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Hands down the best hot spring on public lands we have been. Made a short video of the hike if anyone is interested. https://practicalvagabonds.com/goldbug-hot-springs/

Hiked into Kidney Lake 10/8/18. Beautiful, sunny day in high 40’s Got into snow 1/2 way up on the Kidney spur trail. Lake not frozen but no fish caught. Gorgeous time of the year

trail running
18 days ago

Easy and very well maintained. Perfect for trail running.

Super fun trail. It’s longer than 3.5 miles though. GPS said 2.6 to the top. All the same it’s worth every step. Hot springs at the top are excellent. We went on a Tuesday morning and there was only one other couple up top. Definitely worth the time.

Awesome. Would definitely do again. The only downside is that it’s pretty busy. Go as early as you can or during the week when most people can’t go. It’s beautiful though and the hot springs are great! You have to go!

Beautiful hot springs! The last stretch up to the springs is a bit tough, but worth it.

Awesome trail. Strenuous at the end but totally worth it! There weren’t a ton of people but they were all hangin meat.

I thought this was a great little hike! We went on labor day. My husband and I brought our almost three year old- who insisted on hiking a good portion of the trail, and our 16 month old. It was a good distance, we were tired by the time we got to the lake but it really wasn't bad at all especially considering I was wearing a chunky baby! There were a few areas with water over the trail but not bad at all- we didn't get wet or muddy.

We drove all the way to the trailhead but the road was definitely rough. Follow the directions, go past the chairlift on the backside of lookout, up a really rocky area, you'll see a sign for st. Regis lakes, cross over a little stream and its a short drive to the trailhead.

Overall, it was a lovely little hike. Wish we could have made it to the upper lake but we got a bit of a late start. There were a few little camping spots but like others have said, there's not a ton of room around the lake.

1 month ago

First overnight trip for my 11 year old. Choose this because of the easy grade, although the 3.5 miles to be able to camp was a bit far for his first time I think. Had a nice time though, and the creek water felt great on the way back under hot sun. Didn’t see any critters.

I was thoroughly surprised by this hike. Pretty easy route overall, but the last segment can be a bit of a gut check due to the steep climb to the springs. Most of the hike is high desert, but ends in a beautiful, forested area. The springs are fantastic with warm and cold sections to bathe in, and very photogenic waterfalls. Swim suits are definitely optional here. Worth checking out if you’re in the area.

1 month ago

This trail was certainly a good hike. Beautiful wildflowers all around, handfuls of huckleberries (mostly between exit 0 and the trailhead). The lake was also beautiful and clean, but there was not much room to move around it.

Trail is steep. We had our 10 and 9 year old as well as a 2 year old and 2 week old (both being carried), so we could feel the burn heading up to the lake. It is a lot of up-hill, mostly the last part of the hike, but we kept a steady pace and powered through.

We ended up parking by chairlift 2 in the back of the ski hill as the road was not smooth enough to drive further (very rocky). The bulk of the berries we found were not far past there and we did not find many past the actual trailhead.

Lastly, there was a “no trespassing” sign on a tree that looked like it was prohibiting trespassing on the actual trail (at a Y), so we took a bit of a detour, but ultimately walked past the sign and arrived at the trailhead...not sure about that sign. Definitely recommend a map as there are a few Y’s in the road that leave you guessing otherwise (no signs).

Always enjoy the Rattlesnake.

1 month ago

Beautiful easy hiking trail along the river.

nature trips
2 months ago

The pools are very well developed. Someone had moved rocks which kept the pools cool unfortunately. Was verbally accosted by a curmudgeon with 3 dogs. He had issue with my making hot cocoa before we hiked up. Self-appointed authority... Busy, even on a Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

2 months ago

Nice scenery but it needs more shade

2 months ago

Our group was age 13-48 and although the length of this trail is short we give it moderate rating. Trail is steep and rocky most of the way. The lake is beautiful and we all swam and hung out. If you make it to Baker Lake, keep going to middle and Gem lakes - not much farther and gorgeous!


2 months ago

Fun hike. Did in 2 hours 40 mins. We kept a good pace. Now back to Hamilton for a beer.

Easy, gorgeous hike! Did the entire loop last year. Currently camped at Three Frogs by the start of the trail. Going again Saturday morning.

This is a fantastic trail that I will definitely return to. I agree with the reviews that this is a great family hike, but want to add one little disclaimer. I was a little nervous in a few parts with my recently-turned 5 year old son, and I was glad my wife and I had our two year old strapped to our back. The drop-off is steep in a few parts, and you could tumble for a long ways. Like I said, fantastic trail — but wanted to give a warning to those with really little hikers.

2 months ago


Beautiful hike, we hiking from the Road our odometers read around 5 miles each way. most of the way its shady, and even on a hot day like it was yesterday it was very pleasant and breezy. highly recommend it, the lake is fuller this year than last year, and there was no place to sit by the lake.

road biking
2 months ago

Watch for off leash dogs! while biking Saturday 7/28 i was knocked off my bike by a dog off leash (ran into my front wheel). Stitches and an afternoon in the clinic, I'll call 911 next time.

Gorgeous trail and very easy. Beautiful to do almost anytime of the year. I went there in June and there was still some snow on the back end of the trail but overall very pleasant hike

Nice view of the river with a few outlets to swim. We found the tiny waterfall at the beginning of our hike which was why we picked this trail and was a little disappointed. But the swim made it all worth the walk.

Good for running and biking as the path is wide and flat gravel. However I find it overly populated, lots of litter and human activity, and somewhat of a boring trail. The nice thing is it's so close to town. Otherwise there are better local trails IMO.

Amazing! Kid Friendly, there is some nudity if that might bother you, but I'd say it's the exception rather than the rule. 100% worth the trip and the hike. There are several pools to try and some hotter than others. We took my 1 year old and did fine, amd we found some cooler pool areas save for her to be in.

It was lovely the whole way there. The last quarter mile or so was a little steep, but other than that it was great. I’ve been there in March, and again in August. Absolutely beautiful both times. Lots of wild flowers in August..... and naked people.

2 months ago

Two daughters (9yrs & 13yrs) accompanied us and with a moderate pace, mixed in with some sight seeing, took us a little over 2hrs to get to the lake from the road.

When you find the old “St. Regis Lake” sign, you’re halfway there. The last 1/4 mile of trail is a bit steep, but not impossible. On a hot day, the lake at the end of the trail is worth the hike.

mountain biking
2 months ago

A fantastic trail for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers. Wide trails, steady incline, plenty of shade and plenty of places to relax and enjoy the scenery. Very dog friendly as well if you want to ride with your pups. Both trail runs and cyclists would appreciate.

This a gorgeous trail leading up to the lake. I went with a group who drove a 14 - passenger van up within about 1/4 mile of the trail head but the road is horrendous up there and almost impossible to drive on so most people park about an additional 1/2 mile or so away. The trail has a mix of trees and shade along with beautiful open meadows with wildflowers. Huckleberries weren't ripe yet but were abundant. The trail is very narrow with growth on both sides in many areas but relatively easy to hike. We also had to cross a few shallow little creeks but stayed mostly dry. Stop at Lookout pass for bathrooms as there aren't any available up there.

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