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Sedona 2017 Map

Beautiful not crowded!

Very beautiful, lots of shade and seen lots of Blue Jays

I love Boynton Canyon - beautiful red rocks and amazing positive energy throughout!

7 days ago

loved this trail, though there is a lot of noise from the resort and some of the rocky areas make it more moderate than easy. great sunrise photos of color on the red rocks

I actually got lost but the hike was great!

10 days ago

A neat trail that is fairly scenic, but not overly so. You get a bit of canyon views and canyon river and not overly crowded like some trails / parking in Sedona.

19 days ago

We loved this Trail! Just enough difficulty to make it challenging and a great reward at the end when you get to Oak Creek. The views are spectacular. highly recommend this hike for someone looking for about a 2-hour hike.

Great hike. the trail starts by a resort which is loud. once you're past it, the trail is beautiful.

The thing about Sedona trails, is that every one is amazing, and they’re just different. It’s like being in a restaurant where every dish is amazing, but there for different tastes.

I continue to be baffled by the AllTrails rating system. To call this one easy is ludicrous. It is a little over 3 miles out, a steady uphill climb of nearly 900 feet. The path has only a few easy stretches, most of it is ankle-busting roots and rocks. Sections of clambering especially last few hundred yards. The first part is more open and sunny, then it enters cool dense forest, and finishes close to the canyon walls.

Took me two hours, hiking fast and jogging in spots.

Although the Hilton “Enchantment” resort is in view for quite a long way, it is not bothersome, it is only to the left and it is built into the cliffs.

A solid moderate with a difficult finish.

Great first day hike to do to warm the legs up. Easy to do for all levels. Hiking thru the tall pines is beautiful and at the end looking back thru the canyon viewing it from the top is a pretty view.

1 month ago

I would rate this hike as moderate due to the length and the steep scramble to the top.
The trail takes you through diverse terrain from desert to wooded forest.
Depending on the time of year, you should leave early. We left around 8:30A, (September 15) and by the time we completed the hike, the temp was 92F.

2 months ago

An easy walk with closer view of red rock

2 months ago

Perfect hike for the puppy. Not very many big boulders to try to climb with him. He loved the creek at the end. Spent time there so he could play in the water.

Walked to Midgely Bridge on 89A from town to go swimming. Worst idea ever. Never do this. Walked back using this trail. Was a lifesaver. Also a really nice trek back to town with good views of surrounding area.

2 months ago

All-around great hike - red rocks, some shady trees and nice payoff at Oak Creek. Use caution when crossing the creek on stepping stones.

I first did this trail over 20 years ago before civilization began encroaching on the beginning of the trail. It is still a wonderful trail once you get past the resort and housing at the start,

A little disappointing of a hike for Sedona standards. The trail is closer to 6.7 miles and the best views are near the beginning of the trail. It is well shaded in the trees, but pretty boring. There is a pretty good view of the canyon at the end of the hike, but I would recommend a different hike in Sedona.

it's a great trail and isn't hard but a lot of lose gravel on the trail so lots of spots one can slip if your not paying attention.

Overall really fun hike. Not too hard. There’s a lot of sun exposure for the first couple of miles so make sure to bring lots of water! The water features are worth the hike!

Exposed with little shade. Swimming in creek was the best part!

3 months ago

Beautiful scenery but disappointed by the end of the trail. It doesn't really go anywhere and just peters out to nothing. Well worth doing though. Also very few other people out on this trail which is a definite bonus!

Great hike! Mostly easy to follow!

3 months ago

This was a beautiful trail that had a NW woodsy area as well as views of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. It had a nice climb up then back down and up again. The end involves some steeper climbing and ended with a beautiful view in the canyon! Sedona and it’s trails are stunning! I’d call this moderate due to the climbing. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Very nice trail and pretty easy. A bit hot at the start so take plenty of water. The cool stream at the end is well worth the journey. It was very quiet too - I only came across three people on the entire hike.

4 months ago

Beautiful views, although not as much water and creek as we had hoped. There is not much cover so definitely prepare for the sun and heat. We went on a Sunday around noon and didn’t see many people. Bring lots of water.

I hiked this trail with my mom during the first week of July. It gets hot, so go early in the morning, and if you want to make it to the very end, bring enough water. I really liked hiking this trail, it’s beautiful. Except for hiking so close to a residential area (the Enchantment Resort and several homes), this is a beautiful hike. If you get there early enough, there is plenty of shade. Once it hit 11am, the sun was almost above us and we were mostly exposed and it did get hot. So worth it, had a very nice time.

Beautiful canyons and view points along the way. The trail was nice and easy to navigate. We spent about 5 hours on this hike with lots of stops along the way for our dog. In the morning there is a decent amount of shade however once you hit the afternoon sun it does become mostly sun.

4 months ago

Great trail. The end is near when it gets steep

4 months ago

Good trail for light hiking jogging. Some views, 2 really nice stream crossovers.

4 months ago

Tough in 100 degrees but as long as your prepared it’s a great hike. Tougher than it seems but fun.

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