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scenic driving
1 day ago

Did most of this on a motorcycle run with my son on one of my Goldwings. Went from SF area up to Port Angeles and back down way too many years ago. . Spent a few days in Coos Bay fishing as well. Awesome area and trip.

Utah and especially this area is awesome. very unusual landscape and views. Definitely would like to go back and take in more. It's been 5 years.

Did this hike yesterday, or at least part of it. Also climbed a big rock at the beach. Here's a video I recorded from the top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxUUlA9w2Qk

My favorite! We stop off at little spots for hikes along the by way.

So beautiful and peaceful! I'm planning to take this little trip again.

Breath taking views at the cape.

Nicest road ever

This is a busy two-lane road. Not a trail. Although it is a very pretty drive, I don’t feel this should be included in a trail app.

Love this trail! The views are AMAZING!

Completed over two days but hits most of the high points and you get a pretty good appreciation with this drive. Obviously you’d wanna do the longer hikes (devils garden) early on in the morning but you also wanna do the shorter ones early to avoid the crazy crowds because of how accessible those ones are so you have to decide

It’s beautiful! Make sure to stop at the different turnouts. It’s worth a little delay.

off road driving
9 days ago

Amazing view of the mine and other areas. We did however see a mountain lion

scenic driving
9 days ago

So amazing and worth it, however took the 43 mile loop as posted at the trailhead. Took probably close to 2 hrs because I couldn’t help but stop for pictures every quarter mile

Absolutely beautiful! ,

lots of big Redwoods and easy pull outs if you want to drive slower and enjoy. black errors on the side of the road near the top, and a few trail heads. great scenic drive. for even more break off down Mattole Road and there is a lovely loop a mile before Albee campground

We loved this saw Provo river falls on the way to the lake then walked the trail around the lake

I hiked only portions of this, rather than the entire trail because I was deviating to other trails on the same trip. The miles of this trail I hiked had me pass Emerald Pools, which was lovely. I also thought the view was incredible once you pass Emerald Pools, where I was looking down, through the valley.

This is too long to hike

scenic driving
19 days ago

Fun drive

scenic driving
19 days ago

This is a trip I take most new comers to experiencing Colorado... The view is breath taking

scenic driving
20 days ago

Must do in SF; especially when the flowers are blooming; be prepared to wait on the uphill on the other side as it is only one way down. Be considerate of the residents who live on the road. Enjoy the view of Coit Tower. Drive it and walk it.

love the view, is very relaxing

Very scenic road with great scenic overlooks.

scenic driving
23 days ago

Breath taking place. So many beautiful sights

23 days ago

Did the trail from Potash to Canyonland today, 7-25-18, and it was amazing. We drove a stock JK and had no problems at all. Be ready for the last few miles straight up a 1000 foot wall of rock before you get to the main road in Canyonland.

SO BEAUTIFUL! Pictures doesn’t serve the scenery justice.

Closed until fire in Tooele is out! Today is July 27th, 2018.

scenic driving
25 days ago

This was the best high altitude road I have been on. Amazing views and stunning wildlife. Hands down the best route you can take!!

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