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Favorite hike in Sedona with breathtaking views at the end. Worth it to take a high clearance 4x4 to avoid the additional walk from the parking lot to the trailhead which is easy, but rocky and somewhat boring. Fairly easy for most of the hike until the scramble to the top which requires some pretty fun climbing to the summit.

Highly recommend this beautiful hike.

Had a wonderful day exploring Sedona, including a hike up to Devil's Bridge. Absolutely breathtaking views!

Definitely worth the views at the end. I can get vertigo with heights and steep elevations. I almost didn't make it to the top because there is a steep rocky scramble just before you reach the bridge but a lot of people of the trail encouraged me and helped me through. Glad I did the whole thing! There are a couple of great lookouts on the way up to stop and rest. The trail signs recommend you bring 1 gallon of water, I had about 70oz and drank every drop in the heat during May. No bathrooms on the trail of course but you'll sweat it out anyway! Bathrooms are available at the parking lot. There are a couple of trails that can all lead to Devil's bridge so just be sure to remember which way you came/went. I think most of the trails lead back to the same parking lot so if all else fails just walk the ORV path back and you'll find the parking lot.

A little disappointing of a hike for Sedona standards. The trail is closer to 6.7 miles and the best views are near the beginning of the trail. It is well shaded in the trees, but pretty boring. There is a pretty good view of the canyon at the end of the hike, but I would recommend a different hike in Sedona.

Devils Bridge Trail was worth the hike! It was easy to find. Google maps will lead you to the Devil Bridge Parking Lot where passenger vehicles must park. There is a road that goes to the trailhead but it is only for jeeps and buggies and other vehicle s similar to that. There is a parking lot and it was free and a few spaces when we arrived around 2pm. Not many people were there the day we went which was Thursday a weekday. The trail does not start at the parking lot. There is a dirt road which must be taken in order to reach the trailhead. This road is not difficult. It is flat and very rocky but doable. The trail head for Devils Bridge will be clearly marked. I would say 70% of the hike up is easy to moderate level. It is a slight incline with lots of rocks. Just before the bridge the trail is moderately difficult. There will be stair-like rocks that take you all the way to the Bridge. Be careful on these rocks because the sand is fine therefore making the rocks slippery. I am 21 and have not exercised in a year and am scared of heights however this trail was easier than expected and shorter than expected. We went in August so the weather was nice with partially cloudy and partially sunny. Brings lots of water. I went with four people and we each drank 3 16oz bottles.

I was extremely nervous to take this hike because of some extreme reviews. However if you are in good health and good spirit then this hike is definitely a must do! I enjoyed it and the views were worth the climb!

Hiked Devil's Bridge this morning and the views are amazing! I drove to the parking area with my Subaru Outback and it was bumpier and more steep than I anticipated, I would recommend a higher clearance vehicle. Like others have mentioned get there in the morning to avoid the crowd and heat!

I did it today, it’s really nice but bring a lot of water with you

The view at the end his so nice, it was the best hike of my life !!!!

4 days ago

Love this hike. The views are worth it. Only downside is how busy it is at the top. People will stand in line to have their solo moment on the bridge and literally just make people wait until their 50 spread photo shoot is over. Unless you're like me and you walk across the bridge to sit at the end of it, out of their picture. Sorry, not sorry.

Easy walking trail mostly on red sand. Highly recommend climbing the rock wall at the end of the trail - AMAZING views of Sedona!

Outstanding hike. End view worth the “stairs”. If you can hike Piestewa in Phoenix you can easily do this.

8 days ago

Hard to imagine the views in Sedona getting much better than this. Easy to find the trailhead - just follow the rough dirt 'road' that is accessible only by high-clearance SUVs.

It's a rather easy walk to the vertical portion, and there is some minor scrambling to reach the top. So many trails in Sedona - we picked this one because of the uniqueness, and were rewarded with throngs of people just like us: the trail can be crowded and noisy.

Easy hike through a dried out creekbed. No waterfall at the end.

Great moderate hike with great views from the top.

Easy in/out , ending in the rock slide. If you go down into the dry creek, you. an go farther up the canyon.

The first 3/4 of the hike is easy. The last quarter is steep a considerably more difficult. Getting to the bridge is well worth it. Beautiful views throughout the entire hike but the last view was unbelievable. Highly recommend checking this off your bucket list!

19 days ago

Beautiful views at the end. Go up the rocks after the end of maintained trail sign and you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of bell rock.

20 days ago

A nice beginners hike for our family. We have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. They loved it! We didn’t see a cave or waterfall, but had a nice resting area at the end of the maintained trail. Opportunity to climb up higher, but we were unable to because of our littles. Would love to come back again when the weather is a little cooler.

Beautiful hike. The bridge is something to behold. We all went out and took pictures it wasn’t till we were hiking back that my daughter says “I wonder if anyone has fallen off?” Be careful, but it is large piece of land to stand on, so it’s not so scary until you see the pictures.
Get there early to avoid the crowd!

Beautiful, beautiful place. Not a super challenging hike, but epic scenery, environs.

Great hike! And great view at the end.

deinitely a challenge at the end up to the bridge portion of the trail, bit totally worth it for the views.

Easy trail that would be fun for a family with younger kids. The end of the trail is a road, which is kind of disappointing if your used to hiking to a summit. Either way it has beautiful views and you get pretty close to snoopy rock!

23 days ago

Although this trail was easy (flat and 2.4 miles), it was perfect for me to do after hiking a longer trail the day before. The directions on how to get to this trail's parking lot were spot-on by both Apple maps & Google maps. The parking lot had 30 spaces, and a bathroom.
The only other hikers I saw on this trail, on a Tuesday in July, were 2 families - one with small children who never made it to the end, and another family who passed me on their way out. Even better, because this trailhead is about 8 miles from West Sedona, there was no sound pollution - no sirens, nor could I hear cars passing by the trailhead on the road in. That road was minimally traveled.
I don't expect this trail has a ton of traffic compared to some of the trails that are in-town, which is, imo, the beauty of this trail. Personally, I go into nature to avoid humans. :-)
To get to the trail, you cross the street. You're greeted with a sign identifying the trail, and a notice that the recent bear activity is now a non-issue because they had to euthanize the bear. The animal nature I encountered on my hike included whiptail lizards, squirrels, bluejays and robins. It was serene and lovely.
This trail is NOT open to mountain bikers.
The trail is powdery at first, and about 5-6 ft wide; but soon thereafter is a harder surface on which to walk. Occasionally the width reduces to 3-4 ft.
Because you're walking through a valley, your views are above and around you, but they are somewhat obstructed by the tree cover. This is exactly why I chose this trail - it was 50% shady for me on a 100-degree day. Although there was no creek water on the way, the shade made it easy to do because I had enough water.
There is a sign at the end of the trail, notifying you that the maintained part of the trail has ended. What faces you are the red rocks - an opportunity to scramble the rocks for a higher view. That scramble isn't hard at all IF YOU HAVE PROPER HIKING SHOES WITH GRIP. In some places, climbing those rocks is more like climbing stairs; but, there are other spots that are a little trickier, hence the need for grippy hiking shoes.
Overall, this trail was just what I needed - an instant fix of the beautiful majesty that is Sedona. I highly recommend this trail to all hikers of any level. For those who are less experienced, without grippy hiking shoes, or without enough water, I do not recommend you scramble the rocks for the higher views after you meet the end of the maintained trail, which is clearly marked.

Some rock scrambling, amazing view

26 days ago

Breathtaking. There are so many stops along this trail that offer amazing views.

Couple of pointers:
- if you have a truck/equipped SUV you will be able to take the “road”, Vultee Arch/Dry Creek Road that leads to the start of the trail. This will save you a couple of miles

- bring lots of water

- bring a backpack, you will need two hands to get up and down the end of the trail, very steep

- wear non-slip shoes, the trail is very steep and the rocks are slippery

- the bridge is amazing. You can access it easily from the right side (looking at the bridge). If you are scared of heights don’t worry. Once you walk out you don’t feel like you’re walking on a bridge. It’s wider than you think.

- it would be beautiful to go at sunset

- dogs: great at the bottom and middle of the trail but very steep and narrow paths for top of the hill. We have two German Shepherds who we take hiking and I wouldn’t want them near some of the drop offs by the bridge

Favorite trail we did in Sedona.

26 days ago

Nice intermediate hike with options to connect to trails leading to Bell Rock or Chapel of the Holy Cross. Perfect distance. Partially shaded, but be sure to bring plenty of water.Great views!

Definitely a must do in Sedona. I wouldn’t do it again however since it was very crowded but it was a great little workout.

Great hike! Mostly easy to follow!

27 days ago

This was a beautiful trail that had a NW woodsy area as well as views of the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. It had a nice climb up then back down and up again. The end involves some steeper climbing and ended with a beautiful view in the canyon! Sedona and it’s trails are stunning! I’d call this moderate due to the climbing. Enjoy!

Trail is moderate, gets narrow near the end, towards the cabin. I would not take a stock vehicle. Driving in to the hiking trail will save a lot of time but requires clearance. Pack extra water for the hike. It's a must see.

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