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6 hours ago

We hiked this Saturday up to probably .25 miles from the top. It was a beautiful trail and great exercise! The last mile was all in snow that at times got up to a foot deep. I would say it’s still hikeable but it’s freezing at the top! I would take some good sweats, waterproof shoes, and gloves are a must. No one had hiked to the point we had got to though, so I think we were still on the trail, but it was beautiful! The point we had got to and back was closer to 11 miles verse 9 though... perhaps this next week will melt a little of the snow and make it still hikeable- I definitely want to try this one again!

We hiked in the afternoon. There was quite a bit of the trail in the sun; not as shaded as I would have preferred.

I love this hike! Went once in July, a bit smoky from the wildfires but still beautiful, went again the end of September, the fall colors are absolutely breathtaking! The tree is cool, but it’s more about the journey than the destination. Easy hike too.

Very well maintained trail. Lots of beautiful colors going into the fall. Plenty of water for dogs. I didn’t really notice any poop along the trail except people would leave it on the ground in a baggy to pick up on the way back. Nice gradual incline. Overall my dog loved it so that’s all that matters

Wonderful bike trail, we ride away from Ann Morrison Park, either direction, about every 2 weeks. We’re both retired, in our 60s, it’s a pleasurable ride. Pack a light lunch and eat down by the river

As billed, busy and lots of cute puppies along the way, but beautiful Fall colors and the weather was perfect. Pretty easy hike/run all in all.

We used this route to go get a beer at blues brews and BBQ at snow basin! Great hike♥️

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes but I have seen rattlesnakes all summer on this trail.

this is a really beautiful hike. the fern forest is kind of amazing. the flowers were mostly spent, but still pretty. trail is pretty tight in some areas, but well worth the work when you take in the views. would definitely do again.

I really enjoyed this hike! Not too strenuous. Quite a bit of the trail is shaded and there are a couple of streams for the dogs to drink out of on the way up. Lots of dogs and people but that’s what it’s all about! My dogs loved the lake!

Yeah I also agree this trail should definitely be rated as hard, but as a hard trail I love it! I hiked it multiple times in the middle of the day in the heat of the summer(about 95 degrees) and it was hot but not unbearable due to the trees shading the vast majority of the hike after the first half mile. Along the way you get some good views back out to Logan canyon, but unfortunately nothing overly spectacular until you top out at Logan Peak. The last couple miles you are on a road which kinda sucks but it’s not busy by any means, and once u get to the top it’s all worth it!!

I wouldn't do this trail again.

We are in pretty great shape, but my wife wanted to turn back with about 2 miles left because we didn't know if we'd have a better route back down.

I liked how hard the trail was and could have completed, but this trail had a lot of challenges midway through that were not our favorite:

- The swarms of wasps was disconcerting and too frequent for our liking. It made it difficult to enjoy the light stream at all.
- The first overgrowth section was about a mile of swatting bushes out of your face.
- The second overgrowth was several miles in and it was low shrubbery that tore up your legs.
- The scenery and "wildflowers" were pretty blah.

If you're going for a challenging hike, enjoy overlooks, and are well equipped for the rough terrain, and don't mind a lot of overgrowth on your hike, enjoy!

*We hiked just under 10 miles total of this trail according to Google Fit.

Great workout on the way up to lake. Shaded mostly with steady incline.

I love, love, love this trail! The flowers are fading, but the beautiful forest setting is reason enough to take this hike. I love making a loop out of this trail by hiking to Dog Lake via Big Water, but coming down via Little Water. The flowers in Little Water were still very much in bloom when I last hiked it on July 29.

Awesome trail, lots of shade. About a mile up it opens up a bit with a ton of ferns that guard the path tightly for half a mile or so. I would like to go all the up and take Malans down. Looks like 10 miles and 4800 ft up

Great trail that will give you a nice workout. The wild flowers are out now and give a nice added touch of color to the mountain trail. Dog Lake is more of a big pond and not as picturesque as other mountain lakes I've hiked to and it's rightly named: lots of playful pups enjoying the hike. Hop the trail on even days if you'd prefer a hike without dodging dogs and their droppings.

2 months ago

Nice gradual incline. One of my favorite Millcreek hikes. Especially great if you have a pup!

Did this going up to Dog Lake and did Little the last .5 miles down. It was a great hike, nice and cool. BUT for the love people: clean up after your dogs. Bag the poo and take the poo out.

3 months ago

Surprisingly steep, short distance at 1.8 miles. HOT on 2:30 pm on July odd day afternoon.
Lots of dogs but no bikes. Some shade throughout the trail. No sweeping vistas at the top. Nice views of surrounding peaks near the lake.

3 months ago

First I hiked to Lake Desolation and there is a second tail on the way down which takes you to Dog Lake. I decided to go on it because I was already there- Might as well. I’m so glad I did. NOT because it was nice, but because it was an underwhelming, small muddy pond. The two stars are for the wildflowers and butterflies, otherwise it would be a 1 Star.

Ok Hike. Not my favorite. Very few vistas of beautiful scenery. Lots of bikers. Many dogs have left fecal piles in the middle of the trails and owners obviously haven't the courtesy to pick them up. Dusty trail and Dog Lake is very anticlimactic.

such a fun trail. Its easy we went at 6 am on a sunday and only saw a couple other hikers. the lake is really pretty got awesome pictures. Also got to see a woodpecker and some deer.

3 months ago

The Jardine Juniper is impressive. The hike... not as impressive. I am not putting this hike down, I did enjoy it. I just think the actual hike is very average. No amazing waterfall to see. No pointy peaks in the background. Yet, it does have an amazing tree that is 1500 - 3000 years old depending on who you listen to. That is pretty amazing and really makes you think. I am not totally sure if it is even alive anymore as I only saw maybe one small green leaf.

Just wanted to post this to warn others with dogs. There have been reports of dogs falling violently ill after swimming or being up at dog lake. They aren’t sure of the cause, but I wanted to warn people. There’s an article on KSL with more information.

This is 100% go to hike on odd number days with our Silver Lab. It is a great hike for dogs (off leash on odd days) and humans. Trail is very clear and beautiful with wildflowers and the end takes you to a beautiful lake.

road biking
3 months ago

We rode along Echo Reservoir into Coalville on June 9, 2018. Most of this trail was not paved, and turned out to be harder than I expected due to that. Probably if it was paved it would have been easier. The views are really nice. Keep in mind that at least this part of the trail is sparsely shaded, so it gets HOT!

3 months ago

Took longer than expected but worth the views. Bring water and snacks. Snowpack made some parts a little challenging.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Like Providence Canyon, I call this a Blue because of the climb. There really isn't anything technical about this trail. While it may not be a big test of your riding skills, it is a test of your aerobic fitness. There are really no breaks on the climb other than the stops you make yourself. The constant five mile climb is rewarded with a very fun and fast downhill. Be cautious in getting too rowdy as there are hikers, equestrians, and other bikers coming uphill sometimes. While I wouldn't take a total noob on this trail, a beginner with several rides behind them and a reasonable level of fitness will be fine. There are some small rock gardens on the trail, but minimal line choice skills are fine. When you get to the loop where you have the choice to ride the "Scenic Route" or the Shady Route", I recommend finishing the uphill on the "Scenic Route" and starting your descent on the "Shady Route." It is smooth and fast.

3 months ago

Really good day hike if you go 1.6 miles and back really beautiful green. Reminds me of a jungle. After 1.6 miles it raps around and fallows The top all the way to Mount Ogden. Warning not much water after 1.6 miles recommend boiling or filtration.

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