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Well marked very pretty
Felt safe
Plenty look outs

Great hike with signs all the way along. It took us 4,5 hours with a good pace. For sure the terrain is good for kids too. There is loads of wonderful views and to our surprise it was great for walk even in mid of October!

Great trail. Took us 5.5 hours. Could have done it quicker but you have to take advantage of the lookout views in the fall. We were fortunate the weather was unusually warm in the middle of October. Even took a dip in the c-c-c-cold Georgian Bay. Well worth it

Great trail. Great views of Georgain bay. The trail is well marked in most places.
We hike the full loop, it took us 4.5 hrs. We moved at a good pace but I wouldn't say we were speeding through. We briefly stopped at the lookout and continued on.

easy relaxing trail

1 month ago

Another amazing trail. If there is one trail you don't want to miss, it is this one. The grotto is amazing so pack a bathing suit. Quite a bit of climbing once you get there.
Not ideal for little kids. Lots of cliffs.

Very surreal place ...a must visit , waster clear and warm . Tons of marking near the beach ..had fun

We completed the entire loop in 6 1/2 hours and this was hauling a** with only short breaks along the way. Bring your bathing suit to so can go for a dip once you reach the rock beach. The trail is not overly difficult but lots of elevation change. We found the rocks to be very slippery. Bring lots of water, we only brought 2 bottles each and could of used 4 each. it was definitely a work out and we were very exhausted by the end but it was worth it.

This is a fantastic hike but it is quite challenging. My wife and I did the entire loop and thoroughly enjoyed the scenic views all along the way. However, it took us 6 hours, we also had a 2-1/2 year old on our backs practically the whole time. He only ended up walking maybe 2km out of the entire 17km trail. We’re pretty avid hikers and we both work out several times a week. Both of us were quite sore after this trail as it is fairly rugged. If you’re going to hike the entire loop be prepared for a long day and bring plenty of water and food.

Good leisure hike

Really good trail and the view of the cliff was beautiful!!!

Beautiful trail. The view over the cliffs is breathtaking.

Awesome trail. Stunning view into Georgian Bay. The overnight rest area is spacious and right in the water. Highly recommend it!

Was the highlight of our week long trip! Our 8-11 year old girls finished it and had a blast. Amazing views, some difficult terrain. Now my wife and I want to trek the entire Bruce trail.

If you end up staying over at the harbour, be sure you DO have a propane burner or such as the wood in the area is usually very damp and many larger pieces of wood are gone later in the summer months. Overall a beautiful hike with some moderately challenging elevations (closer to the lake side)

Highly recommended

Fantastic hike. Elevation will make it take longer so start early. Great swimming spot half way in.

Really good trail. Make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks with lots of energy. Did the whole thing along with most of the side trials.

This trail has amazing views. Definitely bring snacks and lots of water! We didn’t do the full 15km loop. There are lots of opportunities via side trails to make this hike shorter if necessary. This trail is pretty rugged, but very enjoyable. Due to the steep cliffs and crevices, it’s probably not a great idea to bring kids. I will definitely be doing this hike again!

Great alternative to the Grotto! I found the trail itself and the lookouts very similar to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, but with fewer people. I would definitely do this trail again.

Best Trail ! Beautiful View ! Easy and breathtaking!

The lookout point is absolutely breathtaking. So worth the trek!

awesome trail! light house should not be missed!

Brought the dog and kids, lots of rocks and vines to climb and step over through the trail, the first lookout point you can climb down rocks to go swimming, clean clear water, very cold, and slippery rocks underneath.

Absolutely amazing. It is a very difficult trail, though. It seems it's designed to break your ankles, lol. The air pressure(?) changes when you get up onto the cliff, and it feels like a different world. McKay Harbor is an overnight camping spot (no fires allowed, AMAZING spot though), and from the Harbor down to Cemetery road (bottom right corner) might be the hardest spot. Definitely recommend a sandwich and some granola bars (I found eating a clif bar on the cliff somewhat humorous) and taking LOTS of water. Highly recommend a camelbak. <3 <3 <3

loved this trail. Pretty scenic and fun with different terrain in different areas with multiple look outs. Would do this trail again

Not 15 km. Got lost. Did 27.... my bad. Even going the wrong way for 3km is worth it if there's a view right? Highly recommend bringing snacks to avoid that high noon hangry faze, small pack of carrots IS NOT ENOUGH. I repeat, snacks are a must!! Brought two dogs with me, one was really handy pulling me up the inclines during the hangry/crying phase of our adventure. The other was nothing more than a cute 20lbs sack of potatoes I had to carry the whole time. Ladies, put that long hair in a bun cause the spiders are cray cray up in there. Went for a swim and found that 5 had caught a free ride! I can not stress enough that is was not 15km, I wish knew that so I could have brought a tent... or some more snacks!

Amazing views! Long hike.

We are novice hikers in our late 20's, this trail is completely worth the 15k trek, but it is a long 15k, we found the 5k-10k point the most demanding, bring PLENTY of water as there are no fountains or such! also the part of this trail which takes you down to the beach and across (see map) is no longer, it deadends and you must return up the hill! the views when you hit the coast are something else, but also don't dismiss the forest! Antony & Hayley.

Awesome hike, great views, all kinds of terrain.

Just beautiful.

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