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Great shirt hike! 45 min up and about 50-55 min down. Pretty views at summit and good place for a rest after the climb up. Get there early to make the climb and be at summit for sunrise. Best way to experience this hike.

10 hours ago

The trail starts out as Peralta Trail then breaks off about a mile in. Instead of following signs to the right or left for Peralta, continue straight through the gap in the fence. It’s difficult to see, but if you’re not going straight towards the butte, you’re going the wrong way. Please don’t underestimate the difficulty of the last .75 miles of this hike. It’s straight up (like camelback) with no shade. Bring plenty of water and take breaks as needed. The view at the top is beautiful, but it’s definitely not a beginners hike.

I really like this trail. It has difficult parts but then theres flat areas so you can catch your breath. I can go up and come back down in an hour and a half maybe 2 hours if Im taking my time. Beautiful scenery, you go into the mountain and forget the rest of the world for a moment. I haven't done the loop just yet but Ive made it to the top and it is STUNNING!

Love this trail ! Tuff but fun

So challenging, but worth it! The views were amazing!

This is a very challenging hike but patience can go a long way in scaling this tough climb. We had to get creative and I found the last 12-foot climb a bit daunting. Looking around at my options, I noticed on the left side that it can be scaled quickly, though. There are plenty of foot and hand holds. If you have the determination, this is a rewarding hike — the views and sense of accomplishment are worth the day-long effort to get up and down.

1 day ago

Fun to hike the rocks also...

Great hike with Fantastic views of the valley

Great hike, challenging but doable. Hard first part but levels near the top. Saw some wildlife along the trail (deer / rabbit / etc). Most of the trail was easy walking, wide with minimum rocks. Loose gravel coming down could be a problem unless you have good hiking boots.

1 day ago

very easy trail. mostly paved. there must be heavy rain in order to have the waterfall flowing. good for kids. this is a popular trail so there are quite a few people coming and going.

2 days ago

My wife and I heard about this hike and decided to try it. We were pleasantly surprised by the trail which was varied and interesting. There were lots of people hiking when we were there, but it didn't feel overcrowded. The "cave" is more like an indentation opposed to a traditional cave. All in all it was is a good time and we will do it again. I would say it is a moderate hike.

Four of us late 50s and early 60s years of age hike this trail and loop! Loved the challenge of going straight up at the beginning and then the loop of Fat Mans Pass and the tunnels and rock formations! Would recommend plenty of water on this hike and stop when you need! Mostly enjoy the diversity of this hike!!

Maybe our new favorite hike. Beautiful hiking trail, maintained very well, with some signs on a few of the cacti and plants growing along the trail, super fun. Felt like we were doing a Disney World hiking experience, which isn't to say it is easy. The trail starts off pretty tame until a bit after the 1.5 mile marker, then it starts getting a bit tougher.

I found the real challenge on the return, it was a good burn, nothing crazy, but definitely a workout, set in a gorgeous area, on a beautifully maintained hiking trail. Seemed to be a pretty popular trail, might want to do during the weekday.

I have hiked this trail many times. It seems much more loose and eroded than the first time I did it 11 years ago. It gets worse every year! Also, it was a little warm today so sun screen, lots of water, and a hat are required. If you are a beginner I would not recommend it unless you are in excellent shape.

Not very in-shape, but I did it! I took my time going up and it took me about 3 hours. My friend, a much more experienced hiker, did it in 2.5hours. Reaching the top was the most concerning part to me, as it was basically climbing boulders. A fun experience, but the thought of descending gave me a little shiver down my back. All-in-all a fun hike, expect to be sore days after if you are not in shape for it. A fun experience, and the view is INCREDIBLE!

Loved this hike! So challenging, but worth it. I met so many interesting people along the climb, including an 86 year old man who has done it 66 times this year. Very impressive, as it's a crazy climb. First two miles aren't too bad. The last mile is rock climbing and the descent is hard on the knees. Take your time! My favorite views were right before the basin. And the flatiron was amazing.

I like it

Strenuous, but rewarding. Legs are going to be sore tomorrow.

Intense but worth it with the views at the top!

Great workout.
Be prepared with water, correct shoes, etc.
Easy place to get hurt if you’re not careful.
Not for the out of shape person.

Took a little over 3 hours with spending time at the top, deff some tricky parts, not for The unadventurous!

4 days ago

Nice, easy hike, pretty scenery but crowded. Nice after a rain when the waterfall is running.

To get to the trailhead you have to drive about 7 miles on a dusty gravel road. There is a unorganized parking lot and another over flow one a little bit down the road. We parked in the second one and walked back on the road. There are no signs for the Wave Cave Trail. So we just asked someone before starting. The beginning of the trail is hard to see where the actual trail is. The end of the trail is defiantly the most difficult. You will need both hands and feet. There are some spots with loose gravel on top or rock. I would consider taking traction covers for my shoes next time. Once we got to the top there were like 10 kids running around creating tons of dust! We did not even want to pull the camera out because of the dust. Eventually they left and we were able to get some good pictures. On the way down nearly all the kids were crying or complaining. Not a hike for kids.

4 days ago

Wow! Well worth the effort to get up to the Wave!

First hike ever and it was great. Had plenty of water and took multiple breaks. We completed this with three kids the youngest being 5.

Great hike today. Not overly crowded. started right at 5pm. perfect weather and great view!

I enjoyed this trail very much but it is not moderate, in my opinion. This is borderline "hard". Rocky and steep. Definitely not a good idea to take small children. It was right at 4 miles total out and back. Took appropriately 2 hours. Visited on a Sunday mid-morning. Quite busy but everyone was very courteous.

Great day hike!
Go on a week day to avoid the masses

Great view at the top—lots of traffic. Well worth it.

great trail. a little hard for 1st timers to find the "right" trail but once there it's a fun and exhausting climb. well worth the effort up.

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