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The trail has not been maintained in quite a while. Briars and branches are beginning to grow and in enclose the trail. The trail is still hike able but watch the briars.

Mandy, I too logged almost 10 miles on this trail, even though in several different sites it's listed as 6.1-6.8. it is a lovely trail but be prepared for the distance. also wear big spray..I spoke to the ranger at the gate and asked him about the distance, he said no, the trail is not 6ish miles. but I love hiking in this park. Trails are well maintained, and, as a solo female hiker, I've always felt safe.

Fun hike for the family... kids 3-6 handlers it fine!

10 days ago

Nice easy loop with a beautiful view of the lake.

This was a really well, maintained trail with plenty of shade along the way.
We are beginners but enjoyed the challenge. Elevation was nice, not too hard with roots and turns along the way.

We didn’t bring enough water, lesson learned. It was a great way to connect with nature and found great respect for the peace and beauty of it all.

Towards the very end of the trail we got turned around and took a trail that led to a dead end. We called the park officials and they were kind enough to point us in the right direction. ☺️ We didn’t get a chance to swim but will definitely come back and camp next time.
Very happy trail!! We had the whole place to ourselves. ✌

27 days ago

nice hike, measured 7.5 on app. quiet and in sync with the birds and nature.

1 month ago

Very pleasant trail. Took me awhile to get the hang of the signs at different trail intersections but a great loop around with lots of nature. I saw a lot of tiny frogs along the path. Just remember to bring lots of water!

2 months ago

Beautiful trail! We enjoyed our hike very much and saw butterflies, skinks, and vultures. The only thing I would have liked better is to see more of the lake. Though the trail encircles the lake, there aren't that many places to get a good view of the water.

2 months ago

I hope the pea gravel makes a come back the rocks so graciously delivered this week end are ankle breakers

2 months ago

Great beginners hike fits easily into my day. Somehow I managed 6030 steps in a little more than an hour .

Loved it. Very rooty, so watch your step.

Beautiful trail. Gators galore!

This is my weekly go to trail for something of a challenge compared to what else is available within an hour's drive of Spring. The lake view in the middle of the loop is always a great visual reward. The Facebook page is updated daily with park conditions and that's super helpful on busy holiday weekends.

3 months ago

The alligators freaked me out a bit but other than that was a nice hike on a pretty day! We somehow ended up doing 10 miles, I think because we started at prairie branch trail.

4 months ago

Easy trail! Not sure why it’s rated as moderate. Muddy in some spots but otherwise the trail is in great condition. It’s mostly a shaded trail which was nice. We saw a snake and a javelina. Seems to be a lot of mountain biking on this trail so just keep a heads up as most of them didn’t shout out to let you know they were behind/in front of us.

4 months ago

Used to come here as a kid (At least i think this is it... we called it the "Alligator Park"...) Great little park from what I remember! Lots of pavilions and grills. The walkway was well-maintained and had lots of docks along the way to get a better view of the gators and lily-pads and stuff.
I'll always remember the giant-ass gator that was sleeping on the trail. His head must've been 4' long, but nobody noticed him 'til we were within a dozen feet or so!

I only walked part of Bluestem Trail and part of Riverview Trail. Bluestem was pretty and I would like to hike all of it. However Riverview Trail was disappointing. It's wide like a single lane graveled road, but there is no clear view of the Brazos River. I could tell where the river but so much brush and trees separate you from it. Maybe at the very end you get to see the river, but I didn't find out. I turned around about halfway through the trail. Also very little shade on Riverview Trail.

5 months ago

Easy trail with a great chance to view wildlife / gators! Good trail for Brazos Bend (or any trail) newbies. Wide trail path with lots of scope for sharing the trail with runners, bikers, dogs and the like. Lots of viewing points as well.

7 months ago

Nice leisurely hike. Views are ok, mostly think piney woods but a fun hike on a nice day. Lots of people, all were very nice. Definitely an easy rating.

Check the maps on location before starting this hike. Over half was closed but it was a nice trail the parts we used.

Trail was partly closed due construction,...but im stupid and road around the barrier or sign and road the 7.1 miles on Thanksgiving weekend 2017. I just got a new specialized bike and there was a lot of roots but if you have a good bike you can go over them pretty easily especially if you're younger. I'm 48 and little bit overweight LOL. But I still can get over these roots pretty easily. Great workout for me. I wish people would post their age on here to tell how difficult the trail is. Obviously a person 25 years old and 185 lb is going to ride this Trail like it's nothing. Me I enjoyed it and it took some really good effort to get over some of the spots. You have a great time on this Trail.

Easy hike. Great for kids. I’ve seen up to 20 deer on this trail in the late afternoon. I’ve never seen a gator though. Lots of Hogs at times as well.

10 months ago

Loved it! ❤️

Lots of roots !

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Amazing hiking! I'll come back for sure!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Lots of big spiders

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

There was a lot of construction on the trail.

mountain biking
Saturday, July 08, 2017

Great trails. Clean and offers different challenges. Only down fall now is some routes not available due to construction/repairs. Great overall experience for most levels.

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