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32 minutes ago

I would call this more of a leisure walk, not a hike. Very good for small kids and older outdoor enthusiasts. Saw a couple small deer walk out into the meadow, obviously not afraid of people that were on the trail. Paved trail the whole way, but a nice walk. Nice views!!

Easy enough to do, although some uphills in parts - about 1,000 feet increase in elevation. Great views of the mountains, lakes, valleys and some wildlife. Even saw a fox that was not at all afraid of us!

Started the trail at sunrise today and loved every aching minute of the 7 hours it took us to finish the hike!

I'd recommend an early start if you want to avoid the crowds. We met maybe a handful of people on our way up to the Burroughs and didn't have any issues with parking at the trailhead. It's definitely chilly early in the morning though, so bring a jacket and wear layers.

I did the trail counterclockwise and loved watching the sun come up over the mountains, especially as we were heading up to the First Burrough. The climb up to the Second is steady but manageable (on our way down, we saw plenty of families with small children on the trail). And I will say that even though you'll see most people stopping at the Second Burroughs, definitely continue on to the Third! It's about 800 ft of steady climbing, but so worth it.

I would recommend that if you plan on doing the full 9-10 mile hike to bring water, sun protection, and maybe a snack. Although watch out for the ground squirrels! They know no fear when it comes to food.

One of the best hikes at this park. A lot of people stop at the second Burrow, but the most dramatic view is at the third. Enter clockwise if you want continuous views that blow your mind. Couldn’t stop to eat without chipmunks trying to nibble at your hands or looking in your backpack. Don’t feed wildlife!

I did this hike with my kids and it was great. we stopped at the lake so the kids could dip their feet. A bit of an up hill at the end that they weren't thrilled about but they did it.

I hiked this yesterday and it was definitely beautiful. I never got tired of the views. Also, it is a short hike. The whole thing took about an hour and a half with lots of breaks.
I feel like the elevation listed here might be inaccurate because we had to take a lot of breaks and it felt steep. The way there is a little steep. However, I am pretty out of shape and it only took us 50 minutes to reach the lake.
The other issue was BUGS. The flies are miserable. When you are moving they are just a minor problem but as soon as we stopped to take a break they swarmed us. I didn't actually get bit by any, but I had to constantly swat at them. The mosquitos were pretty bad by the shady part of the lake as well.

Beautiful hike. Would love to go back and swim and be more prepared for the bugs. :)

11 days ago

One of the best hikes in the park

I have been on a lot of pretty trails and this one was just plain hard. Lots of steps and tons of flys. The view was nice but you could not get to the lake like I thought you could. It was not long but took a while because of all the steps but if you stopped flys were all over you BAD. So if steps are hard for you this is not a good trail for you.

Great hike and beautiful view but I wouldn’t have gone if I knew I had to pay $30 for a one day pass to go up there. Also way over crowded and a lot of tourist who don’t move out of the way for experienced hikers.

Great views of Rainier. Start early to beat crowds. Easy hike.

18 days ago

Pretty hike. Connected to several other trails.

on Sunrise Rim Trail

18 days ago

Pretty hike. Connected to several other trails, easy to continue on.

18 days ago

Great hike. Made it to 2nd Burroughs but did not continue since I didn’t have water or sun protection. Weather was amazing. Trail was easy to follow and connected with several other trails.

Mt. Rainier rates this as moderate, I would say it is moderate short hike, with a lot of steep stairs and descending. If you have weak knees , trekking poles are a must. The lake views are amazing, lots of flys! I mean lots, the whole trail. We sprayed off deep woods 3 times and it really didn’t help.

Bring bug spray!!!!

Loved this fun and challenging (for us) family hike. Views were amazing.

The view from here is always fantastic. We went clockwise which I think was better due to the rough terrain and a snowfield we had to traverse. Downhill would have been much more difficult. The only thing I didn’t like about the hike were the flies and mosquitoes. They were relentless every time we stopped to look at the mountain and take pictures. No way we were stopping for lunch here. Although they were annoying, I still would recommend this hike.

What an incredible hike! If you can get to the Third Burroughs, it’s worth it. Hiked this 7/22/18, and there was one short snow crossing between the First and Second Burroughs—this one is probably the most dangerous out of all the snow crossings (based on where you’d end up if you did slip and fall) but, there was a decent platform built up with footprints to step in so it wasn’t too slippery and didn’t seem too scary. There were 3 more snow crossings on the Third Burroughs—these were fairly easy to cross. Plus, if you did happen to slip and fall, you’d slide and still end up on the hiking path. People were crossing the snow in nike tennis shoes. Just do what you’d be comfortable with. A park ranger recommended taking the Frozen Lake trail on the way to the Burroughs and taking Sunrise Rim and Shadow Lake on the way back to Sunrise, and I think that is probably the more enjoyable way to hike this trail. Trails are well marked and well trafficked. The parking lot at Sunrise was very close to full around 10:30am on a Sunday. Don’t forget bug spray and sunscreen!

This is now one of my favorite hikes ! I combined this with Fremont lookout and did about 9 miles total. The weather was perfect, definitely bring sunscreen and BUG SPRAY for the top of the second Burrough. The views were spectacular and the trail is so easy to follow as everything is marked really well. I didn’t even need a map. Lastly, get there early ! I got there at 830 and the lot was at least 1/4 to 1/3 full. When i left at 2, the whole lot and road were full. Enjoy !

It was awesome)))

Worth every ache and pain I have in my body lol! You MUST arrive as early as possible. We got there at 8am and the parking lot was about 1/3 full. When we left about 12pm the lot was full and cars were parked all along the road. Then there was at least a 1 mile line up at the rangers station.

26 days ago

Several ways to do this hike. We went up to first Burroughs. That is the 5.3 hike. The lesser loop is like 3.3. Amazing views!! Go early. Waited in line for an hour to get in the park. Easy trail till you get to Shadow Lake then moderate to top of Burroughs. Don’t miss this one!! Worth the drive!

Beautiful views with lots of other hikers on a Saturday. Weather changes quickly and while we were hot climbing up we could have used light gloves while enjoying the views at the top looking out at the glaciers. We saw a large herd of mountain goats down one slope and one pika in the rocks. Really great hike that we all enjoyed.

you drive right up to the views so it's not really a hike but it is stunningly gorgeous. we we're lucky enough to experience a clear day, being able to see all the way to the Canadian Rockies. apparently it's typical to not even be able to see the water!

Love this hike!

Feels like cheating driving up to the top, but the views are amazing. Real easy trails up here. Gorgeous views all around. Got very lucky with visibility and were able to see all the way to the Canadian Rockies!

short and gorgeous. mostly exposed on ridge.

Great hike. I took my 8 and 4 year olds with me and they did fine. Steady incline thats not too steep. A couple good view points, most notably on the north east side of the trail. Its easier than snow and bench lakes just down the road, but not as pretty. Still a great hike. Will do again.

The stairs are a bit steep, but overall an easy hike. Bugs are heavy but it motivates you to keep moving. View are exceptional. Wildflowers are blooming, too!

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