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on Dragon's Tooth Trail

4 days ago

Good hike. Moderate trail. Some rock scrambles but makes it more of a challenge. Views up top are great on a clear to partly cloudy day.

11 days ago

Outstanding trail. Lots of diverse terrain, amazing views, and a good overall workout. Took right at 6 hours starting from the 605 fire road gate, going counterclockwise, and stopping for water and pictures a few times along the way. There are Lots of trees down across the trail, which made it a bit difficult to navigate, and probably added nearly 60 minutes to our hike time. I highly recommend the starting point on 605 and the counterclockwise route because going down the clockwise route would be very difficult with all the trees down (1/2019) and slippery leaves covering the trail; plus, the fire road is a nice easy way to finish on tired legs. .

*** NOTE: My dog was covered in ticks at the end of the hike, and this was the first week of January! Use caution and do a good tick check on your pets and yourself when you get done ***

It was an amazing experience, especially in the winter time!

Lots and I mean lots of steps but the view at the top is beautiful and definitely worth it. We loved the tower!

14 days ago

I would give this one 3 starts but I REALLY enjoyed the view from the tower and Balancing Rock was unreal. So those things earned the extra star. But the walk there and back...eh. It’s was nice just because I like to be in the woods.

Reviewed on a nice day in January. Fun little trail; great if you only have 2-3 hours to spare. Going counter clockwise (right at the split at the beginning) makes a gradual uphill start leading a steeper run uphill as you near the top finally leading to a long, gradual downhill. Going left at the split at the beginning keeps all of your uphill trekking gradual with a steeper and rockier descent.

View at the top is more of a rolling vista and less dramatic than some other trails, but is still nice.

Saw three deer briefly, not much else in the way of wildlife, but I was pretty enveloped in my audiobook and maybe at other times of the year you will see more.

Made for a perfect afternoon for my 8-year-old son and me. The 1.2 mile ascent was the workout; the rock scramble was the playground. As most trails in the area were washed out amidst this record rainfall, it was a sweet relief that this well-maintained trail was completely navigable. This hike was a true highlight on our four-day trip to the Natural Bridge area.

16 days ago

Top 5 hike in the area! This hike is 100% worth checking out if you have some time. The views at the top of the tooth is amazing and the hike up gets very interesting the last 0.5 miles. There are some small edges with about a 6 ft drop that you have to navigate to reach the top, also some embedded metal ladder rungs you have to climb so make sure you are fit enough before attempting this (really only an issue for older folks and very young children).

Great views. Took 7yr old daughter & pup on this trail in the rain. We loved it. Good mixture of terrain for kids to experience.

awesome view, but was a bit dangerously muddy a couple days after a short rain. glad I found this convenient trail!

Nice hike, good workout, and less crowded than neighboring Sharp Top. Some notes:
-There are two trails to Flat Top's summit. The one linked here begins at the Peaks of Otter Lodge. This isn't where the actually trail begins, so you can either drive to the "overflow" parking past the first Lodge parking, walk past the Polly Woods Ordinary site on the paved path/road, OR 2) come in from VA-43 and park closer to the actual trailhead. The other trail, listed in Bedford, is a little further south on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The road is currently closed (at least coming from Peaks of Otter Lodge).
-The bathrooms in the Peaks of Otter vicinity were closed on Jan 1.
-There is a false summit when you're approaching the ridge, but you're not too far once you see that!
-There is an actual summit sign, so continue until you see that. The best view is on the first rock outcropping to the left. The views from the true summit are a little underwhelming.

4.53 miles
1772 ft elevation gain
2:06 hours

Amazing hike!
Beautiful day 12/29/18
58 degrees
Not too hard

20 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike. completed the last 2 miles in the dark.

Love this trail took a small dog and two friends had a blast

21 days ago

The trail is well marked and easy to follow. the view from the top is really beautiful especially on a clear day. Plus the sound of the water coming from the creek is really refreshing. It is a little bit of a workout but it is worth it.

21 days ago

This was a wonderful trail. As other reviewers stated... go up the left side to avoid the stairs. I would have highly disliked this trail if I had to climb up all those stairs. It was a busy Saturday at the park but this trail was very quiet. A beautiful 360 view from the top. The lookout tower is really cool!

Crowded, unable to run but amazing views.

A lot of hunters out with dogs today (December 2018) so I recommend wearing bright colors if you plan on being out during hunting season.

Great hike to the base of the marble yard over three creeks and through the woods. I brought my three kids, ages 8, 11, and 14. We made it to the top of the yard and back in under 4 hours with two long breaks for snack and lunch. This is a tough hike but a good way to get them away from their “screens” for a day for an exciting outdoor adventure. We climbed up and down the Marbleyard and avoided the trail on the side because of mixed reviews I’ve heard. Coming down the Marbleyard is a bit more difficult than going up but still a fun time. We have been to many trails in the area but this is their favorite.

24 days ago

Great trail. It has a little of everything; great views, crawling over rocks, stream crossings, variety of terrain, steep ascents/descents. I parked at the Rock Castle Gorge Overlook, off the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile 169) and went clockwise. Took me 5 hours with a couple stops to change layers and have a snack, plus a number of pauses for pictures. Trail is well maintained, but has a lot of down branches/trees from the recent storms.

Very easy hike

Short hike, and easy for beginners. Fantastic view at the top!

Very unique hike! The rocks can be pretty slippery in spots so wear good shoes. Saw two other people on today’s winter hike. We completed it just under 3.5 hours with a quick lunch.

this is a fun trail with some good uphill. there are always a lot of people as it is close to Winston Salem.

amazing hike. very steep

worth the climb.

2-18, Such beautiful waterfalls and bridges! This is one of my favorite hikes in VA. You really feel like you are in an enchanted forest. We went on a foggy day which made it look even prettier! Highly recommend

Great trail, a lot of fun! The first section is relatively easy, and follows a little stream which can attract some wildlife. The last .7 or so is a bit of a rock scramble, but nothing super difficult by any means. Those with mobility issues may have some issues, but we saw small children and even a dog who seemed to handle it okay. We went mid-week in mid-to-late November and only only a handful of others on the trail, so can only speak to the few we encountered. Views at the top are spectacular, especially if you can scale the “tooth” at the end! Only downside was there were a few downed trees that you needed to work around.

1 month ago

What a fun and somewhat challenging hike! We took the longer route (to the left to start out) and it was a nice and steady incline until we got to the rocks then it really got interesting! I had my 8 and 10 year old with me and we all managed just fine. The top is totally worth the climb. You have a 360 degree view! The stairs on the way back down (going the opposite way), were covered in leaves but not slippery. It will be fun to do the hike in the reverse order next time. Well marked and maintained. (Red and white circles). Highly recommend!

I hiked with my dog the mountain trail to Grindstone to ledge ridge, then to the summit. The total mileage was a little over 10 miles. I agree with other reviewers, the trail rating is hard is because of the total mileage. I had a great hike during the week, encountering very few hikers. I’ll be back.

Made a loop out of this hike by taken Dragon Tooth Trail, returning AT and back to Dragon Tooth Trail via Boy Scott Trail (not marked in AllTrails but visible on site map and well blazed). Roughly the same miles if we took Dragon Tooth up and back. High traffic, steep inclines, multiple switchbacks and several rock scrambles. Views at the top of summit were beautiful, end of October... leaves changing. AT trail was active and follows the ridgeline with a few overlooks... valleys on both sides. The Dragon Tooth Summit ridge was exposed, great views even if you don’t scramble to the very top. But if you need time to climb, high traffic may be unsettling. Great hike!

The first part of the trail was fairly easy. It gets a lil hairy the last .7 miles to the tooth. I did it on a Tuesday in November at 8am. Only complaint is the trail had several fallen tree and brush obstructions. But it was still manageable. And the views at the top were positively Rad.

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