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Sedona, Arizona Map

Unbelievable how the castle was constructed. Also provides a fresh perspective on how good we have it with modern conveniences.

2 days ago

I went with my 4-year-old, and we got as far as the first opportunity to walk into the river, and he planted us there for about two hours, skipping stones - or trying to...It is super beautiful, and really easy to get to. But I didn't get all the comments about four parking spots. I made sure I was in the right place. I even asked the parking attendant, whose advice to me was not to believe everything I read on the internet.

3 days ago

Beautiful easy path through canyon. When you get to sign that reads ”end of maintained path” keep going. Once above the tree line you can see Bell Rock on the horizon. The path is than a bit rugged and a little hard but will get you to the back of the canyon.

Worth stopping for. Limited parking availability.

fun, cant wait to take my friends here

Fun trail, found the sink hole, but the rest of the path to 7 pools were not marked well

Awesome hike, parked at the trailhead and then hiked the long way up past chuckwagon. Amazing views from the arch.

Very nice, relatively easy, and short hike. Toward the mountain) or where you might loop back) it becomes a crap shoot as to where the trail goes. Bring the app to help guide you back. Quite lovely!

4 days ago

Top 5 in Arizona

Great views, easy short trail. Definitely a must do!

5 days ago

Amazing Trail, Amazing Views! Worth the climb to magnificent magic!

6 days ago

Beautiful and fairly easy hike. Well worth the view from the top. I started early - around 6am and had the summit all to myself for about 30 minutes - by the time I got down many people were hiking the trail. Doing it early is advisable not only because it’s cooler, but also because it will be less crowded. Well worth doing.

Gorgeous trail! Not too difficult but still burns some calories. Great for families and dogs. Pay attention to trail markers we got off trail a few times on accident especially near the end.

very easy, got kind of lost on the way back but fairly easy to get back on the trail

7 days ago

Great hike with amazing views. Some steeps spots towards the top so be cautious if you’re not an experienced hiker or not wearing correct footwear. Also, if you are hiking in summer months be sure to bring a lot of water—YOU WILL NEED IT! The bridge at the end of the hike is an amazing photo op and well worth the hike. A MUST SEE!! Love this hike.

trail running
8 days ago

This a wonderful trail for running and the sand makes it easier on your joint but also increases your work out load. $10 for parking

On a cross country roadtrip, I made a stop here and hiked this lovely trail. Very different to Washington’s mountains, but it was amazing!
Red sand and views to die for. Highly recommend. Bring lots of water, it gets very hot.

Took all the kids and had little whining. Fantastic views of Twin Sisters and the Madonna and Child. Chicken Point was a bit crowded with Ponk Jeeps but still worth the views of Village of Oak Creek and Submarine Rock. We couldn’t find the loop part of the hike so we just went back the way we came.

9 days ago

This was a beautiful hike. Be weary of the heat and bring plenty of water if it's summer. The top is absolutely worth it!

10 days ago

Beautiful hike but not as scenic as people make it seem. A fairly easy trail, the only thing that makes it mildly strenuous is the sand. Get here an hourly/45 minutes early so that you can get a spot in the parking area and $10 in cash. Reiterating what the tips tabs says: bring water shoes if you wish to hike past the end of the trail to explore some more or camp. Oh and bring hand-sanitizer, especially if you plan on using the restroom in the park before/after the hike :)

10 days ago

My 6 year old thought it was awesome and fun. We saw lizards and bunnies. Lots of great views of the mountains. (This is her first review on all trails lol) She wants to know what others think of the trail

10 days ago

Great hike up! This app takes you the longer way, but if you go down long canyon road and park in the parking lot it’s a 4 mile hike round trip. If you have a vehicle appropriate for dirt roads you can go right up to the trail head and it’d be about 2 miles round trip. The views were incredible. The trail was labeled well also. Not a huge crowd probably due to the heat in mid afternoon.

10 days ago

Great views,
A few steep segments , but not too bad.

Bridge itself was much wider than anticipated.

Drove to the trail head parking lot with a 2WD not so new with average clearance SUV, I made it in and out OK but I was regretting it the whole time.

Completed Devil's bridge and Cathedral rock on the same morning. Devil's bridge seemed easier to me.

10 days ago

Great views
Poor trail signaling
Not too steep, not too long...
The file on the app was a loop with a "line attached to the loop" I followed that line and the trial ended, and pretty much had to turn right to followed the trail and before I knew it I was in soldier pass spur, which connected to mesa brin , and decided to turn around.
I was expecting to pretty much have the arches jump out in front of me.

Also, parking lot fits about 14 cars I believe...

Do some research If you want to get to the arches or caves, the pass, etc...

Easy hike. Great views.

11 days ago

Offroad permit required in advance.

Nice easy trail. First hike for my 8 year old and he liked it. Plenty of shady spots along the trial. Good intro for kids.

13 days ago

Good hike and great views

Loved every minute of it! So many breathtaking views! We went to the end and then went back into the water a ways, absolutely stunning.

13 days ago

Gorgeous and friendly people. I went from mescal trail head parking.

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