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Beautiful, only able to get to Williams lake due to heavy snow in the past month. Trail is easy to follow and packed down good to the lake (very popular hike) I tried going up to wheeler but it’s still soft and deep snow. Not many people summiting anymore. A hiker coming down informed me the trail disappears after timberline so it looks like next year will be my summiting chance.

Few inches of snow on steep section approaching the ridge. Possible to do without poles and traction, but these would’ve come in handy. Basically glissading down certain sections. Butt kicker with nearly 4000’ in gross total elevation gain.

Really fun trail that has a pretty good incline the whole way up. I think Pino Trail was a bit harder. It is kind of easy to get lost on this trail, but stick to the app and you'll be fine. Really rewarding top and eerie to see the wreckage from the plane so far spread out.

This was a great hike and my longest to date. It was 30 degrees when we started and it seemed to be mostly in the shade, so bundle up in layers and then take them off as you start to warm up. The views of the city along the way are amazing. It was tough on my knees and the way down made me really sore, but if you want a trail that is a step up from the Pino Trail (and with better views) then this one is perfect. We only passed 2 people the entire time we were on the trail. Was not that hard to stay on trail. There were a couple wash outs, but just continue straight when you get to them and periodically check your app to make sure you're on the right path. Really rewarding when you get to the top. Before we set off, one of the neighbors from the surrounding houses at the trailhead told us she saw a bobcat that morning, so we just took extra precaution with our dog, but never ended up seeing any animals. Bring water, bring snacks/food, and some good shoes/socks cause you may get blisters on the way down! We did this the first week in November and there were patches of snow, but overall, highly recommended and beautiful hike.

16 days ago

Last two miles is pretty snowy. Still able to make it through with just tennis shoes, though. A great hike as always especially with tramming down.

Trail head has some construction going on so we opted to use the tramway trail to get to la luz and the tram is going to be closed for two weeks or so after today.

Very hard! My muscle endurance was definitely challenged on this trail. We had to climb a huge boulder before getting to the crash site, and I slipped on the way back down. Very rocky so proceed with caution. It took us about 5 or so hours to and from. Really beautiful! This app was a lifesaver for staying the course.

17 days ago

We tried to go there today (11-03-28), and it seems, from Michael Cain's comment below that we actually did take the right path/road (we went through the red gate on the left hand side of the road, after the 'Rio Puerco' landfill sign), but because of all the "keep out" signs around and the fact that there were no indications whatsoever, we became afraid to be on somebody's private property and came back after 20 mins.... ! There is no parking lot, no indication whatsoever. There is just a red gate just before the "valencia landfill" gate.
It is a shame because the landscape around is amazing.
Nice driveway to reach the trail, also.

Four stars because the last 200 feet were frankly dangerous, with a steep grade and loose scree preventing us from the crest, even after 500-1000 feet climbing through thorny plants. “Goat trail” above the wreck site is accurate.

Below and up to the wreck site, beautiful and challenging. Well worth it.

24 days ago

Beautiful trail... especially now that the leaves are changing. It is a tough one though... I just wish it was signaled better (we lost the trail a couple of times)

I love this trail but it is really easy to miss your trail due to washes and gullies looking like the trail you should be on. The real magic happens about 1.5 miles up when you get into the shady woody area where you’ll cross the stream and see some beautiful views of the mountain. Be ready for a butt-kicker.

1 month ago

Hiked 6 miles up until I reached the N. Crest and Osha Trail intersection. I saw some of the best views I've ever reached! There were openings on the cliffs where you could see mountains stretching back in every direction. It was a difficult climb all the way up but definetly worth it! The trail is not marked very well so it is very easy to end up on another one without realizing it until you come across a sign again. I was the only hiker going up and coming back down so come prepared in case of emergency.


1 month ago

Amazing hike!! Super windy day, but so enjoyable. Took roughly 6 hours to the top and back down. From mile 5 on is very snowy and icy. Just take your time and bring lots of water. Highly recommend this trail!

Did an overnight trip and camped at the lake. This was such a great experience and it was my first backpacking trip. I would recommend and will be back!

1 month ago

I've done this hike a few times. it's really enjoyable but does make you work. the hardest part I think is hiking over the loose rocks and switch backs towards the end.

1 month ago

Great hike! I’ve gone both directions and going down is harder in the joints. Very rewarding and challenging hike. Tops out at over 10k feet. I do this hike at least once a year! Takes a group of us five hours to go up.

Easily the best hike in the area! The views of the mountains are incredible.

Trail and hike are generally good, but lots of construction along first 0.5-1 mile from parking lot. Hiked all the way up today, but wind was howling. Wind-breaker and warm hat a MUST, and you’ll want gloves too!

Beautiful trail!! Love the atmosphere there! Last mile is the hardest but as soon as you get to the top makes the whole struggle worth it!!! It is very windy and cold at the top so bundle up.

It could be marked a bit better at the several forks. Mostly should stay right.

1 month ago

Great day for la luz!

1 month ago

I hate switchbacks (around mile 7), but I’ve done this trail several times. Absolutely worth it!

1 month ago

Beautiful but challenging trail. Started at the lower Tramway Trail so we were 5 Miles in when we met La Luz. I don’t advise that unless you are well prepared. The trail seems easy at the beginning but there are challenging elevated rocky areas to climb so wear appropriate boots. Take plenty of water (we did 6 liters and it was just right) and snacks. It needs so maintenance in some areas but that’s part of the fun. Don’t be shy about taking breaks! We did 23 Miles total between 4 trials and it took 7 hours.

2 months ago

I only went halfway up but it was easy to stay on trail and find your way . I would recommend doing in the early morning as the first 2.5-3 miles of hiking is on the west side which is very sunny in the afternoon. Great for those wanting variety in elevation and not afraid to climb around rocks on switch backs.

Trails are decent. Climb is challenging. Views are breathtaking. A must for anyone hiking/backpacking in Taos area

I would give it a five because the views at top are amazing, but kind of want to give the trail itself a 3 since many parts are in bad condition.

on Agua Sarca Trail

2 months ago

Hard hike with tons of rocks. Recommend doing during fall or early spring.

Tough trail but worth it

This is a very good trail and the plane wreckage near the end makes it quite unique. The first mile or so is completely exposed and rather gradual incline. As you get into the forest it gets quite steep and there are several spots where you have to scramble up some rocks. It’s easy to lose the trail and I got off track for a bit but managed to find my way back.
The wreckage is located almost directly below the tram cables so you will know when you are close. I was amazed at the site. It was truly a sobering experience to see and identify almost every part of the plane. It is a stark reminder of the fragility of life.
This trail is not for beginners with rapid elevation gain and rough terrain.

on Hidden Mountain

2 months ago

I tried to go there today (9-3-18) the access road had a sign up saying the property is under new ownership and isn't accessible. There might be a way to get to the trailhead but I couldn't find it.

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