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Such a fun and amazing views. The Kokanee salmon were beautiful as well!!

3 days ago

Easy 5 miler that is much more crowded in Autumn. Hiking this one on a Sunday afternoon during peak season for the Kokanee Salmon spawn, we were coming across other hikers on the single track trail every 1-2 minutes, and you have to step aside since the trail isn't wide enough for two people. This appears to be a bike-able single track, but please don't bike it in the fall - there just isn't enough time for people to move out of the way, and bikers aren't able to get out of the way themselves.

The trail is relatively easy. There is an incline at the beginning of both sides of the trail, with a higher section through open meadow at the top. If you hike a few times a year, you should be able to do it without any problems or any breaks. There were numerous children and older folks in poor health on the trail, so it should be accessible for anyone that can walk unassisted.

If you're here to see the Kokanee Salmon spawn, that is a yearly event during September. The times change. I've heard that it is typically in the second week of September. Of the three times I've been, I've seen single fish once, small groups of fish once (this time), and then the third time they were so thick that you couldn't help but step on them if you kayaked in. This visit seemed a bit late, as there were quit a few dead fish near where the stream emptied into the lake.

I love this trail, gorgeous in the fall. It's becoming too popular tho it was a bit crowded comparing 2 years ago. My only complaint would be kids trying to grab and disturb the salmon while they are trying to mate, lay there eggs and being tired from their long swim... please do not allow dogs in the water or letting the kids to play with the salmon. It is illegal to catch them. lets protect what's left.

Pretty busy (likely because of the Salmon). The fall colors are starting to appear too! We ended by cliff jumping into the reservoir; terrifying and amazing!!

Lovely hike to a beautiful waterfall. i enjoyed hiking by the stream and seeing all the beautiful little cascades of water and mini waterfalls. We started early but I can imagine when it is hot the first part would be a beast! The information we read said dogs were welcome if on a leash...I saw lots of dogs and none of them were on a leash! The dog poop along the trail left by inconsiderate dog owners was a real distraction to this beautiful trail! Come on dog owners pick up after your dogs or don't use this trail!

One of my favorite hiking spots. The scenery is amazing!

We loved this hike! We took our 4 kids ages 9, 6, 5 and 3. They were all able to complete the hike in and get back (although there was definitely grumbling and crying at times) except for the baby. We carried him the whole way. It was beautiful though! And the best part was seeing the Kokanee Salmon Run! We will definitely do this again next year.

Did approximately 3 1/2 miles round trip. Nice climb

Great hike to a beautiful waterfall.

trail running
10 days ago

Great hike / trail run. 3.9 miles from the Parking lot, 1.5 hours. Good workout

10 days ago

Nice hike to see all kinds of nature! The salmon spawning in the stream was amazing to see. Mostly shaded, but narrow and steep most the way.

Hiked it with my 2.5 year old and some friends it was amazing! A few sources of water along the way and peaceful.

Hiked this yesterday with my daughter. The climb out was pretty strenuous. But, well worth it. Very beautiful.

11 days ago

There are three parts to this hike.
Part 1: Walking up switchbacks on sand (!) with a city view behind you (also Bonneville Shoreline Trail)
Part 2: Very nice hike along Adams Creek in shade on dirt-and-rock path
Part 3: Do-able scramble up large rocks

It is about 2 miles from the parking lot to the falls and took 1 hour. (We are average 20-something Utah transplants and it was a lovely fall morning.) So in total, about 4 miles or 2-2.5 hours. It is incline the whole way in and decline the whole way out.

The reviews here that say 3.4 miles total I believe stopped at the first little waterfall that kind of runs through a couple large boulders. When we got to that, my watch said exactly 1.7 mi. — The others that include pictures at the base of an actual waterfall did the 1/2 mile or so large rock scramble that comes after that initial falls.

Our dog loved this trail. Going in the morning was awesome because it was the perfect temperature before it started getting hot, and the trail was noticeably busier on the way back. Everyone on the trail was super courteous and friendly.

The parking lot is really uneven and rocky, but was very nice to have and more than enough space for the 8am to 10am crowd.

11 days ago

it was steep on the way back up but not too bad overall I'd say rating is accurate. really crowded and a narrow trail so thats why I gave it 4 instead of 5. it's pretty though! the salmon were really cool to see! go early!

12 days ago

Very nice trail. Elevation gains aren’t too bad. The hardest Park is coming back up through the switch backs in the fir forest right before you get to the lake. Beautiful views. The trail is actually 8.2 miles according to my gps, if that matters. Trail is clearly marked. Bring plenty of water/ sunscreen and hat if doing a day hike because there are large portions of the trail with no shade. Great/little hike! The gps took us to wrong place. Just follow Tony Grove rd all the way to the end. It was $7.00 to park.

13 days ago

Pretty steep the way up. Gets to a tree line and then all shade walking by the river. Keep winding up to a horseshoe turn right eventually and you’ll find the waterfall.

We had the whole hike and lake to ourselves. It was beautiful

Great out and back hike. Falls at top are beautiful.

17 days ago

Pleasant trail with nice views. Heavily traveled though withs lots of bikers who you constantly need to jump out of the way for.

This is one of THE best hikes I have been on. The scenery is amazing. A beautiful running creek flows alongside most of the trail. The reward of this hike only gets better as you reach the breath taking waterfall at the top.

pretty easy trail between 7.5-8 miles. mostly flat. the hardest part is going back up once you get to the lake! there were TONS of cows and sheep everywhere though so watch out

21 days ago

My first hike in Utah! Definitely was a little bummed at first with the dust and switchbacks but after that it's beautiful! Shady and nice scenery. Get diversity of rocks and dirt trails and the waterfall at the end was pretty. Plenty of places to stop for a sip of water for both me and my pup!

Great trail. Some steep parts but very scenic and full of nice people.

25 days ago

This is part of network of trails and you can do all kinds of different loops, out and backs, or even point to points using different trailheads. You would be wise to have a map. There are at least 2 other AllTrails entries for parts of this network. It 's a nice setting. The trails are used by mountain bikers, so they are all very easy to hike with no super steep parts. In places it is really a road. I started at the trailhead off of Rt 39, right by Pineview Resevoir, as shown here. For some reason, the trailhead looked like a homeless encampment this morning.

26 days ago

Loved this trail! Beautiful views! Most of the trail is easy but there is no place to sit down along the way.

This was a fun trail. I would recommend shoes with plenty of grip. There are plenty sections of the trail where it's loose dirt and it's easy to lose your footing. Moderate is a good rating. The trail has plenty of areas that will elevate your heartrate!

This was a very enjoyable hike. Not the best for the first half a mile but after that you follow the river most of the way and there are 4 water falls on this trail with the last one being the best. I'm ready to do this one again. one of my favorites.

great place to hike. many dogs off leash and very cool people. river runs along with trail for a lot of the hike and some great shade once you get into the trees. Beautiful and a lot of fun. My dog Shenzi had a wonderful time and I got a great work out. I would recommend it to anyone!!!

1 month ago

This trail is really pretty; the first 1/2 mile is hot, but once you hit the shade, it is rather pleasant. The hike along the creek is cool with plenty of opportunities to cool off if you choose. The final 1/2 mile to the waterfall is a little steep, but it is completely worth it in the end. The trail is heavily trafficked, so if you are looking for seclusion, this is not the place.

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