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Soberanes is a gorgeous hike and an easy trail through the canyon, however... Do not attempt to do the entire “loop” to Rocky Ridge from the end of Soberanes Canyon Trail unless you’re used to climbing - extreme - terrain and vertical inclines. Once you start up, it’s too dangerous to go back down and it’s not a switchback trail, but a straight shot vertical incline on sandy, rocky ground (easy to slip) that’s the equivalent of 158 “floors” on the iPhone app. Not for the faint of heart, or people looking to go for an easy scenic hike on their vacation. Hiking boots with tread are required and walking sticks also help. There is a reason the trail is closed and that’s because it’s dangerous. That said, the “safest” option for those who want to see the view from the top is to take the Rocky Ridge trail (instead of the Canyon trail) to the top, enjoy the view, then turn around and descend the same way. Do NOT attempt to continue on and descent into the Canyon via Rocky Ridge trail - the ground is not suitable for descending and there’s no cell reception back there (and no patrol), so if anything happens to you, you’re in the wind. Nonetheless, if you are an extreme climber and want to do the entire loop, start with Soberanes Canyon Trail and when you see the “end/closure” sign, the trail is to the left (yes, it’s unmarked, you have to scale the side of the hill and climb up rocks a bit - again, I don’t recommend that route unless you’re an extreme climber/hiker).

13 hours ago

A great hike with the last 1/2 mile being very tough

Well maintained paths and spectacular views of South Bay. Parking is tough so go early.

One of the absolutely most beautiful views I've gotten in the Bay Area. Going around 7-10 am you get to see a snake of fog slithering through the valley

A nice short hike. Several options to lengthen or shorten the loop. A few steep portions but the stretches aren’t too long. loads of restrooms on the way and ample parking. A great 2 hr nature walk


Foolishly I left a little too late and the sun was beating on me. For most of the trail, it was in direct sunlight with a few clusters of trees desperately needed for shade.

There were one or two places where the trail completely gave out, need to manage a balance beam step or two during this.

Also there was one section early on that had a fork, maybe 10-15 minutes in. I went right since that was the direction with a steeper incline.

Top 3/4 near the summit is overgrown, lots of pokes and scratches.

Amazing views at the top.

on Mount Umunhum

9 days ago

Nice hike. Shaded all the way. One thing i don’t like is that it opens late; it says open and closes at sunrise and sunset, so you won’t be able to go there to see the sunrise. Bummer!

Despite the throngs of people at the trailhead car park (Saturday 9 am) this was actually a reasonably quiet loop. I’m quite a fast hiker and completed it in just under 4 hours. If you are used to hiking or are otherwise fit,, you will probably agree that it is pretty easy terrain (though there are warning signs about its difficulty, so it’s important, as always, to really know your ability). Pretty views out to the sea (probably shrouded in fog in winter). The falls are not all that big, but are pretty. Diverse views and ecosystems. Definitely talk to one of the excellent staff rangers when you go in as they can give very clear instructions about how to start (I suggest counter-clockwise) in a way that is not obvious on the all trails or the paper map. I will definitely return and do this as a trail run! A warning: by 1 pm the car park was packed and rows of cars were waiting. Strongly encourage weekday or v early starts!

10 days ago

Wow, no kidding that this hike was tough! It was a bit hard to navigate at times (we used two different maps), but overall it was a great workout. During the 9 miles we only saw about 6 people, so it was pretty private. The trails are very well kept. We had a lovely picnic at the top with the lunches we had packed!

Met a rattle snake that makes this trial special

Trail starts off feeling all desert like and quickly changes to forest. Many small streams you'll have to cross. 2nd half of trail is currently closed to hazardous conditions, but still saw some people hiking it.

14 days ago

Tough for a beginner, all uphill, but a great trail!

Great trail

Beautiful hike! The steep section to get up to the ridge was a little difficult but so worth it! The views are amazing! Nice bench to sit on at the top and see the view!

16 days ago

Followed recommendations to do the uphill Ridge trail first then connecting to the Panorama trail and finally Bluff trail., clockwise. Good advise because then the best ocean views are in front of u for second half of the hike and it’s cooler. However wish I’d know that the first 3 to 4 miles or so are uphill and extremely strenuous with no ocean views. A good hike if you’re a fit person!

19 days ago

This is a fairly straightforward hike. The trail is well maintained and not too heavily trafficked, especially early in the morning (i.e. 7am). The ascent is very gradual to the top and not strenuous with the exception of a few sets of stairs to reach the summit. The summit gives some great views of the surrounding area and some information on the history of the area.

Overall, this is a good hike that can be done fairly quickly and offers some good views.

21 days ago

It was a well maintained, shaded trail. There were a couple of really nice scenic view points...and deer! Caught glimpse of a creepy, rusted wrecked car on the way back...did someone drive off the main road and roll down the cliff?? I wish the building at the summit was open to wander around in...but overall a good hike!

Did a quick 9.5 miles in about 3.5 hours. Definitely start the loop via Jackson Flats; I can imagine the immediate switchbacks the other way would be enough to scare people off. It was much easier coming down Nuevo.

A lot of different biomes are covered in this hike, but it’s mostly shade. A few times you break out onto a ridge and get some sun, but never too much. The way I went there definitely is significant elevation gain, even if no stint of uphill lasts that long.

Would recommend as a spring hike. Late summer there’s not much running water so not a tremendous amount to see, but for the ridiculous amount of poison oak. There’s a vista or two but is mostly in the covered forest

Beautiful hike! A little of everything, redwoods, I’ve caught some great wild flowers, gorgeous views and a great workout!!

Overall a good short hike, but nothing that makes it stand out or special. It's close to the highway so you can hear cars entire time, plus the trail itself is heavily trafficked. The views were nice at the top.

24 days ago

Nice hike! Good views!
Took me 3.5 hours to complete with photo and snack breaks. It can get quite windy sometimes.

on Berry Creek Falls Loop

24 days ago

Bring water and look out for banana slugs! Great hike.

25 days ago

What a rewarding hike. The look out point is breathtaking.

26 days ago

Beautiful trail! Took me about 4 hours to do the full loop with a beach break. Recommend to bring water/snacks and long pants.

27 days ago

Good, short workout with beautiful view of mountains and ocean at top. Trail is heavily used and worn with many fellow walkers/runners/hikers even on weekday. Close to CA-1 and civilization so don't get that away-from-it-all feeling.

28 days ago

Moderate, no shade. Very nice at the beach area with purple sand (spring trail)

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