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Absolutely stunning waterfall. By far the grandest waterfall I have ever seen. Be warned, extreme bugs for the first part of the trail by the river. Thousands of nat type bugs that will not leave you alone. They thin out once you get higher in elevation. Make it to the top and cross the river and descend down the other side. Less bugs, pretty views.

Waterfalls that were going backwards - spraying up into the sky. We were blown UP the mountain.

An incredible hike experience with truly the possibility of any weather system imaginable. We hiked Ben Nevis late September with 100% rain starting as a mist to pelting cold, icy rain. We were dressed for the weather and were challenged especially above the cloud line. Temps started about 12'C and dropped to the freezing point at the summit (and recent snow was still at the summit). The trail was a consistent gradual climb of 450 floors elevation (Fitbit) over the 12km trek up (took just over 4 hours). Below the midpoint was stunning views and trails like they were right out of Lord of the Rings. Streams gurgling out of the mountain, mountain sheep along the path and the trail wrapping the gorges. Above the mid-point, the trail got rockier and the climb harder to navigate. With the rain, the cloud bank and the fog, at points the trail and the cairn markers were hard to see, but we summited and had lunch in the emergency shelter out of the rain before descending soaked through. Completion stats (from Fitbit tracking) was 31,400 steps, 450 floors elevation, 22.8 km in steps in just under 7.5 hours. For us, a new hiking record that tested us in a wet cold environment we had not explored before. Difficult due to the conditions and the scope, but I would do it again!

Very rewarding trail. I visited in early October towards the first half of the day, and there was a great deal of ice in some areas. Hiking in the afternoon may be better so most of the ice has a chance to melt. Due to overnight rain, it was also very muddy with water up to my thigh at the lower crossing. If you cross (in the winter, without the log), I recommend switching into water shoes or having spare socks with foot warmers - the water was VERY cold! Additionally, be wary of your path at the peak of the west side of the loop, as the trail is not marked and it can get cold and windy. Hike in layers.

1 month ago

Absolutely stunning trail. Just be warned, it can get a little sketchy with some ascents. Probably not best for kids and those with a fear of heights.

Great hike yesterday even though the weather was rainy and very windy. The log to cross the main river had been pulled to the other side so I hiked up the left side of the river. Lots of loose rocks and very slippy in areas where it was muddy.
The views walking up and from the top are fantastic. I came back along the top and dropped down to the valley following the Parking signs.
I’d say this hike is moderate, definitely worth it - amazing views!

Loved this hike! We did this 4 days ago and the river crossing was sketchy - log has been pulled out and the brave souls that crossed (in the cccold weather and water) either stripped off their shoes and hiking pants (water was high) or decided to do the hike wet. We stayed on the other side and still thought it was incredible and worth it! They may be nicer waterfalls in Iceland but many are packed full of tourists!

This was by far the best hike I have ever been on. I would categorize this to be a more challenging hike. I would not recommend to bring young children on this hike, because it has parts that can be very steep and there are not many railings to hold on to. The views are unreal of the waterfall and the surrounding landscape. At some points of the hike, you use ropes to climb up or hike down. You do cross a small river in the beginning that has a rope and log to help you cross. At the very top of the falls, you cross a larger river. I would recommend bringing water shoes to make that river crossing not as challenging and even a small towel to dry off your feet. Hiking boots are definitely recommended as well as layers. We hiked up the right side of the falls and hiked down the left side and it was great.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED HIKE. This trail was worth every minute!

2 months ago

Was worth the hike! Amazing view of the waterfall at the top.

A bit confusing of a meandering cliff trail. I would not recommend this for children on windy days. I was having some difficulty with the high winds. The waterfall is so beautiful, and so much more so because there’s hardly any people on this trail. You get to enjoy a natural wonder without the crowds and just a few people to help guide you!

Definitely do this! Such a fun hike. We went at the end of September on a gorgeous day. Unfortunately by this time the log that allows you to make the first river crossing was removed, which means everyone went up and down the left side of the loop. we didn’t have to do either river crossing which was actually kind of nice since the right side was closed. Keep this in mind if you hike in the winter. Still... a very fun, moderately challenging hike.

we did this Nov 2017 and we loved it...! good workout with elevation gain and has less visibility at the top due to clouds. but the views on the way are awesome..

Amazing but necessary to be prepared for any weather.

really good day out with a pal

Must go

favorite day hike from my Iceland trip. the loop is super fun and the waterfall/views are outstanding.

2 months ago

This is nice but strange hike. It is a walk that requires you to be ok with crossing logs and using ropes for climbing small hills. Nothing here is difficult for adults . My issue is the payoff is not worth the effort. The falls are OK but there are better ones in Iceland yes it is long but just not that majestic for this 60 something.

2 months ago

Amazing! Varied between relatively flat and very steep. Very interesting elements between the cave, “bridge crossing”, and views of the waterfall. This is a great hike and I highly recommend it.

Brilliant walk shame it was extremely windy at the top

3 months ago

One thing that's tricky any rating system is that, in many cases, it's purely subjective. While I see that some folks have said this trail is harder than the AllTrails rating says, I found the "moderate" rating accurate in this case. For some context, I'm a 30something who is not super athletic, but completes the occasional 5K or 10K (not very fast, though). We had good weather the day of the hike -- cloudy, cool, a slight breeze -- but having hiked in treacherous weather in Iceland, too, I would not recommend this hike on a rainy day.

There are some challenging and exciting parts of the trail, such as the river crossings, but they are not that hard to do. While some parts of the hike do get close to the edge, I never felt like I was in danger; in many cases you can navigate the trail a few feet inland if you feel you're too close.

We crossed the river up top in our boots. I have a bad ankle and generally poor balance, and didn't want to risk toppling over with my pack. In early September the water was chilly, but not bitterly cold (at least with hiking socks and boots on). Your shoes will be entirely submerged -- I have long legs and the water was up past my shins -- but as others have suggested, as long as you stay on the smalls rocks and not the large, flat ones, you'll be fine. We brought a quick-dry towel and extra socks to change into once we crossed. Spend a few minutes drying off, squeezing out the water in your insoles, and watching other cross the river, and you'll be good to go in no time. Our shoes were damp, but the hike back down was very comfortable -- because we brought the extra socks and towel.

It may sound silly, but in order to navigate this hike successfully, I would suggest wearing sturdy hiking boots. Those who hike in sneakers will have a difficult time with the inevitable slippery spots.

As others have said, the hike back down on the other side is not as well-labeled, but you'll find your way back. We eventually ran into some hikers and saw others down the trail from above, so we did our best to follow along and navigated without issue.

Do this hike!!!

Absolutely epic. Loved every inch of this trail. If you plan on completing the loop though, be prepared for the river crossing up on top... it’s at least ankle deep in spots, waterproof boots won’t help you. We opted to just trudge through it with our boots on, instead of going barefoot. Bring a sturdy pair of flip flops, or maybe a pair of old sneakers and extra socks in your backpack if you plan to do this part. Enjoy the scenery, this one is not to be missed while in Iceland.

3 months ago

Gorgeous short hike for a taste of Glencoe.

Challenging hike due to rugged, steep terrain and difficulty locating trail. Absolutely gorgeous 360 views from the top, so totally worth the extra push through the rocks on the top.

We did this hike on a cold and rainy day and the wind was brutal, especially on the top.I am small and did not want to get too close to the edge because the wind was litteraly pushing me. The first river crossing is easy but we were not prepared for the second one.It's quite slippery and my shoes were soaked . Once on the other ride, we thought we would be running down.Big mistake. There are several trails with no marking ( I assume most people don't cross the river on the top) and we got lost several times as some of these trails led to nowhere. This app saved us and even with a gps is was not obvious where the trail was. We ended up going through the bushes to find our way. We were obviously not the only ones in this situation as we saw radom foot prints in the middle of nowhere. We finished the loop in 3:50, cold and muddy at night fall (scary), but with very nice pictures...

Just completed this on Saturday. Loved it .. well worth a go ..

A great hike but difficult in the snow. I have climbed Nevis twice in April and on both occasions the snow was deep and treacherous from about half way up. The views are beautiful on the way up but zero visibility at the top when I was there. Be prepared to experience all weather conditions in one day.

Gorgeous hike! Some of the most amazing views I have ever seen. Definitely start on the right side of the loop for better views. The first river crossing seems a bit treacherous, but is manageable using the wire across the river. You will get wet here, but tall hiking boots will be good. The second river crossing came up to my knees. I definitely recommend changing into waterproof shoes or sandals if you plan to do this part of the trail. My friends and I were definitely wet and fairly cold by the end of the hike, but it was absolutely worth it!

3 months ago

This was a breathtaking hike. The best way to describe it is a hybrid between a walk up to the Jedi temple and a scene from the Lord of the Rings. My boyfriend and I (both 28 and decently regular hikers from Colorado, USA) made it to the top of the water fall in 2:30 hours hiking at a comfortable pace. We encountered two rain showers so pack rain gear that will keep you dry enough. We made it with just wind breakers. And don’t be scared off by the rain unless there is thunder (which we never heard). If we would have turned back at rain we would have missed 3/4 of the gorgeous hike. Amazing. Pictures do it no justice.

The views at the top were unbelievable, but the way up, and especially the way down, were treacherous. Of note, we did the loop to return, not the out and back. On the way up, it’s consistently steep, the footing is loose and rocky, and the trail is not marked at all. On the way down, the terrain is challenging (wet slippery rocks; loose and rocky; covered in greenery so difficult to tell how deep your step will land). The trail down is also not marked, so it’s easy to lose. I would rate this hike as difficult/hard, although the length is moderate. It took us 4 hours round trip (with a 20-minute stop at the top).

Wow one of the best hikes I’ve ever done!

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