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Breath taking both figuratively and literally.

Great fun and short. Getting down was a hoot.

Pretty easy til you get towards the top skinny rocks to get through then a little harder!

Absolutely beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. We explored the area to the left of the end of trail sign. This hike was worth the scrambling.

Loved this hike. A must at sunset.

14 days ago

Short but challenging technical hike with a few rock scramble areas. Views are worth the climb!

We started at Crescent Moon Ranch and took Baldwin to Templeton to Cathedral Rock. We went up ...quite a fun and challenging scramble. At the top we went around to the left and up...to a great lookout. Back down and headed to Bell Rock. Of course we had to climb this too! Gorgeous views. Then retraced our Templeton route 7 miles back home. Started at 730. Returned at 330. Checkmark day! My favorite day of the trip.

Great easy-moderate trail. If you want to make it to the top, watch out for a bouldering part that could be tricky!

17 days ago

Very crowded, but not the hike's fault. Lovely and just enough of a challenge for an early morning workout.

Very challenging rock scramble up...up..up! Loved it.

I wouldn’t rate this as hard (in my opinion, it’s an easy-to-moderate trail), but there’s a quick though short elevation change. The views at the top are incredible, one of my favorite hikes in Sedona.

all that and a bit more
early is good
gloves are good
rock or hiking tread is a must

on Cathedral Rock Trail

19 days ago

LOVE the sign at the top - “End of Trail”. The other side of the sign is a steep drop-off! Too funny! Great feeling to get to the top of this formation! Follow the small paint trail markers on the rocks.

great run, just dont slip!

One of our favorites. Never boring and the views are amazing no matter where you are on the hike. Tough scrambles in spots which is why it’s marked hard. Could be a challenging descent for kids less than ~10.

22 days ago

A bit crowded with tourists, but semi-challenging at parts. Beautiful views.

22 days ago

What a fun hike. Definitely difficult but the views were worth the effort. Short, steep, scramble toward the top.

Nice hike, and a pretty decent workout for how short it is. Some pretty views and some fun steep sections.
A bit crowded on a Saturday morning and the parking situation was a mess. $5 fee to park and too confusing to figure out if a National Park covers it based on the signs, so I just paid.

Beautiful little hike. Came across a few people but otherwise had the trail mostly to ourselves.

Get there before 8 to have a relaxing hike up. If you get there late you may be sharing the trail with a lot kids, screaming tourists, dogs, and many other inconsiderate people that come with popular hikes. Fun little morning scramble though and the views are well worth it.

Beautiful hike! Amazing views

25 days ago

Spectacular trail from start to finish. Moderate climb. We took it to the top of the elevation gain with great views of Cathedral Rock, about 2 miles. People suffering from severe vertigo might not like this trail. Anyone with just a healthy respect for heights should be fine.

This hike is very challenging but well worth it to see the spectacular views! Not meant for shoes that have no grip.

27 days ago

There is one part where it's bad, but it's the only place that it is that bad. Otherwise I was not scrambling.

27 days ago

Very pretty loop with nice views of Cathedral Rock. It was quite a bit longer than 2 miles, though, according to my pedometer. Probably closer to 3. We started on the creek side and went clockwise, which turned out to be more difficult, but it was still really lovely. Almost everyone else was coming the opposite way and had more downhill.

28 days ago

This trail gets 5 stars because the views along the way and the view at the top is totally worth it - but it is definitely a difficult trail. I would consider it more rock-climbing as there are multiple places where I was crawling on my hands/knees. I took my 60 pound boxer and had to lift him up/down in a couple spots. Even if you're in shape, the elevation changes so quickly it gets hard to breathe - my suggestion is take a couple breaks along on the way up and enjoy the views!

Awesome hike up...views along the way are fantastic. We came in via Yavapai trail head and hiked Slim Shady to Templeton to get to bottom of Cathedral Rock Trail. We didn't do the Templeton loop and just backtracked so round trip it was 11km for the whole trip. Slim Shady and Templeton were easy and very few people.

29 days ago

Fantastic trail. Wife thought because distance was short it would be easy. Be prepared!

We went 2 days ago, and it is definitely a hard trail. Some spots we were using all fours to climb. So worth it at the top. Windy and somewhat cold so bring that extra layer, hat, and gloves to keep warm.

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