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3 days ago

3 days ago

We enjoyed this hike with varied terrain and pretty views....keep an eye out for snakes.

10 days ago

Great hike. Loved the views. Lots of places for nice photos. Unfortunately my husband slowed me down. Ended up taking 2 1/2hours start to finish.

Trail was a nice afternoon hike, but I wouldn’t say it was Moderate. I would categorize as Easy.
You can make the hike longer and more intense by climbing the Summit. The trail for the summit it on the back side.

Uncrowded, easy.

This is a good workout. Tough on the knees on the way down. There are a few false summits and I recommend stopping at the last one for rest and a snack before you make the final push as there aren’t any good spots for that at the summit.

18 days ago

We didn’t expect this hike to be as long/difficult as it was. We clocked it at just under 5 miles and about 1900 ft elevation gain. There are about 3 humps/false summits before you reach the top. Btw, the top isn’t the first red rock you see from the parking lot. It’s way behind. Fun hike with good views though!

19 days ago

Well marked trail right now as long as you follow the white paint signs. Good workout good views. Leave time for the way down - it’s a little slow with the rocks.

21 days ago

Smooth and relatively easy hike on a good sunny day in November. Hiked up with my 3 years old kid on the back - 3 hours loop with a few stops to eat and take pictures.
Very clear path with white marks on the ground.

Beautiful little hike. Came across a few people but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

24 days ago

for the younger folks: You will do fine if you are in good shape.

for older folks: bring a pole. it will come in handy on return trip when your legs are a little tired and you need to get over the high steps.

Not an easy hike unless you are used to this altitude and do this on a regular basis. also i recommend getting an early start (8am). for two reasons. one is for parking which gets full quick especially on weekends and two because the sun is on you the entire way up. its a bit chilly with early start so u will need a sweater.

Strenuous but not perilous. There are plenty of flat spots to properly place your feet securely, and those places where you are walking on inclined rocks have clean grippy surfaces which do not lead to an imminent cliff. Similar stair-stepping typical of the Northeast like the AT or White mountains, a well maintained trail. Plenty of white painted hash marks to keep you from veering off. As for middle-aged knees: mine aren’t great anymore but I don’t trust trekking poles on steep descents. I prefer slowing it down and using my hands to keep good balance on surrounding surfaces while extending the foot downward to a secure foot placement. This trail allowed for that and for the confidence that if you slip you won’t go far and slide into an abyss like some of the other trails around Sedona. Another bonus of this trail is the great perspective down into Fay Canyon. We did Fay in the earlier AM then Bear starting midday, round trip for the latter being 4hours 20minutes at a steady pace. A great day!

27 days ago

Great hike, tremendous views of Sedona as well as a Flagstaff.

Fantastic hike. Definitely challenging but not the monster the sign at the start makes it out to be. We finished in 3.5 hours including a solid 40 minute lunch break at the summit. However since it's November, the temperatures were ideal and I can see this being a real grind during the hot season. Bring plenty of water and food no matter the season, sunscreen up because there's not a ton of shade, and be kind to your poor knees and bring your poles for the descent. The parking lot has a vending machine for Red Rock passes now if you're only here a couple days and don't want to spring for the annual, and there's good toilets. ~20 parking spaces with plenty of room for parallel parking on the street if the lot fills up.

The hike itself is a total stunner, and never boring. There are some quite steep, almost scrambly sections that really spice it up, and you traverse 4 or 5 fascinatingly different geologic sections. The trail is well marked with white diamond blazes spray painted on the rock, and they are oriented in the direction the trail leads. This shouldn't present any kind of a route-finding challenge for anyone who's hiked in the desert southwest and knows to look for cairns or other markers when the trail isn't obvious, but for those newer hikers, just make sure you look down from the insane views from time to time. And the views. WOW. Easily a top 3 Sedona hike for views. You not only get an amazing look back at all the amazing and familiar red rock formations of Sedona while you're on the way up, but you get a lovely panorama out south, west, and northwest, giving you a look at several different mountain ranges as well as HS Canyon immediately below you to the west, and Secret Mountain and Mount Humphreys to the north. It also was pleasantly free of crowds. No bottlenecks here. Although today, we did pass a large group who (amazingly) had hiked up to witness their friends be married at the summit. A wedding venue for the ages to be sure.

Well worth the effort and highly recommended.

Loved it! Best one so far, challenging but totally doable.

1 month ago

Hardest trail we’ve done in Sedona by far. Feelin my glutes and hammies today. Best views and super peaceful at the top. Worth every step!

My wife and I took our 4 year old son on this hike. While it's not the most scenic trail, we were stoked that our little one finished the loop like a boss. Nice easy hike, especially if you have little kids with you.

Some nice views. More people than I expected on this Sunday afternoon considering it is rated as difficult and moderately trafficked. However, I was still able to experience some quiet peacefulness at times.

Did the loop in 2 hours, with my family. Managed a little scramble up the Bell Rock :)
Started at 1PM and still was a pleasant hike. Got lucky!
Fantastic vistas of Sedona, all the way.
Will do this again next season.

It’s very steep and very sunny. All around fantastic hike. About 1/3 of the way through we lost the trail and scrambled up a Tallis slope for .2 miles. This is a very bad idea; however, if you do choose this route you will be rewarded with many loose rocks and thorny bushes. At the top of the mountain there is a cliff. I would recommend not falling off of this as there are many thorny bushes at the bottom. On the way down we met a dog named snickers. Allergic to chocolate like most dogs and fully aware of this irony, snickers informed us of some thorny bushes to avoid on the right side of the trail. Thank you snickers.

Easy hike with beautiful views!!

1 month ago

This was my first time up the trail, and let me just say, the views are absolutely breathtaking. There were other hikers but it wasn’t over-trafficked which awesome because it led to some great conversations on the trail.

Make sure you bring an abundance of water since it is a fairly grueling hike. There are plenty of opportunities to catch your breath, rehydrate and take in some scenery.

I highly recommend this hike!

1 month ago

My friend and I did this hike on Saturday (10/13). We started our trek around 10 am and arrived back at the trailhead close to 1 pm (even though it says on the trail sign that it takes 5 hours to complete).

We lucked out that morning with just a few clouds in the sky and a pleasant temperature of around 65 degrees.

However, the weather changed quite drastically as we reached the summit, and it rained for the duration of our descent. We were actually the very last people on the mountain, as everyone else either started early or turned back before the storm closed in. This could have been a somewhat treacherous trek down with the amount of exposure and slick rock we had to traverse, but we managed to make it down unharmed, as we were patient and took our time.

We were absolutely SOAKED once we got back to our vehicle, but it was well worth it! This is definitely quite the challenging hike, as it is not just a straight up incline to the top, but takes you on a roller coaster ride of inclines and descents that really wears you down as the trail progresses.

This is a phenomenal hike that provides you with magnificent views of the Sedona valley the whole way up! I would highly recommend this trek for all experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge and a way to escape the crowds.

Tip: Make sure you pay the $5 park entrance fee at the lot across the street from the trail in order to enter the Red Rock State Park.

Did the hike yesterday. Snow actually not that bad yet. Good time to sneak in a hike before it accumulates.

One of the best viewing hikes we’ve ever done near Sedona. Challenging yet some parts were easy. A few Rock scrambles and some incredible vistas to be seen from such a high elevation. It took us 5 hours and we stopped up top to eat our lunch. Greatly appreciated the white markers on the rocks.Amazing and be sure to pack lots of water. Not much shade on this hike . We started at 9:30 am and were happy to have some cloudy parts to the day. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Kisva is an easy trail, but we added parts of the Bunkhouse, Apache Fire, and Javalina Trails to expand our hike to about 3.5 miles. Lots of bird activity. Kisva is the Hopi word for Shady Water, and is an apt description of this shady riverside trail.

A beautiful and challenging hike! Went looking for the Fall colors, but found Winter instead. Almost no Aspens left except for the Aspens at lower elevations. Also, lots of snow right now. I'm 5"2 and snow was up to the top of my calves through the Abineau part of the loop. very chilly so make sure you dress appropriately. There were some steep parts covered in ice or mud, so be sure to bring a trustworthy tree branch to accompany your hike if you're a clutz like me. ☺️

We made it to the trailhead with a low clearing vehicle. If you're not worried about a couple scuffs and you can drive carefully, then you'll be fine. look for mile marker 9123J if the GPS cuts out on you. Right before this is a giant hidden rock that will hurt your car. BEWARE. Other than that the road after this marker will lead you to the trail head, there's plenty of parking there.

It’s relatively easy to go off trail. Pay attention to the paint markers!

great trail

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Tricky in some spots as markers are not very clear. Breath taking view from the top makes it all worth it. Bring plenty of water to hydrate.

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