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19 hours ago

if you follow the path provided by this application.
it will lead you to nowhere.
ended up doing iron mountain insted

1 day ago

Great trail for a quick hike and a great view of San Diego. Bring water, it’s hot.

Great trail especially in cloudy conditions.

It was a good trek. It’s a mix of Uphill, Downhill and flat land. But watch out, there are a lot of rattle snacks (they did not harm anyone). We spotted 3 and I was going to step on 1 while I was walking. Just be more careful

Probably my favorite hike

First/last mile against major highway. once away from it the hike got much better. little shade but nice views.

One of my favorite hikes to do in this area!

My favorite of the 5 Peaks!

Fun to see the City on foot!

it's quite the lower body burn for the first mile or so and then again, intermittently on the path. there are a few splits in the road that are not marked but you can figure it out relatively easily as the alternate "paths" don't really lead anywhere. you pass some huge homes, compounds really, so you don't really feel like it's a hike until you are near the top and the homes are in the distance. not as "scenic" as I'd hoped from prior reviews but after doing Corte Madeira in Cleveland National Forrest, there's not much that I would be wowed by. there are a lot of loose rocks so stick to the surfaces that look most traveled as they are the most secure. took us 2 hours because the first 20-30 minutes is super challenging. use this as a workout and you will love it. using it as a scenic experience, not really. we saw a total of 5 people so it's perfect for going at whatever pace you want.

this Trail was nice for an early morning. it would definitely be hot later in the day there's no shade period after you make it to the top where the American flag is, if you keep on going for another mile or so you hit a beautiful River with lots of trees. the rattlesnakes are out watch your step.

Bring water and good company! The hike was long, but enjoyable

10 days ago

We started in the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve with the Overlook Trail that then connected to the main Green Valley Trail. From there, we took the Lake Poway Trail and walked around the lake to the bottom of Mt. Woodson, which was the start of the way to Potato Chip Rock. We also did the West End Loop in the Lake Poway Recreation area. In total, we hiked 8.4 mikes, climbing 107 flights. We really enjoyed the hike as there was a variety of scenery and elevation. We really liked how Blue Sky connected to Lake Poway and there were quite a few other trails that we intend to explore on another day when we have more time. I was slightly disappointed in not seeing more wildlife. The highlight was seeing two woodpeckers pecking on 2 different trees to each other Morse code style, which was pretty interesting to watch. All in all, there’s lots to see and hike.

10 days ago

Took my 4 month old and it was varied enough in terrain and trail alone to keep him entertained!
Difficulty varied with multiple hills despite climbs by a hill!!
I will do it again!

We timed it so we'd be descending back down Cowles at sunset. It's too hot otherwise. Fun hike! Beautiful little micro climates along the trail.

**** NOTE ******
This map / trail takes you past the rock house to the other side of the mountain, and literally drops you off underneath some huge power lines. Not sure it is worth continuing after the rock house.

Overall this was a great hike that really got the blood pumping and ended with an awesome view. Overall the trail is in pretty good condition. I recommend getting some hiking boots to ensure you are getting the best grip possible when going up/down the steepest parts.

Parking is easy since this hike starts at a residential neighborhood.

For the most part this hike just goes up and not too many flat areas that will allow for you to relax. I frequently hike and was able to do this no problem, even followed a lady carrying her 3 yr old up it! Although I will admit, it looked extremely challenging.

Just make sure to take your time and go during a cool parts of the day as there is no shade. Make sure to bring plenty of water and enjoy the views form the top!

14 days ago

Beautiful views along with my pup and I getting quite a workout with the steep hills. Parking was good and there was barely anyone there. With that being said, we encountered a rattlesnake towards the end of our hike (we’re fine!) just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings!

15 days ago

It is convenient and nice views from the top. I am not crazy about pavement and looking into people’s yards. So many homes. Prefer to be away from it....

Terrible hike. The part of the "trail" that goes along Jamul Drive is on the shoulder without a sidewalk, it's unsafe. Do not do this hike. Instead, you can do out-and-back from the trailhead dirt lot to the old house, all of which is relatively well marked and safe.

More enjoyable, more strenuous approach to Cowles than the "main way."

Heavy trafficked trail and dog friendly. First part of the trail goes behind home houses, then eventually merges to the main trail where you will see many other hikers. The hike up is a steady incline with a few steeper parts. once you get to the top, you get a panoramic view of San Diego. Be careful on the way down. If you are not wearing shoes with enough traction you may slip at some parts. Overall, it's a good hike to go with kids and dogs.

The Mt Woodson trail is a steady uphill and is very easy to follow. There are markers along the trail and at forks to guide you. There is a bit of a wait to take pictures on the potato chip rock, but the wait is mostly due to hikers trying to climb on and off the rock. Be sure to bring lots of water, some snacks, and really good shoes because it can get slippery especially climbing up the chip.

Take plenty of water and make sure to wear sun screen. Not a lot of shade but overall a great place to go hiking.

Great hike not sure I’d wait to take that pic at the top but lots of fun!

Great hike glad I live close to this trail!

Today, I hiked it. It was a good early east county hike for the pre beginning of summer hike. On the way up, it was steep, took some of the switchbacks on the steepest section. Great views on a clear day. Be careful on the way down, it gets slippery with lots of loose rocks.

Great views and a good workout. There was a 1/4 long line for a photo op on Potato Chip Rock.
Don Mateo.

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