behind you. This trail has seen some weather and it appears as though it is not travel by vehicles very often as the plants are beginning to crowd the trail. With the sway bar disconnected and both lockers on, this was a good challenge and the Jeep didn't miss a beat! 4 wheel drive is required beginning this trail at FR27. Enjoy it!

16 hours ago

Considerable amount of snow up here on 10/19. Bring poles or an ice ax and wear boots with crampons/microspikes. Post-holed quite a bit near the summit so snowshoes should also be a consideration depending on weather conditions. High winds on the ridge the last mile or so. Hike was 10 miles roundtrip and the views were incredible. I could see both the Grand Canyon and Sedona from the summit. Also, AMS is real. If you’re coming from low elevation spend at least a night in Flagstaff to acclimate. You’ll feel better the day of your hike if you do.

18 hours ago

Couldn't make it to summit due to snow and wind but will return soon. One of the best games that I ever had.

icey bring crampons a d poles

1 day ago

First time hiking Humphreys and did it on 10/20 and the trail was covered in snow and thigh deep past the saddle. It took 4 hours to get to the top and 3 to get back down. Definitely bring layers, a face mask for the wind, and lots of snacks. The winds were around 30 mph at the top. This hike is really satisfying to complete and you will feel accomplished afterwords! My fit bit said it was 14 miles. It was a long hike either way be prepared. I would do this again but maybe once the snow melts.

So many people. I didn’t feel this was worth the time, make for a great insta photo but the views are not that great.

1 day ago

Pretty easy hike with a fairly steep incline at the end. The views from up top and the “devils bridge” are pretty amazing. Most of the hike is along a dirt road.

Awesome trail. Tricky in some spots as markers are not very clear. Breath taking view from the top makes it all worth it. Bring plenty of water to hydrate.

This was my first hike! It was beautiful, peaceful, quiet. Definitely made me fall in love with hiking and solidified the reason I moved to Arizona. It rained a bit, but it was still so much fun and an amazing first experience.

Great hike. moderately easy. The first half of the trail is not as interesting, (if you park in the main parking lot and walk, it is a ways until you get to the trailhead.) However if you have a 4x4 vehicle - you can enter the dirt path from the parking lot and drive up some to the trailhead and park- it will save you 30 minutes of not a lot of excitement before you get to this amazing hike. Views are stunning at the top. Cheers!

Great hike, but don’t forget your raincoat like I did. Busy in front, but as you make the turn toward Courthouse it breaks off and your the only person walking, except the newlyweds walking hand in hand in the rain. Great Hike if your in the area

Although very popular, this is a very beautiful hike!! The views along the whole trail are spectacular. There are some slight changes in elevation here and there but nothing too difficult.

Incredibly beautiful with great photo ops along the way and especially in the bridge itself! Moderate level, took us a total of 2 hours from parking lot to trailhead to bridge and back. (It was also lightly raining so that may have affected our time).

Thank goodness for this APP! We started out on Brins Mesa and it was absolutely beautiful. All the way to the top where it levels out, almost like your on a prairie. Planned on coming back down through Soldiers Pass to Jordan’s pass to Cibola Pass, but forgot to take Jordan’s Pass

First of all we parked in the Brins Mesa Trailhead. There were a few cars but the lot was definitely not full. We set out at about 11:00 am on Brins Mesa, connecting with Soldier's Pass, Jordans Trail and Cibola Pass to get back to the car around 3:15. We took our time hiking the trail as we were in no hurry and wanted to take in all the scenery around us. The views on this hike were spectacular. From the top of the mesa to walking through the valley, each view held its own beauty. The distance for the complete trip was around 7 miles. A little climbing up to the mesa and then again as you walk the Cibola Pass trail back to the car. However, slow and steady I did not find this hike to be difficult. This was a great hike and would suggest it to anyone willing to take a medium length hike at a moderate pace.

6 days ago

Got lost! Never made it! No idea why we couldn't find it. One day I hope to return and see it.

Great hike ! Beautiful views - moderate level

6 days ago

Pretty straight forward hike. You can drive down dry creek rd to the trailhead if you want to shorten the hike and get more time for other things. Not strenuous. Very cool views at the end and of course you need to walk across the bridge. Rock/stairs at end can be slippery so be careful.

nice trail, lots of great views all along the trail plus variability in the terrain. takes longer than you think - the highest point you see from the trailhead is only half the distance and half the altitude of the mountain.

8 days ago

As good as it gets. Well worth the effort to the top. Strava clocked it at about 10.5 miles. Trail is well marked...it was covered in snow yesterday. Lots of it. Definitely wear sunblock. Drank about 2L of water. Bring salty snacks. Dress in layers... you'll go from cold to hot the entire hike. This hike won't disappoint...I'll be back again soon.

Great hike with many wonderful views.

Beautiful hike with even better views! The trail was very busy when we went around 10:00 am. The trail was more difficult than I expected but worth it once you get to the bridge. There is some climbing involved but my dog didn’t have a problem with it.

The hike up to the plateau was great. The views were awesome! The only drawback on this trail is when doing the loop, the trail is NOT marked at all! And I mean NOT at all. To make matters worse, the trail st the top of the loop heading down soldiers pass was completely washed out! We got out by using god on our cell phone!
It is beautiful, but would suggest using the short cut across toSoldiers Pass until the trail is back!

Worthwhile hike. Couple in mid sixties, experienced hikers. We started at 7:30 am Saturday to beat crowds. We saw about 8 other hikers, all friendly.

The natural bridge is all that other reviewers have described. It is at least 8 feet wide at the narrowest and even those with vertigo should not worry. Just use common sense. We were back down to the trailhead by 9:30. The trail was getting very crowded by then.

We drove the VERY rocky road up from the highway. Our Subaru Outback handled it, but be careful that you have at least 8 inches ground clearance for your vehicle.

8 days ago

Well traveled trail, solid payoff and great morning hike

Great drive to the trail head in the JLU and the hike from there was about an hour round trip! Great views!!!

A must to see

Add this to your list, you won’t regret it! We arrived around 9:20am on a Wednesday and were able to find parking at the TH at Dry Creek. Took about 1 hr to get the the bridge. Relatively flat until you get close to the bridge about the last 10 minutes with extremely steep and vertical stone stairs to get up there. Once you are up the views are spectacular! When we got up there were only a few other and taking turns for pictures was easy. Started to get really crowded at the bridge around 11:00 and we headed back down. When we left there were a ton of cars parked out on the street as the parking lot was full. Highly recommend this one!!!

10 days ago

Pretty epic climb! My friend and I summited two weeks ago. It took a lot of physical strength and endurance, took us about 6 hours to the top and then another 5 back down at a very leisurely pace. We saw lots of people along the way, no wild life to speak of, amazing views thou once we got out of the forest and up to the saddle. Felt a little light headed at the top from high altitude but it wasn’t bad. Bring a lot of snacks, layers and wear excellent ankle support- the trail especially after saddle is very rocky. My iphone health app said we did 14 miles, climbed 200 stories and did 30,000 steps, holy moly!

11 days ago

• the trail is completely covered with snow (on 10/10). I started the hike at 9am and most of the snow was icy and slippery. When I made it to the ridge, it was difficult to locate the trail (had to watch for trail marker poles). On the way back, from 1 to 2pm, the snow was slushy as it began quickly melting
• the wind at the ridge was no joke, especially the last few hundred feet, forecast says it picked up to around 30mph.
• I completed the hike in around 5hrs, but this one is not a joke and involves stamina and knowing your body limits.

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